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Jun-13-18 14:59:46
Category: JFBConnect

I didn't realize that setting existed... I sent you a code snippet to try which uses that setting to build the path. I still need to test it on an older EasySocial version for backward compatibility, but have tried it out on a newer version already. Let us know if this fixes the issue for you.


Jun-12-18 15:31:43
Category: JFBConnect

The front-end test site does not allow Facebook authentication right now, with the following error:

URL Blocked: This redirect failed because the redirect URI is not whitelisted in the app’s Client OAuth Settings. Make sure Client and Web OAuth Login are on and add all your app domains as Valid OAuth Redirect URIs.

Could you fix the application settings to allow for the test site? Additionally, could you send Alex superadmin credentials for the backend test site?



I was able to register with my Facebook credentials and able to see the error that you're describing. However, the strange thing is that it's only happening on some pages, but not all.

Random examples of not working:
http://www.psvbadmintonbrugge.com/CMS30 … rganisatie

Examples of working:
http://www.psvbadmintonbrugge.com/CMS30 … en/details
http://www.psvbadmintonbrugge.com/CMS30 … emene-info
http://www.psvbadmintonbrugge.com/CMS30 … dia/foto-s

After logging in on the front-end, could you try to disable the JFBCSystem plugin and see if the error is resolved when you refresh the page? With that plugin disabled, the JFBConnect functionality won't be loaded.
* If the error still persists, that would point in the direction of it possibly being another plugin.
* If the error resolves with JFBCSystem disabled, could you send me backend access to your site? You can send a private message with the envelope icon under my avatar. I'd like to see how you have JFBConnect configured, open graph settings, etc to see if there's something that sticks out.


From that description, I'd suspect the problem being the profile fields that you have mapped to import when creating a user or logging in. Facebook has changed the fields that are available and we've also changed how we do the mapping in this release. Therefore, please make sure that 1) you have run Autotune to fetch the "Network Settings" fields and 2) go into the JFBConnect > Profiles area and make sure your fields are mapped appropriately still.

If that doesn't resolve the error, please read our blog post on changes in JFBConnect and follow the other steps listed under each "After you upgrade or install" section.

Let me know if this helps resolve the issue or if you continue having the problem.


Jun-09-18 12:47:10
Category: JFBConnect

If you put the following HTML divs around your easy-tags, you can take advantage of the CSS styling for our content plugin that floats the buttons on the same line.


<div class="scsocialbuttons'" style="position: relative; top: 0px; left: 0px; z-index: 99;">{SCTwitterShare}{SCFacebookLike}</div>

If that doesn't work for you, please provide a specific URL so we can see the behavior/HTML in action.


Jun-07-18 15:09:25
Can content be autoposted to our facebook page automatically
Category: JFBConnect

Yes, JFBConnect allows auto-posting to Facebook Pages from certain extensions, for example - Joomla content, K2, EasyBlog, etc and has for quite some time. Facebook has recently changed which permissions are required for this to manage_pages and publish_pages, so you'll need to make sure you're on the most recent version of JFBConnect to get prompted for the correct scopes.

If you'd like to read more about setting up auto-posting, please go to our Quick Start Guide for the "Post Content to Social Networks" section.


Ah, looks like you caught a string that was hardcoded in our template file! There's no language string for that right now.

I'm checking in a fix for a new key/string to be included in the next release. If you'd like to make a change right now, the template file is /components/com_jfbconnect/views/account/tmpl/default.php (line 43)


I just sent you a PM with the code changes. It will be included in the next release.


Let us know if you encounter the problem again, but glad it seems to be resolved on its own current/smile

May-31-18 12:54:06
dont know how to simply align the button with the other text in the article
Category: JFBConnect

I would suggest you put the change in your template's CSS file, not the JFBConnect media css files. That way you won't lose the changes on upgrade of JFBC.

If you add the following code to your stylesheet, it should work for pages that have the margin-left of 30.


.sourcecoast.facebook.share.jfbcshare.jfbcsharedialog {

margin-left: 30px;


May-30-18 15:45:08
dont know how to simply align the button with the other text in the article
Category: JFBConnect

Could you give me a specific URL to the page where you've inserted the easy-tag? This is usually just CSS that you need to add. If I can inspect it, I can suggest what to change.

Firefox has added default privacy settings that block social sharing buttons. We can't force a user's settings to allow the rendering of the buttons, so it's out of our hands. The setting is called "Tracking Protection" and you can read more about it here. You can try to disable the setting on your browser to make sure that's the issue.


May-22-18 12:16:03
determine which image to use when sharing on facebook
Category: JFBConnect

- what 'type' shall I set? 'image' seems not to be good: http://nimb.ws/VFw5GA

(Type should be "article". For future reference, Facebook has a full list of available object and action types here. Then in the right column, there's an "Image Type" - you still have this set to "First Article Image". Please change that value to article intro or article full image.

How comes?
What can I do to always have the whole image (first example)?

Facebook determines the best way to generate the share preview based on the image size. The recommended sizes for sharing can be found here.

For large image previews:

Use images that are at least 1200 x 630 pixels for the best display on high resolution devices. At the minimum, you should use images that are 600 x 315 pixels to display link page posts with larger images. Images can be up to 8MB in size.

For small image previews:

If your image is smaller than 600 x 315 px, it will still display in the link page post, but the size will be much smaller.

