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Dec-29-15 15:38:11
Category: JFBConnect

OK thanks.
Can it not be done by their api?
https://developers.facebook.com/docs/pl … mments-api

Dec-27-15 03:56:58
Category: JFBConnect

I use the facebook comments plugin after my articles.

Is there a module or way to display all the most recent comments from all the different articles in one place?


Dec-16-15 14:18:07
Category: JFBConnect

I have fixed the FB comments it was definitely something to do with the social widget module, and another module was causing problems. So I managed to identify that and rectify it.

I'll keep testing the other issues.

Thanks for your help.

Dec-16-15 11:03:51
Category: JFBConnect

Thanks for your help, but I'm still seeing the errors.

I went through the twitter set up and its all correct. still get 500 error.

Facebook comments still don't show up. The system plugin is enabled and now so is the socialwidgets module.

Comments should be on most pages like the news and other articles, here is the page where I have been getting lots of comments:

http://www.myinternationalshopping.com/ … xperiences

Now there is no comments showing, I know from the source code that something is there, but no comments. Facebook moderating tool shows the comments so they are still there.

You can see the Twitter login here on the Forum: http://www.myinternationalshopping.com/forum

Dec-16-15 04:18:26
Category: JFBConnect

I have noticed that the FB comments plugin is not showing on my articles. My subscription expired a while ago so I just bought a new one and have uploaded to the latest version.

I still don't have the comments plugin displaying and also now it tells me where there used to be a FB like button that "JFBConnect not found.Please reinstall"

There's a twitter issue too. The login button returns a 500 - Bad request token! error.

What can I do?

Nov-06-14 03:32:03
Category: JFBConnect

Hi, Yes it is fixed. Thanks very much!

Nov-05-14 08:56:24
Category: JFBConnect

OK, thank you for your answer and link. Hopefully they will fix soon.

Nov-05-14 08:18:55
Category: JFBConnect

I'm going to have to unpublish this module again soon too.

Nov-05-14 06:40:19
Category: JFBConnect

I unpublished it because it was wrong. But it is back up now for you to see. I will unpublish again soon until fixed. I tried to use it, but the like buttons don't like the FB page either.

Nov-05-14 05:58:22
Category: JFBConnect

I am using the JFBCSocialShare module. I have it set to every page with the URL to share being my Facebook page. Up until today it has always shown the number of likes on my Facebook page 900 odd, today it shows 0. Is there some sort of connection problem, why is it not showing my FB likes anymore?

Jul-08-14 05:27:21
Category: JFBConnect


Well I wondered if it was the individual privacy settings. But I have tested it using my account and my privacy settings are for 'public' and the like still appears as 'only me'

So not sure what else it could be?

Jul-05-14 08:34:48
Category: JFBConnect

I have just renewed my subscription to JFBConnect.

I am slightly unhappy with the extension and it has not been working properly on my site all year. So I have decided to renew and try hard to get all the issues fixed, and if I can't resolve them I will require a refund.

My first issue is:

When I like my page using the like button module my page is not displayed to my friends, the permission is set at 'only me' and not 'public' how do I change this so that when users like my page it is shared publicly and not just to the user who likes the page? This is not something that I have set on my own FB page in the settings.


Oct-18-13 07:45:10
Category: JFBConnect

OK. So time to update again.

Obviously auto update still doesn't work - still - so I follow the link to the updates from my Joomla site but, I can't find the component - it's not there!

I've worked through some of the modules and re-installed them one by one and they seem to work.

But, there is no Kuena module to be found even though it says it needs updating.

And it says no file found when I click on the SCLogin link.

The updating procedures need overhauling - If I had known what a pain this component was before I purchased I wouldn't have bothered. Especially as the login module doesn't even work! I get invalid token whenever I try and login using it.

Sep-03-13 08:00:28
Category: JFBConnect

Ok thanks, I thought it might be something like this.

Sep-03-13 05:40:53
Category: JFBConnect

How do I get the register with facebook link at the top of the register form? Like it is on this site.

(http://www.sourcecoast.com/register) - without being logged in obviously!


Jul-24-13 06:38:02
Topic: updating
how to update?
Category: JFBConnect

This is something I am finding to be a pain. I am not on the latest version and I wish to update.

There is no documentation around and it is difficult to find out how to do this.

I have tried using the Joomla auto updater, that doesn't work.

For JFBConnect the component it says Must be updated manually, what does that mean. I downloaded the component and tried to update it via an install, that didn't work. Do I need to ftp every file up?

For the others I get this message if doing an auto update:
Unknown Archive type
Update path does not exist

If I download and reinstall it seems to do something, but the messages in the component tell me I am still on the older version.

I think SCLogin was the only one I have been successfully able to upgrade and it tells me I am on the new version.

I would appreciate some help please.


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