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Sorry for the delay in response to this post; we've been busy working on getting new releases of JFBConnect and JLinked out. I've just uploaded new versions of Version Verification Tool and they should be available for download now. For Joomla 2.5, versions 2.5.0 through 2.5.4 are now supported. For Joomla 1.5, version 1.5.26 is now supported.

Sorry for the delay in response to this post; we've been busy working on getting new releases of JFBConnect and JLinked out. I've just uploaded new versions of Version Verification Tool and they should be available for download now. For Joomla 2.5, versions 2.5.0 through 2.5.4 are now supported. For Joomla 1.5, version 1.5.26 is now supported.


I found the mistake in our code.. We attempt to strip the quote when we pull the og:description out of an existing metadescription, but I forgot to add it for other situations like this.

The following is a fix that should resolve your issue. Please try it out and let us know if you're still having problems. In plugins/system/jfbcsystem.php, around line 1477, please replace this block


            if (strpos($headerGraphString, $graphName) === false || $graphName == 'og:image')
                return '<meta property="' . $graphName . '" content="' . $graphValue . '"/>' . $carriageReturn;

with this one


            if (strpos($headerGraphString, $graphName) === false || $graphName == 'og:image')
                $graphValue = str_replace('"', "'", $graphValue);
                return '<meta property="' . $graphName . '" content="' . $graphValue . '"/>' . $carriageReturn;

Sorry again!

Feb-01-12 10:08:26
How to allign a custom set of plugin functions

This should be a simple fix. The CSS is properly included in 4.1.2 now. However, you will need to add a div around the tags, so they pick up the proper styles.

Update your content to be the following please:


<div class="scsocialbuttons">
{JFBCLike url=http://www.resultsrehab.com layout=standard show_faces=true show_send_button=true width=300 action=like font=verdana colorscheme=light}{SCTwitterShare url=http://www.resultsrehab.com data_count=horizontal}{SCGooglePlusOne url=http://www.resultsrehab.com annotation=bubble size=standard}{JLinkedShare url=http://www.healin4soul.com/jlinked/ counter=top}

Jan-20-12 12:35:24
Code appearing on site article {JFBCGraph...
Category: JFBConnect

Hi Jerry,

As Alex mentioned, we were able to reproduce the issue on our local site. I have made a small code update that appears to fix the issue on my local sites. Could you please add the following code and re-test on your pages to make sure that everything is working properly? Note, once you add the code and re-enable the JFBConnect setting in your backend, please clear your cache.

For Joomla 1.7, in plugins/content/jfbccontent/jfbccontent.php around line 644, change this snippet:
(For Joomla 1.5 - plugins/content/jfbccontent.php line 657)


$articleText = strip_tags($articleText);
$articleText = str_replace('{K2Splitter}', '', $articleText);



$articleText = strip_tags($articleText);
$articleText = preg_replace( '/\s+/', ' ', $articleText ); // Add this line
$articleText = str_replace('{K2Splitter}', '', $articleText);

Essentially, the bug appeared to be that newlines/carriage returns in the article text were not properly being stripped, which caused JFBConnect to have problems inserting the proper Open Graph tags.

Let us know if this update works for you. It's already checked in and will be included in the next release, assuming there are no further problems.

Jan-19-12 11:07:41
php error in undefined index of array

What version of Joomla is running on your website?

Ah. Gotcha. Thanks for looking into it further. That was a small bug it looks like I introduced when making it work for 1.7. I've posted a new file (version 2.0.1) which has a fix for it.

Which version of Joomla are you using? Also, have you changed any of the parameters for the component? By default, the installation files should be listed under the ignored section of files, unless the "Ignore Regular Expression" parameter is altered.

I took a quick peek at the page you're having trouble with above. There is a Javascript error on your page because the LinkedIn application is not set up correctly. 1) Double check that you've set the API key and Secret key in the JLinked administration area. 2) Also, check the LinkedIn application you've created (at developer.linkedin.com) to verify that the Integration URL field and the Javascript URL Domain field are correct, with the correct domain, http and www. If you still need help with getting the button to show up after these fields are correct, please let us know.

FYI - the exact error that I am seeing is "Error: You must specify a valid JavaScript API Domain as part of this key's configuration."

No problem. I ran into the same problem myself while we were developing the extension current/smile

Yes, just changing the URL in the application should do it when you're ready to go live.

Your LinkedIn application is set up to use a different domain than the URL you provided above. This only matters for Javascript widgets, which is what the Company Insider/Profile/etc modules are. It will not affect the login functionality as that uses a different method. To get the modules to work, you will need to update the URL of the LinkedIn application to point to the correct site domain.