In the case where your image is smaller in the preview, the image size is 411px x 275px. So you'll need to make the image bigger for FB to generate a bigger preview.


May-21-18 13:12:00
determine which image to use when sharing on facebook
Category: JFBConnect

Enable the 'Open Graph - Content' plugin. Then you can create an object in the JFBConnect backend > Objects area with the following settings:
- Name: any string
- Object Type: "article"
- Built-in FB Object: enabled
- Published: enabled
- Select a category: root of the articles that you want with this image
- Image Type: Article Intro Image or Article Full Image.

After you make the above changes, you'll have to manually re-scrape the pages with the FB Sharing Debugger to see if the new Open Graph tags have been set correctly.

It should be as simple as that, but let us know if you run into any issues getting it set up.


May-14-18 17:32:18
maybe I've bought the wrong product
Category: JFBConnect

Unfortunately, there is not an existing Group Plugin widget for Facebook. It only exists for Pages. In the future if FB provides the social widget, we'd gladly support it.

To show Group activity, you currently would have to use the Channels feature. However, If you're looking to display the info from a single Group to all users, then you do not need to require all users to log in via FB. You would just set up a channel for the Group Administrator. You can temporarily enable the SCLogin module to have the Group Admin log in with their Facebook credentials, set up the channel correctly, and then disable the SCLogin module again so it's not exposed to other users.

I hope this helps clarify, but let us know if you have more questions. Sorry for my late response.


May-14-18 17:27:37
Facebook log in for new user gaves SMTP error
Category: JFBConnect

That message will occur when sending emails fails. It is usually if the server is not set up correctly to send emails. JFBConnect attempts to send the email on new user registration (like when you just logged in with your social credentials). If you register via the standard Joomla registration form, I'd expect you to receive the same errors when you register.

You can
1) Check your Global Configuration settings for email configuration.
2) Check your email notification settings a) in Joomla backend > Users > Manage > Options button with 'New User Account Activation' and 'Send Mail to Administrators' and b) JFBConnect backend > Configuration > General > 'Send New User Email' setting.
3) Attempt a registration with a normal Joomla user account to see if the same behavior exists.

Try those and let us know if you can't narrow down the problem.

Glad you were able to resolve this. Let us know if you run into anything further that you need our help with current/smile


May-09-18 14:24:14
Users can no longer login/register
Category: JFBConnect

Your website looks down. Please let us know when it is back up so we can see the behavior in action.

Additional questions,
* Are there any Javascript errors on the console?
* Have you passed the Autotune error checks without any errors in JFBConnect?

Since extending my Jomsocial site to JFBConnect, users can no longer register and log in.

Are they no longer able to log in with existing Joomla users? Are there error messages? Are users able to log in with social login buttons?

Let us know these details and we'll gladly try to help you get this going.


Facebook has been making numerous changes lately regarding privacy issues, which is impacting application API access. If you have not been through the approval process yet or your application is new, some of these permissions (such as publish_actions) will not be available anymore. 

Is your Facebook application new? What graph API version is it set to?

Additionally, JFBConnect only requests these permissions with our Channels features. Do you have any channels set up on your page? If so, are they actually in use right now or can they be disabled?


May-04-18 17:44:06
SCLogin out of alignment

Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place (or you've disabled the module after posting this), but I'm not seeing the SCLogin module instance on your page. Could you send us the specific URL where we can see the behavior in action?


May-04-18 17:42:37
maybe I've bought the wrong product
Category: JFBConnect

JFBConnect can be used to push posts to Facebook and to also show posts from FB pages/groups/profiles on your Joomla website.

To show FB posts on your website, there are two main options:
1. Use our Channels feature and corresponding SCSocialStream module. Check out the instructions for setting this up on our Quick Start guide for "View Social Network Streams"

2. For FB pages, you can use the Page Plugin widget to show posts and other information about your page. You can add this to your page with the SCSocialWidget module or add the SCFacebookPagePlugin easy-tag to your page (for more info on parameters for this easy-tag, go to the JFBConnect backend > Social > Examples section).

If you've tried any of the above 2 and are still having difficulties, please let us know.


This is a setting in your Facebook application that must be enabled before we can access it via Autotune.

Go into your app on https://developers.facebook.com/ and navigate to Settings > Advanced. If you scroll down on that page, there's an option called "Allow API Access to App Settings" that needs to be enabled to resolve this error. Once it's on, you'll be able to use Autotune in JFBConnect to set up the application.


We'll need a little more information:
1) What version of JFBConnect are you using?
2) Are there any errors or warnings in the Autotune Configuration tool?
3) Please provide a specific URL where you're having the behavior.

Finally, please post from the account you subscribed to JFBConnect from. Priority support is for active subscribers only.


Apr-09-18 14:29:39
Conflict with other buttons
Category: JFBConnect

First off, BT Login module is not our extension.

If you're saying there is a conflict between BTLogin and SCLogin, you will need to provide more information. What "other buttons" are you referring to? The SCLogin module does not have social login functionality on it's own, you'll need to have JFBConnect purchased/installed for social logins. By itself, the SCLogin module is an improved login module with better customization and styling options over the standard Joomla login module.


There is also an option in JFBConnect for sending user emails for social registrations. Please verify that you've also set the JFBConnect backend > Configuration > General > 'Send New User Email' option to No.

If that's not the issue, could you provide the text of the email? That'd be a quick way to determine if it's coming from JFBConnect (by comparing against our language file strings)


Glad I could help current/smile


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