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Mahalo!  That did it.


I have upgraded and am still seeing the issue.  The "width" setting is set to 100% which used to work fine.  I have also tried "auto" and 300px, but comments are still running off the screen.  This looks pretty ridiculous, and makes this feature unusable to us...

is there any way to fix this?
cant i add a surround div for the plugin?  if so, where would I do that?

I am happy to send login credentials.

I dont know what happened, is wasnt like this the last time i look, maybe FB changed something.  Please have a look at my comments either in the link or the screenshot:

http://schoolofthedeepheart.com/teachin … d-articles


May-18-15 14:08:20
Category: JFBConnect


My social icons are not aligned properly..this drives me nuts...being the perfectionist that i am.  Is it something with my template?

Mar-26-15 22:00:40
Category: JFBConnect

Found my answer!!  Easy Tags... current/smile

{JFBCComments  width=490}

Mar-26-15 21:34:57
Category: JFBConnect

Ah - found it {JFBCComments} and {Likes}.  That brough back the comments and likes!  I am guessing due to the url.  Awesome.

One Problem though...the width of the comments is not constraining to the value I have in the component.  490(px).

Is there a bit if CSS that will fix that?


Mar-26-15 21:30:16
Category: JFBConnect

Thanks...the old url is still working, it is now going to the new blog page though. We were getting a lot of content on that page and divided it into individual articles. So, am I correct in assuming that any old links on facebook will still work..as long as the url is the same?  I am guessing this is so.

Also, is it possible for comments and likes to be on the blog page? Even if we are starting from scratch? I realize we can add this to individual articles...and we have done that, just wondering if the blog page can have comments/likes.

Mar-26-15 15:15:56
Category: JFBConnect


We re-arranged our site a bit, putting some articles under a new category, and displaying them as blog items (they were previously single articles).  Is there a way to move the comments for these articles?  They have disappeared.  The article ID is the same.

Mahalo!  That was it.

Thanks...but I keep getting that error, even with the most recent version.  I just downloaded again in case it got corrupt on the initial download, but I am still getting the same error.  No idea why. I have installed other updates/extensions recently with no issue.

I keep getting this message.

"There was an error uploading this file to the server.  Unable to find install package"

I think 6.2.4 compatible with Joomla 2.5.28...right?

I am trying to install the latest version on a J 2.5.20 site and I get this message....any idea why?

Mahalo for any help

Aug-08-14 16:45:22
Category: JFBConnect


Is there a way to center the social sharing icons at the top of each page, instead of the default alignment to the left?  Am I missing something simple?

I keep seeing this:
JomSocial - Upgrade to JFBConnect v6 now for complete social network integration.

Is there another file i need to download, I have 6.1.1 installed

Jul-22-14 19:21:22
Category: JFBConnect


I am trying to follow these directions to setup a Jomsocial action...but it seems Facebook has changed a lot since they were created...I am pretty confused:
http://www.sourcecoast.com/jfbconnect/d … oto-upload

Thanks for the update Alex,

This is what is happening, just the migrations settings are not updating.  I did update them manually. And, I added a comment to "Does this repro describe your issue?".


Well, Facebook had a big issue yesterday and disabled all of the Apps for all (or most) of its developers.  In any case, they fixed it, and now I am getting an issue with AutoTune.  I cannot "update Application" or "Set All Recommendations".  When I click these buttons I get an error:

Facebook API Error: An unknown error has occurred.

This is affecting two website, although one is not live yet:

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Thank Alex,

Makes perfect sense, just wanted to make sure so I could tell the client.


I have seen your answers on this on a number of posts, but I am also wondering if this will also happen if the site is Offline, and behind password protection.  If so, then am I correct in assuming that this error will go away once we are Online?

Facebook error says: "Page not found"

Thanks!!   Got it fixed.

I see the path in the css, but I can't find these anywhere, they are not in the module images, system template images, images or media folders.

Where can I find these so I can have my icon in the login area?

this is the path I am given:  background-image: url("../images/glyphicons-halflings.png");



Cant figure it out...I do have Bootstrap enabled.  And it just seems like the images are missing?  But I dont see an image path in any of the files.  Can someone take a look please and let me know what I am missing?

http://www.pediatrichomecare.com/beta/r … -resources


OK, feeling kinds dumb right now.  Thanks for your help!

I definitely have the Jomsocial FBconnect OFF, see attached image.  Am I missing something else?


I have a weird problem.  The Facebook login is NOT working on our Jomsocial Community page.
BUT, We also have a landing page for the site where I have included the modules manually using loadposition and the Facebook Login DOES work here.

Any help would be great.

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