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Aug-02-18 18:15:57
I got very confused initiating a Facebook app review then figured I might be wasting my time if...
Category: JFBConnect

Alex, I have now received two results: I got a weird business verification requirement notified to me in the case of one of the sites I submitted app review for, and a refusal in another case.

Leaving the first aside for the moment, the feedback for the second says:-
"Not Approved
Your screencast doesn't show how the use of this permission directly improves the user experience in your app. Unfortunately, we also weren't able to determine this from testing your app manually.
All permissions data must be visibly used within your app. We do not accept permission requests for data that you may decide to use later.
Please see our Examples page to learn more about making and submitting a successful screencast.
Learn more about testing permissions prior to approval.
Notes From Your Reviewer:
Please provide a screencast that clearly shows the list of Facebook pages that are being managed."

I haven't a clue how to deal with this: as already mentioned, this app is admin only, there is NO end user experience of the app involved (which I pointed out in my submission) and I cannot see any way of providing a screencast showing the list of Facebook pages that are being managed. In fact I don't understand what such a thing is.

I hope you and/or your esteemed SourceCoast colleagues can help with this now, or fight this sort of case on behalf of your customers. I am about to go on holiday and am facing letting clients down due to problems with your plugin completely outside of my own control, never mind wasting more precious time.

Thanks in anticipation,

Jul-24-18 18:31:46
One one of my sites the Facebook stream is not showing the latest posts.
Category: JFBConnect

I have two sites with some basic JFBC integrations including Facebook and twitter feeds using Channels. In one case the Facebook stream is failing to display the most recent posts, and it looks as thoughts dates back to when I installed version 8.0.1. The stream is shown out of date on both the live site and in the back end via the Stream Test function. I upgraded again to 8.0.2 and this did not rectify the problem. I am however mystified because my other site has almost identical JFBC configuration and FB app settings and is showing an up-to-date stream. Any idea what could be causing this please?

Jul-24-18 18:25:52
I got very confused initiating a Facebook app review then figured I might be wasting my time if...
Category: JFBConnect

OK, Alex, I will attempt to get a submission in by the 1 August deadline if I can, and I am glad for your reassurance that I'm not the only one confused!

See however my more recent post about a current stream to showing latest FB posts.


Jul-23-18 15:18:31
I got very confused initiating a Facebook app review then figured I might be wasting my time if...
Category: JFBConnect

Hi, I am using JFBC 8.1 in a very basic Joomla 3 configuration with a channel to display a FB feed. I understood and appreciated your advice on permissions required at https://www.sourcecoast.com/jfbconnect/ … app-review, and your Scope Review facility is telling me I need the permissions 'email' and 'manage_pages' so I went to developers.facebook.com to initiate an app review. However I cannot present a screencast of anything presented operationally to the end user, as there is only one user with permissions, i.e. me, with permissions established on a once-off basis originally by temporarily using SCLogin. I therefore don't think I can supply the app review details. However I then I saw news that I may not need to submit my app for review - see https://developers.facebook.com/docs/fa … screencast under the heading "How to record a video screencast" (do not need to submit app if it will only be used by you or a reduced number of people". Can you therefore advise if I can simply ignore the app review requirement FB has mailed me about? Or is there a procedure for involving the above exemption? I seem to have an excess of permissions already so what will happen if I simply ignore the app review by 1st August? Will they simply revoke the permissions that I do not need in order to continue using your extension? Is there a simpler way? Many thanks, Nick

Apr-13-18 18:07:59
Cannot get Facebook channel set up
Category: JFBConnect

Thank you Alex.

I'm aware of the need for multiple URLs, and currently have entries for http and https access to my site but still suffer the problem I described.

The site is on a subdomain so the entries are http://subdomain.site.com?etc and https://subdomain.site.com?etc but I cannot imagine the subdomain location makes any difference?

Re. your final point, my own Facebook ID is being used as both the app owner and the channel user so I don't think I am a victim of that review process issue.

Any other thoughts?
Cheers, Nick

Apr-13-18 14:28:34
Cannot get Facebook channel set up
Category: JFBConnect

Hi, I am trying to create a new Facebook channel and keep getting stuck at the point of needing to grant manage_posts permissions. When using Facebook login with the SCLogin module enabled, Facebook is not prompting me to add this permission, instead I am getting an error message about "redirect failed because URI not white-listed in client OAuth settings". I have entered an OAuth redirect URL in the Facebook app config at developers.facebook.com, though when checking it using the "URI Redirect Validator" on this site, entering the same URL I am told it's an "invalid indirect URI for this application". I constructed it from the advice provided on the following page: https://www.sourcecoast.com/jfbconnect/ … tion-setup

Is this something to do with all the security changes Facebook are busy implementing? Can you help? I have installed the latest JFBConnect extension.

Thanks, Nick

Jan-30-18 11:18:35
Cannot place multiple Facebook/Twitter buttons on the same line
Category: JFBConnect

Thanks Melissa and I am sorry for the delay in responding to your kind help.

I have reviewed and revised how I intend to use the various SC options on one site. I now want to use SC Social Find Us to provide links to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr sites, AND several instances of SC Social Widget to initiate Facebook share & like, and twitter feed and follow, respectively. These work fine but the button styling is inconsistent - the Widget buttons render with rounded corners whereas the Find us buttons have squared corners. So my question is now a different one: can button styling be tweaked under parameter control?

Thanks again, Nick

Jan-15-18 14:04:16
Cannot place multiple Facebook/Twitter buttons on the same line
Category: JFBConnect


Please can you advise how to get multiple social buttons, generated by multiple instances of the SC Social Widget, aligned across a single module position? By default mine are appearing one underneath another, i.e. going down the module position not across it.

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