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I am having success generating traffic by wrapping Joomla within an SSL secured iFrame on Facebook.  My want is to use the Facebook "sign-up" button option to trigger a sign-up using JFBConnect, or just a URL for use in articles or HTML modules.  How might that be done?

Mar-20-15 21:43:39

Es moi perfecto!

Muchas gracias Mel!

Mar-20-15 14:24:59


I'm keenly appreciating the quality of the responses in all of these threads, just wanted to say.

That said, I'm looking at my site, cruiseaficionados (dot) com and the space from the bottom of the sidebar1 SClogin and the top of the next module.  I've flipped the order around, turned everything in the SClogin on and off, etc.  I can't seem to get rid of the slightly excessive space under the "lost/forgotten password" links. 

Would adjustments to that space be found in the CSS someplace or someplace else?

Crossed wires while trouble shooting it seems.  The standard suffixes work, the template on the site creates some quarks in the presentation.

That said, just noted another question while validating that discovery.

On my project's site, I have the login module setup in sidebar1.  I've used the suffix class tags below to make a menu appear only on mobile and wanted the desktop version of it appear to hide on mobile/phone sites.  While the "visible-phone" tag works I am at a loss for a viable tag that will hide the module (or any other really) when not "phone" or mobile. 

_menu hidden-mobile

The _menu hidden-mobile just doesn't seem to work, but it could be the time of night and otherwise.  Not sure.

With your LinkedIN and Facebook connect components, I'm curious if a registered user entry is created in the local Joomla database when somebody elects to use it.  I want and need to be able to track users in terms of email, username, etc.  I would have concerns about creating a gateway that allows people into and out of my communities without any controls.  Likewise, I want users to be able to then login into my communities directly, if they were to later end a LinkedIN or Facebook account, they would still be able to use the same email/password to enter our site.

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