For your reference, this is the Javascript error that appears on your current page: "JavaScript API Domain is restricted to www.thetalentgroup.co.uk"

Can you post or PM a link to a page where you're seeing this issue?

Dec-07-11 09:47:50
module configuration settings

The quickest way to find the ID is to look up the company on the LinkedIn website. The URL that comes back contains the company ID. For example, searching for SourceCoast Web Development returns to the URL http://www.linkedin.com/company/365848?trk=tyah. Our company ID is 365848.

Sorry for the confusion. We already have an issue in our tracker for an upcoming release to try to make it clearer/improve this parameter.

Dec-06-11 19:30:08
"Login With LinkedIn" simply reloads page ???

Thanks for the feedback. We're always looking to improve our error messages and have added this task to our tracker for an upcoming release. Thanks!

Dec-05-11 18:28:52
"Login With LinkedIn" simply reloads page ???

After logging into your site, it appears that the problem is that curl is not enabled. Specifically, when trying to perform the request token call to LinkedIn, we receive the following error "Warning: curl_exec() has been disabled for security reasons in <path to JLinked file>". You'll need to enable curl for any communication to LinkedIn to work properly.

Dec-05-11 17:15:06
"Login With LinkedIn" simply reloads page ???

You can also try turning on the 'LinkedIn Display Errors on Front-end' setting in the JLinked configuration area and also make sure that the JLinked User plugin is enabled.

If you want to private message the details for your website, hit the arrow under my avatar and click the mail icon.

Dec-05-11 16:56:59
"Login With LinkedIn" simply reloads page ???

When you first tried to login, were you redirected to a LinkedIn Login where you had to approve the application for your site? This could be an indication that the application is not set up correctly.

First, try to turn off caching on your site (in Global Configuration and the System-Cache plugin if it is enabled). Second, disable any JLinkedProfile plugins you may have enabled. Then try again. If these don't help with the issue, you can PM the credentials for your site if you want us to login and try to help narrow down the issue more quickly.

Are you using any other third party extensions, such as Community Builder or JomSocial, that may also manage the user's password? The reason I ask is because in Joomla 1.5, there is no specific change password page, just the my details page where the user can change their password.

This is also now fixed in the code and will be available in the next release. If you'd like instructions to manually fix it in the meantime, please let us know. Thanks!

Thanks for pointing this out. I've fixed it in the JLinked code and it will be available in the next release. If you'd like instructions on how to manually fix it yourself, please let us know.

Sep-07-11 13:02:22
Likes in K2 category views problem

I made a quick change on your site, so the tag views should now be working too.

I'm pretty sure the fact that some of these url's seem to have been generated with SH404 is where the issue lies. All of our development and automated testing is without SH404 - the changes I've been making on your site to determine which view we're in (latest, tag, category, item) are to add in checks for what SH404 is supplying instead of Joomla.

Of course, please let us know if you see this problem again on other subpages pop up and it should be a pretty easy fix.

Sep-07-11 10:20:03
Manually placed JFBCLike tag in K2 pulls in wrong image into Facebook

That description comes from the meta description of the page that's being liked. JFBConnect tries to strip out any facebook tags from this description, and I suspect that the logic could be smarter to replace more text from the article.

Could you send me a link to the page you're seeing this on so that I can look at the page source to confirm this is the problem?

Sep-06-11 21:29:45
Likes in K2 category views problem


We fixed the issue on most of your pages. The reason was that some of the K2 url's your site was generating had task=category, whereas we've always been looking for layout=category. We've never seen this before, but it seems valid, so we updated our code to work with those URL's. Can you tell us how those pages are reached through the menus, just so we can see how those links were created in order to test better in the future?

One item that we were not able to fix immediately is the start blog view, as 3.4.1 currently does not support the K2 Latest Item menu type. I'm in the process of adding this feature to 4.0.

Please test the changes to your category pages and let us know if you still have any issues.


Sep-05-11 10:45:32
Manually placed JFBCLike tag in K2 pulls in wrong image into Facebook

I've checked the code fix in already and we're planning a new release towards the end of this week hopefully. In the meantime, the change is very simple, so if you'd like to manually update the code yourself, you can edit the following in plugins/content/jfbcontent.php, around line 228:



if ($socialGraphEnabled == "1" && $socialGraphFirstImage == "1" && $view == 'article')



if ($socialGraphEnabled == "1" && $socialGraphFirstImage == "1" && ($view == 'article' || $view == 'item'))

If you do the change and have any issues with it, please let us know. We'll be doing more extensive testing this week before the release.


Aug-21-11 12:39:53
Manually placed JFBCLike tag in K2 pulls in wrong image into Facebook

Thomas, I've added a task for the next release to look into getting the first image to work for K2.

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