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Turns out it was Joomla's fault, they accidentally reverted some routing changes in 3.8.4. Updating to Joomla 3.8.5 has fixed the issue and my users can use social login again:

Now you see why I wait 3 months to make Joomla changes.

Thanks for coming in to ferret the problem, although I had to change the "Yes" to a "No" again as at both my browser perspectives they didn't allow the Register/Login.

No worries as it appears to be working okay in the current state. Likely to be some local issue... happy to bimble along (an aviation expression) at the moment as it does the job. There may be something around the corner soon that reveals the problem.

Thanks again Alex. Highly recommend this product and your support.

Contact Message Sent...

If it helps Alex, I'm still on 3.8.3. I haven't updated to 3.8.4 as yet. Unless it's a security update, I tend not to update until after about 3 months of the release of new Joomla iterations. But if you still want to dig into this, I'll be happy to PM you with logins and ftps Tues.

Hi Alex,

Reporting back: yes, Kaspersky was pop-up blocking both browsers I use in principal development (Firefox and Chrome). However, I can confirm that the 'Show login Credentials in pop up' option I previously mentioned set to YES blocks Facebook registration with the issues I mention - with NO pop-up blocking I can detect. Switch to NO, and it works fine. Everything else checks out okay, so I have no idea what the issue is here. But it works in the current arrangement. My site is now Live and the logins appear to work.

I would like to say this is a mighty fine component you have developed. I know my way around the web and Joomla having had over 10 years with it and its iterations, but unfortunately Social Media is a new story for me - especially the backend stuff. So my apologies for my lack of knowledge as to how this all works. However, with the help of your App I am beginning to find my way around and can see the small light at the end of the learning-curve tunnel - many thanks again. Great Product; Great Support.


Hi Alex,
Many thanks. Yes I noticed you had 'signed in'. That makes sense, I'll check that out as you suggest.

This is what I found just before you arrived by a matter of minutes...
JFBConnect  >> Configuration >> 'Facebook Tab' >> Login Setting >> Show Log In Credentials in Popup >> Yes. Login fails.
JFBConnect  >> Configuration >> 'Facebook Tab' >> Login Setting >> Show Log In Credentials in Popup >> Login Successful.
This is repeatable... You must have logged in as I was flipping the setting. I'll check this out. Thanks.


After my Facebook issues of a few months ago, I am now ready to add in Facebook to my site login.

Facebook auto-login fails. Twitter & Google+ fine. Have a Facebook App ID, a Secret Key. AutoTune passes. Facebook Login logo appears in SCLogin module along with Twitter & Google+. Attempt login using Facebook and connecting pop-up briefly appears and then nothing. Selected App Live from "In Development" - still the same. Noticed a "Client Token", reset that. Was different from the Secret Key. Still the same - brief pop-up connecting then nothing.

I have no idea why Facebook makes this so complicated when all I needed from the Twitter et al are two blocks of numbers and hey-presto - they work.

By the way, the tutorial videos as helpful as they are, are actually nothing like the setup required for Facebook (as I mentioned a few months ago). Had to go off-piste with that one...

Getting exasperated with this FB nonesense... Help required (again).

Great news Alex. I got my Facebook account back (been 7 days) and my website page too.
I have Twitter and Google+ all running fine with auto register and login but I think I'll leave Facebook for a little while until I establish the new account.
The story ends well  current/smile


Thank you Alex. Yes, that sorted the issue out re login integration with Kunena. Thanks for the redirect. Some CSS tweeking using the sourcecoast class to satisfy my own aesthetics and it all works fine: Twitter & Google + so far.

Re the other matter. I have found getting APIs setup with all except Facebook straight forward and fairly simple. The system works fine. It would seem Facebook just likes to complicate matters as a result of its own paranoia. I knew there was a good reason why I never had a Facebook account before now.

No idea what I'm going to do about my account. I can't setup a new account using the same page details for my site or the @xxxx as they remain fixed in their system (in use). Can't use the same personal ID also. Seems like they want picture id, but like to say the birthdate requirement is only for content suitability - no it's not. They actually want to know who your are. Guess it adds value to the company if they can guarantee advertisers they can prove they have real eyeballs. Looks like I'm well and truly stuffed if they don't reinstate my account.

Now serving customer in line 1,345,989. And I'm probably customer number 10,563,111 damn!


Thank you Alex. That helps. I'll check the Kunena guide out tomorrow. Also have some issue with my /amp pages showing snippets from the Google + button at the bottom, enabled and disabled. I'll raise a separate topic on that if I may.

Glad you made it back okay.

Thank you Alex for taking time to reply. Hope all goes well for you and your family under these extreme times.

It's not that I can't get the API sorted out with Facebook, I've lost the whole of my Facebook account as well! Wiped out any potential to operate from the get go.

In addition, just like to mention that SCLogin (FCBConnect) will not integrate with the login used by Kunena.

Kunena uses an integrated standalone login within its nav bar, and an avatar storage system separate from Joomla. Therefore, from what I've investigated so far and the little time I have had with JFBConnect to 'suggest' it integrates with Kunena is incorrect. Yes SCLogin can be placed as a module, but it does not mimic the linkage from Kunena. Kunena Login in the Kunena nav bar cannot be removed (without significant code changes). You end up with two separate login systems as you would by using the Joomla login module - just that SCLogin looks better due to its CSS.

I've sent a couple of emails to Facebook but I am doubtful as to a positive outcome looking at other's situations reported.

Hope you get home okay, and things are not as bad as imagined.


Went through the API procedures. Entered the ID and secret key, saved and got this:

Facebook API Error: (#10) Changing app settings through API calls has been disabled for this app. Go to your app's advanced settings to enable this.
Facebook Application configuration could not be loaded. Please check your App ID and Secret Key

Went to advanced settings to enable, then facebook threw me out. Now my Facebook account is in 'review'. I had to upload a picture of myself (something I do not like as I do not trust these people one bit).  As you can imagine I am not pleased.

Facebook has added some other options which are not included in your guide (select categories is one which you need to confirm). So now I'm waiting for Facebook with a beta site which went live on Monday having to dump this product in the short term (re-upload the backup dbase to get me back to the beginning).

Need help...

Update: Sorry, hadn't realised you're all evacuated. Hope you're all well. It can wait.  Facebook is playing security cop on me so I'll have to wait for them. Answer when you can. Must be an awful time for you all.

I found the plugins didn't enable on install so all this was happening while the plugins were disabled - probably didn't help.

Stay safe.

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