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yea please do ..
but i thought what facebook developer confirmed above that its possible to do so

"sourcecoast":3ptsprz3 wrote:

We don't support this ability yet, but this thread is making us investigate it more thoroughly.  It would take some work, so it'd be great if you could list out some usage cases that you'd like to see.

- Join from a specific Facebook network only?  We'd have to investigate if this is possible, but think it is
- Join but be 'unapproved' until an admin approves you?
- Other?

Again, there is no timeline we can provide for getting this up (or even a guarantee that we'll do it), but would like to narrow down the idea to come up with an integration path.

sourcecoast .. hi

here what a developer from facebook said

You can't prevent people from using the Connect login if you provide it, but you can certainly, upon authentication, decide what functionality to provide to users based on aspects of their profile.  So for instance, if you only want a particular university's student to use your app, you can just condition the functionality based on that field in their profile.

so its possible to restrict it upon some field in ppl profile

any news about this feature being considerd ?

im looking for this feature 2 .. is there any way we can achieve it ?

im thinking to allow only people related to a specific facebook network to be able to use jfbconnect ..

"bravesaintsaturn":1sv37l8o wrote:

No, FBConnect does not allow a limit on networks and such at this time (and probably never will, as it's not really its purpose).

thanks for the reply
but are u referring to fbconnect in general or jfbconnect ?
are u saying that what im looking for is not an option at all because the guys behind facebook connect dont allow such thing ? or ur talking about jfbconnect ?

sorry if i wasnt clear enough .. u know how facebook has different networks and for some networks u need to enter a speical email address to be able to register
( like my university network in facebook .. they ask u to enter ur valid uni email ) i need ur amazing component to limit registeration to only one fb network ?

so only the members of that network will be able to use jfbconnect to register on my site

thanks  current/roll

hii ,,,, current/big_smile
can facebook connect be limited to one network .. so only the members of that network will be able to login to joomla using facebook connect ??

or i need to hire some1 to hack some codes ?

enlighten me please

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