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Feb-21-19 13:48:06
We were unable to retrieve your LinkedIn account information. Please try again.
Category: JFBConnect

all done for you buddy

Feb-21-19 08:11:09
We were unable to retrieve your LinkedIn account information. Please try again.
Category: JFBConnect

Hiya Alex

New version is still the same sadly, although when i go to profiles it says: No JFBConnect Profile plugins are currently enabled.

Also it says Social Network configuration data not loaded. Please go to the Autotune - Network Settings area to configure this feature which I have just done.

So i tried autotune, but it says my id is expired, I have entered the one from my account.

So when i look at fetch config, it just says

Could not fetch application and recommendation data from SourceCoast.com. Cached values were loaded, but may be out of date.
It's highly recommended that you make a successful connection to get the most up to date application data and recommendations.

Could you help?

Feb-20-19 14:00:57
We were unable to retrieve your LinkedIn account information. Please try again.
Category: JFBConnect

Hi Guys

Seems all our sites are recently having this issue - We were unable to retrieve your LinkedIn account information. Please try again.

Looking in to the logs it seems to be a scope error


Due to full profile no longer being available via the linkedin API without prior linkedin approval

So we need to be looking for  r_basicprofile and r_emailaddress since 2016, seems they are finally enforcing this.

I have tried turning off the custom db plugin and also trying each component option in turn. No joy

Could you please assist due to this being a very large issue for me.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

For some reason now when i login with facebook (all accounts on joomla deleted to make sure)

i am taken to a link current account or create another page, instead of being logged in or a new account created a logged in, did i miss a setting?

Jul-31-14 06:10:27
having a problem here, in short - it doesn't work
Category: JFBConnect


I am trying to create a class that would pass the redirect url to oauth, here:


class JLinkedApiLibraryX extends JLinkedApiLibrary
    // Override model's getInstance to really only get the instance
    protected $configModel;
    protected $memberId;
    protected $mappedFbUserId;
    protected $retryCount = 0;
    protected $timestampOffset = null;
    private static $libraryInstance;

    public static function getInstance($returl)
        if (!isset(self::$libraryInstance))
            self::$libraryInstance = new JLinkedApiLibraryX($returl);
            // After the instance is grabbed, get the Javascript code to insert
            // Don't do this in the constructor as inititing the Javascript calls functions which need
            //   this very instance
            $app = JFactory::getApplication();
            if (!$app->isAdmin())
                // Set whether, on this page load, the user should be checked for a new mapping (i.e. they were just on the login/register page)
                $session = JFactory::getSession();
                $checkNewMapping = $session->get('jLinkedCheckNewMapping', false);
                self::$libraryInstance->checkNewMapping = $checkNewMapping;
        return self::$libraryInstance;

    function __construct($returl)
        $this->findLocalAccessToken(); // Search for an access token and set it

        $return = ''; $menuItemId = 0;
        SCSocialUtilities::getCurrentReturnParameter($return, $menuItemId, LOGIN_TASK_JLINKED);

        $linkedInApiKey = $this->configModel->getSetting('linkedin_api_key');
        $linkedInSecretKey = $this->configModel->getSetting('linkedin_secret_key');
        $callbackUrl = $returl;
        if (!$callbackUrl) $callbackUrl = JURI::root() . 'index.php?option=com_jlinked&task=linkedInCallback&return='.base64_encode($return);
        $config = array('appKey' => $linkedInApiKey, 'appSecret' => $linkedInSecretKey, 'callbackUrl' => $callbackUrl);


Seems like no big deal, though it still would redirect me to login screen (which is set in jlinked options) if i'm not logged in with joomla.

How can i make this work, or maybe should I be hacking the controller instead (linkedinCallback)?

Oct-02-13 04:00:48
Category: JFBConnect

Works like a dream now pal. ive added all settings i want for linkedin and facebook, now i need the installer can you help with that?

so excited now.

Oct-01-13 03:10:20
Category: JFBConnect

hey pal, logins are updated for you and upgraded

table name: hcjzt_recmgr_candidate_cv

column names i want to use are: pri_contact,mobile,city,country,cv_synopsis,curr_job_title,key_skills,linkedin_url,twitter_url

where the user is stored is userid which is the first column

thanks for all this pal.

Sep-29-13 10:33:17
Category: JFBConnect

no pal thats what ive already been doing but still nothing?

