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We fixed the JFBConnect problems (timing out issues, etc) but now somehow the payplans module is not working.  After repeated conversations with their support teams- they say all is working on their end... thoughts?

http://www.brushforgood.org/index.php/c … ;plan_id=1

May-08-14 19:49:18
not working
Forum: Sendy

Alex, Yep that worked..
Verified by deleting from the user table and from the sendy list, then a linkedin login.

Again- that fixed worked.. FB logins now take about 6 seconds vs 70+ seconds.

Ready for the other fix locations (thanks.)

May-07-14 17:08:52
not working
Forum: Sendy

Went ahead and added the http://www ....
seems to work..

Newsletter sign up.
Thanks for signing up!
We'll include you in our next newsletter with great news, offers and other information.

How do i get new subscribes to the site on a list as well - I.e. new person logins in with JFBConnect .. how does he get added to a sendy list?

Alex, RE Facebook..
so i started typing you an email (which i sent) w/ screen shots of the FB app's setting and other important pages.. b/c the FB connect was still not working after i followed the instructions (which you were right it was not enabled pubic access)- but still did not work after setting to YES...

then playing with the FB settings in the JFBConnect module, somehow it started working..

However: im still having a 70+ second wait between pressing the button and haiving the ;Hello Steve login successful message..

Alex- RE: LinkedIn solution... yep that worked thanks.. Did have linkedIn follow-up... after i got it to work, took literally 64 seconds for the "Waiting for BrushForGood.org" in bottom left corner before the site actually logged me in.. any clues as to why over a min to perform this login? i initialy got anxious and after about 20 sec pressed it again, and got an email already exists error  so went into user manager and deleted the related linkedin related entry and started over..

Site is BrushForGood.org if you want to check how long it takes you...

Will work through the Facebook item next and comment in separate post.

May-06-14 06:38:26
not working
Forum: Sendy

So, i paid for the sendy installation.. that, i have been told is up and running... my challenge now- is cant get the emails entered into the NewsLetter Sign up (sendy module) to actually make it onto the list.

So in the module- i have the list ID that i have set up in sendy (Welcome) with into text "Welcome to BrushForGood" - which shows in the module on front page..
people can enter email and subscribe.. just nothing happens (note.. the entire domain has been approved for sendy, so any email i enter with @BrushForGood.org  should be allowed. to signup/send emails to).

thoughts on what im doing wrong?

The first post "Invalid redirect_uri. This value must match a URL registered w/API key" is error message with Linkedin .

When i try to login w/ facebook, i get a (facebook.com/dialogue.....some more text )window that pops up for about 1/2 second, then disapears and unable to log in with facebook.

wondering whats wrong, in that im using the same urls that im using with FB....

Jul-09-13 07:04:17
make the FB and linkedin buttons same width as the facebook

also- just change the width and created screen shot (attachment of the difference in looks)


Jul-09-13 06:58:22
make the FB and linkedin buttons same width as the facebook

alex- sure thing.
the site is hknguitar.com

- the sclogin is in the top right...

also if  you use the login , you'll also see the other question i had about the "Connect this site to your Social network?" message that keeps appearing.

im wondering if there is a way to leverage showing both login buttons, but at login- remove the non used one.. b/c people arent going to log in with both FB and LI...

thanks for the help.

Jul-08-13 05:37:26
make the FB and linkedin buttons same width as the facebook

With the new rockettheme 3.0 templates that have the ability to configure the allocation to these modules..
it turns out that  the linkedin login graphic is slightly wider than the FB one.. and its causing  Header A with a fixed width of 2|8|2 to wrap and forcing to use a 2|7|3 just to not wrap the linedin module..

can you change the width on the button to match the facebook?

Jul-08-13 05:05:04
Ive installed both the FB and LinkedIn modules. when i log in with either one, i also get the...

part of the message did not seem to show in the initial posting...

my problem is- after installing both the FB and LinkedIn modules. when i log in with either of them i get the words" Connect this site to your Social network?" that also appwar while im logged in. These words are not clickable, and disapear when i log out...

Jul-08-13 05:03:16
Ive installed both the FB and LinkedIn modules. when i log in with either one, i also get the...

Site is hknguitar.com

Jul-15-12 14:19:21
Log in using FB login and now page is in infinite refresh loop
Category: JFBConnect

Thanks for the help on this... seems like it is a caching issue. however it (problem) sometimes returns and i have to occasionally delete cache

it seems that there is the ability to single sign on(SSO) with ECWID and  joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 using plugin described here (http://www.ecwid.com/forums/showthread.php?t=7297)

not being a coding type anymore- wondering if this SSO solution with the site + ecwid  could be incorporated as a feature in JFBConnect -- would be great if a single sign on gets a person into the site and ability ot use the shopping cart w/o a 2nd sign on.

thanks steve

Jul-08-12 18:12:15
Log in using FB login and now page is in infinite refresh loop
Category: JFBConnect

site is hknguitar.com
logged in using FBlogin... now im literally in a loop/refresh lasing 1-2 sec. the page clears, then has the welcome page (login/User registration).
and its switching between the two ..

thoughts? help?


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