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Feb-04-18 10:15:41
Error Login after update to 3.8.4
Category: JFBConnect

hi i noticed that if you disable SEO at joomla configuration it works

i sent you the ftp

Feb-02-18 15:01:39
Error Login after update to 3.8.4
Category: JFBConnect

when i click login i get error the the below error and a blank page for facebook

This page isn’t working
www.weddingsegypt.com sent an invalid response.

for twitter empty nothing happens

Update when disabling joomla seo it works  .. but when enabling it back it stops again

Oct-03-14 18:53:18
CSS problem
Category: JFBConnect

hi i have installed SC login however i get a divided color .. : /

tried different solutions @ CSS but couldn't make it to work

can you help me fix it


tried different solutions  but didn't work i think the problem with bootstrap current/hmm

can you help me fix it

Jul-02-12 09:16:59
show like button in ajax enviroment
Category: JFBConnect

update now twitter works after modifying the same line by adding spaces after each semi colon

$buttonText .= '<script type="text/javascript">FB.XFBML.parse();gapi.plusone.go(); IN.parse(); twttr.widgets.load();</script>';

but still linked in .

Jul-02-12 09:08:49
show like button in ajax enviroment
Category: JFBConnect

Thanks Dears it's working fine .. like a charm current/smile))

ALL working fine except for twitter and Linkedin ..  buttons i tried making it like this after some search i tried adjusting the line to be belike below .. i didn't work

$buttonText .= '<script type="text/javascript">FB.XFBML.parse();gapi.plusone.go();IN.parse();twttr.widgets.load();</script>';

anyideas ?


Jun-26-12 06:50:46
show like button in ajax enviroment
Category: JFBConnect

hi again i checked with the plugin developers and with facebook dev directory ..

and i found this

http://getsite.org.ua/en/fullajax/fulla … al-buttons

http://developers.facebook.com/docs/ref … BML.parse/

but i dont know which file should i edit for JFB connect or Full ajax  as am not a developer but i could try ..

so could you guide me where to start  could it be at /plugins/system/jfbcsystem/jfbcsystem.php

regards joe

Jun-25-12 16:01:45
show like button in ajax enviroment
Category: JFBConnect

hi alzander sorry when you checked the ajax plugin was disabled i re-enabled it again so you can check

the ajax plugin simply ajaxsify Joomla style of loading content
check this link
http://www.mogaz24.com/index.php?option … Itemid=523

you will load fine and buttons appear BUT when you click any other links the button disappear

i tried playing with the plugin order but didn't succeed in getting it to work



Jun-25-12 08:20:32
show like button in ajax enviroment
Category: JFBConnect

hi i use full ajax plugin   http://getsite.org.ua/en/fullajax/fulla … al-buttons

where i got my content to be ajaxed but JFB connect didn't work  with ajaxed content  only google plus / linkedin / twitter

http://www.mogaz24.com/index.php?option … Itemid=294

regards joseph

am trying to figure out why the facebook login button dosent render in Arabic website thought it's working fine in English version

i use sh404sef but with skip option for JFBconnect

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