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Feb-06-14 13:59:12
display error of message box

I left a rating and review for JFBConnect at Joomla Extension Directory.
But we will not upgrade to J2.5 or J3. Our system is working fine.
It is to complex to upgrade. Many modules and components are not available for J2.5 / 3 and stuff like that.
-> Never change a running system....

Feb-06-14 10:48:03
display error of message box

yes. I got it!
It was a conflict with another FB-module.
I deleated the code in the other module and it seems to work now.
Thanks a lot guys! Great work!

Feb-06-14 02:40:20
display error of message box

Hi Alex,
Please try a last check. I uploaded your code again.
It's online now for the hole day. Perhaps you'll find the error.


Feb-05-14 01:05:44
display error of message box

I changed the code. It does not work.
Now the Like Box is bigger. But not big enough.
The comment field now is smaller.

Feb-04-14 12:32:47
display error of message box

Thanks for the reply, Alex.
If I remove the code, than the comment box below the article is cutted.

Feb-04-14 06:08:41
display error of message box

no solution?

Feb-02-14 07:39:59
display error of message box

sorry, I forgot the URL.
http://www.dance-charts.de/carlprit-fea … cial-video
This is a typical article. We use J1.5.

Below the article is also the JBF comment box.
There is an workaround that it will be displayed with 100% width:

#fbcomments, .fb_iframe_widget, .fb_iframe_widget[style], .fb_iframe_widget iframe[style], #fbcomments iframe[style] {
width: 100% !important;}

If i don't use this CSS code, the like-box is working correctly. But than the comment box is cutted.

Feb-02-14 05:57:19
display error of message box

if you click on the "FB like button" on top of the article, the following message box has a massive display error.
How can it be fixed?


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