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Dec-16-13 21:12:12
Autotune fails on JFBCSystem plugin
Category: JFBConnect

I've set up the latest version of your software, but it fails on the check for JFBCSystem plugin.  I have checked, it is installed and ON.  I don't know what is causing the problem.  Can you please look at the problem?

Pat Vanden Bosche

May-31-12 11:24:02
Unable to change password and save it

Hi, Alex.

I deleted the old user with the "#" symbol in the email, added a new one, and everything worked perfectly.  Now I understand why the email address label turned red.  It didn't "approve" of the address!  One more lesson learned. 

Thank you for your support, especially since it is a free extension.  I have left a review at Joomla!  Much appreciated!!!


May-30-12 22:54:19
Unable to change password and save it

Thanks again, Alex.  It never occurred to me the pound symbol was causing this issue.  I'll give it a shot tomorrow, and let you know if I'm still having problems.


Thank you for your response.  I fully understand what you mean, and appreciate knowing this. 


May-29-12 14:11:12
Unable to change password and save it

I installed this plugin in a Joomla 1.5 site.  I set up a test user who had never logged in before.  When I logged in as that test user for the first time, I was directed to the Edit Your Details page with the message "You must update your password before continuing to use the site."  I entered a new password, and then tried to save the changes.  When I clicked on the Save button, the title for the email field turned red.  I am unable to go anywhere because this apparently didn't save the new password. 

I found where another post suggested moving the plugin up in the order, and I did that, and in fact moved it to the first position.  This did not make a difference.  I am still unable to save the new password, and I am unable to go anywhere else in the site, and I am not even able to log out of the site.

See screen attachment image:  http://www.sourcecoast.com/components/com_agora/img/members/6232/Force-Password-Change-screen.jpeg

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any help.


I found this plugin in the Joomla Extensions and appears to be exactly what I need to force the user to change their password the first time they sign in, but the latest comment there says there is a problem:

When user logs in and is asked to change the password, he/she can simply click the SAVE button without entering a new password. The password entered during registration remains valid and the user can use it for further log-ins without a problem.

Can you tell me if this has been fixed?  I don't see where this person who left the comment in the Joomla Extensions page ever posted in here.  I didn't see anything on it, and wanted to know if there is a new version coming out to fix this.

Joomla Extensions page

Pat Vanden Bosche

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