Sep-29-13 05:49:08
Category: JFBConnect

hey tested with 1 field only which is a varchar(64) field and tried to import first name in to it and got nothing.

i thought it was because our component doesnt create an entry in the db table until some profile data is saved, but i tried that and nothing there either

could it be the table key i have set to userid and joomla user id as the first column in the table is called userid not user_id which was there by default?

Sep-28-13 01:45:06
Category: JFBConnect


still nothing pal, ive also setup a new linkedin app and ticked all options on it and still nothing, facebook doesnt work either. could it be something not installed on the server maybe?

Sep-27-13 04:06:21
Category: JFBConnect

scratch that, i put in a comma its now working well its setup but not working, any ideas?

also let me know about the backup settings thing.

Sep-27-13 03:57:35
Category: JFBConnect

Hey im starting to put in data now and i think because ive not put anything in the social network fields yet its giving me the error again, take a look

If you can tell me what amend to make to the plugin to fix this as i need to deploy this asap as ive been waiting for it for over a year as you know lol.

Also it would be nice if once ive got it setup in fb and linkedin i could maybe create an installer for the plugin to clone all my settings as they wont change?

Sep-26-13 02:55:05
Category: JFBConnect

sending you now, although there was no issue with them, tested and sent again for you with the procedure.

Sep-25-13 08:15:45
Category: JFBConnect

any news pal?

omg thats perfect and solves the issue instantly thank you very very much.

hey still doesnt work by doing that or with pagespeed off as have this on many servers not running page speed and even testing locally.

The only thing that solves the issue is what i put in my most recent post, moving everything to the end body tag, can you plugin not move the code to there?

i managed to fix this which may allow you to fix the plugin as i cannot do this on all the sites

if i turn off the plugin and then put all this in my index.php just before the end body tag it works perfectly, so purhaps we can have it so the plugin puts the code there?

<script src="/components/com_jfbconnect/includes/jfbconnect.js?v=510" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">jfbc.login.logout_facebook = false;
jfbc.base = 'http://www.URL.co.uk/';
jfbc.return_url = 'Lw==';
jfbc.login.scope = 'email';
jfbc.login.show_modal = '0';
jfbc.login.auto = '0';
jfbc.login.logged_in = false;
jfbc.token = 'TOKEN';
<script type="text/javascript">
window.fbAsyncInit = function() {
FB.init({appId: '431531660290800', status: false, cookie: true, xfbml: true, channelUrl: 'http://www.URL.co.uk/index.php?option=com_jfbconnect&task=facebookChannel'});
FB.Event.subscribe('comment.create', jfbc.social.comment.create);
FB.Event.subscribe('edge.create', jfbc.social.like.create);
(function(d, s, id){
var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];
if (d.getElementById(id)) {return;}
js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id;
js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_GB/all.js";
fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);
}(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk'));

ok look here this is how it should look - http://awesomescreenshot.com/0071q6so3c that is a auto slideshow using jaslideshowlite

Now with your fb system plugin on - http://www.urbanrec.co.uk (screenshot incase the client complains http://awesomescreenshot.com/0491q6ss75)

Sep-18-13 03:08:53
Category: JFBConnect

sure send me an email and i will replay with a cloned site on a test server for you to play with pal.

Sep-17-13 08:19:42
Category: JFBConnect

No it still gives the error, and then i go back to the page and the details are still there

I did enable it yes and the only error is the one given above and thats will error logging on maximum

also cleared out the db to


so is blank and still get the error

sorry for the confusion

no the old version didnt work so i tried upgrading to the new version of jaslide to see if that would sort it and it doesnt

yeah sorry i did have to disable it as the client was complaining almost instantly, if you email me when you are available i can switch it back on to show you?

12 sites total now

Sep-17-13 02:22:05
Category: JFBConnect


yeah the profiles config area, when i first go in to it, it shows the db table name fine, but if i try and input anything else and save, or simply just save i get the error


error logging is off on our servers

what happens is ja slideshow lite doesnt show images or anything when your plugin is enabled, we are running the latest module and still nothing, also if we turn the module off still the slideshow doesnt work. obviously it might be possible to switch to another slideshow but needed to check if you have any ideas first?

now have 8 sites with this, tried turning off jquery in component does nothing, only turning off the plugin resolves the conflict

Hi when i upgrade my mod_jaslideshowlite modules stop working until i disable System - JFBCSystem

ive tried putting the order of the plugin to 1st and last with no luck

you can see the issue here http://www.urbanrec.co.uk/

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