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No problem. Glad it was an easy fix! current/smile

There's a conflict with your styles/template. If I inspect the username and password elements on the modal, the font-size is set to 0px. If I use developer tools to set a size of 14px for example, you can see the fields being typed in.


Aug-16-19 02:24:07
Category: JFBConnect

There are two extensions on your page that are inserting the Facebook Javascript library on your page. This will cause unpredictable behavior for Facebook functionality such as likes/shares/login/etc.

Looking at the source on your page, the two includes of sdk.js are done by JFBConnect and it looks like rstbox. You'll have to remove the javascipt include from the rstbox popup.

Take a look at our Common Support Questions for "I ran the Autotune Error Check and am getting the following error" The first description for "Test: Facebook Javascript library inclusion Fail: Another Facebook extension is installed, including the Facebook Javascript library, and may conflict. " will provide more description.


I was just able to reproduce the Trouble Loading screen on my phone for the chat on sourcecoast.com, whereas it works properly on Alex's phone. Very strange...

I haven't seen any obvious bugs on the FB developer bug list regarding this behavior, so I'm unsure whether it's something in the Page settings, the widget setup or some underlying bug with the fb-customerchat plugin. We'll have to investigate this further to see what's going on.


Aug-02-19 01:27:48
CURL missing in PHP
Category: JFBConnect

Copying Alex's response to your Contact Us here:

cURL is required for JFBConnect. I'm not aware of PHP removing cURL from php 7.3.7 and I do not think that's true. If you're upgraded PHP, you may need to ensure that cURL was included in the upgrade.

I hope that helps, but there's not so much we can do about this requirement as cURL is how we make connections to the social networks for authentication, fetching settings and many other features in JFBConnect.

Jul-31-19 23:47:16
Category: JFBConnect

Looks like Alex worked with you to resolve these issues through Facebook Messenger. If you encounter any more problems, please let us know.


Are you still seeing this behavior? If I click into any of the articles at that link, the like count looks to increment/decrement correctly when I like then unlike the page.


Jul-19-19 01:26:45
the "Easy Tags" are just showing the text output instead of the sharing tags
Category: JFBConnect

The most common cause for this is that the key parameter is not set in the easy-tag. Double check the JFBConnect backend > Social > Misc > Social Tag Admin Key' setting to see if you've set a value there. If so, add the "key=YOUR_KEY_HERE" to the easy-tag. If not, please let us know.


Jul-18-19 17:00:42
Category: JFBConnect

Regarding the Facebook Live video, we do have a widget to do this already. If you use SCSocialWidget and select Facebook > Embedded Video, you should be able to configure the href parameter to point at the absolute URL of the video. Similarly, you can use our SCFacebookEmbeddedVideos easy-tag to insert it into your content manually. If you've tried these options already and are still having problems, please let us know.


I'm not sure if this is related or not - when I attempt to authenticate with Google on your site, the URL that's coming back to has an extra openid scope. This is strange because JFBConnect no longer requests this scope.

* Have you updated your Google Application to use the Google People API?
* Could you go into your JFBConnect backend > Configuration > Google area and Apply Changes?
* Do you have any SEF extensions that might have cached an old URL?

Let us know the above and if nothing rings a bell, send us a private message with admin credentials and we can investigate further.


Jul-12-19 13:59:45
I want to know how can I replace an article like button by a page like button.
Category: JFBConnect

The Content plugin will choose the URL of the current page (and there's no parameter to override that).

If you want to set the Like button url to the Facebook page, you'll have to use our SCSocialWidget module or the JFBCLike easy-tag. With those if you set the URL to your FB page (e.g. https://www.facebook.com/SourceCoast/), clicking Like will allow the user to like the Page itself, not the URL on your local site. The user will just be prompted to make sure they want to Like your FB page when the button is pressed.

You can test out the behavior with the FB Like Button generator at https://developers.facebook.com/docs/pl … ke-button/ to make sure it's what you want before switching to use the SCSocialWidget/Easy-tag solution.


Looking at your page now, it looks as though the styles are loaded when you click on the Log In button on the top right. Are you still experiencing the problem or have you resolved it already?


Jul-06-19 20:25:35
The statistics of what is hte most popular Social Media venues has changed since SourceCoast...
Category: JFBConnect

We definitely have some of these on our radar. To give you a quick rundown of our plans...

* Continue support for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
* Investigate/add OAuth authentication for SnapChat, Pinterest and WeChat
* Add Social Channel functionality for Instagram

No/Needs more Investigation:
* WhatsApp- From our brief investigation, it does not seem as if WhatsApp has OAuth authentication. There's a Business API, but that seems too limited to integrate into JFBConnect unless there's user demand.
* Tumblr - There hasn't been any user demand for Tumblr, so we have not looked into this at all.
* Facebook Messenger - needs more investigation

Obviously, as we investigate more, our plans may change, grow, etc.


Jul-06-19 19:13:58
would like to use different images
Category: JFBConnect

The login buttons are the only ones that you can provide an image currently. We use each social network's javascript libraries to render the social sharing buttons.

Generally, each social network provide options to size/style the buttons buttons. You'd be able to pick the right size, possibly width etc. Depending on how you're displaying the buttons using JFBConnect, you'll find these parameters in either the SCSocialWidget module, EasyTag or Content Plugin.


Jun-28-19 01:35:54
Missing part in documentation
Category: JFBConnect

22. Click the "App Review" section. Click the Yes/No button to turn your application live.

It looks like the setting was moved to the top of the dashboard, as seen in the following screenshot. I'll update the application setup guide appropriately.


Result JFBConnet- Autotune: Fetch latest Network Settings: Not Fetched   Facebook
Could not fetch application and recommendation data from SourceCoast.com. Cached values were loaded, but may be out of date.
It's highly recommended that you make a successful connection to get the most up to date application data and recommendations.

That message usually indicates that your subscriber ID is incorrect or that a connection can't be made to our servers (possibly because of a firewall). Can you tell us if other Autotune features, like the Facebook App Configuration tab, work properly? That will help us understand if it's all settings, or just the Network Settings.


If you'd like a workaround (if you don't want to wait for a release), do the following steps:

1. Fetch the network settings in Autotune again

2. Re-map the field in the Customdb mapping area

3. In /components/libraries/profile/linkedin.php, at line 102 after the catch block, add the following code:


if (in_array('picture-url', $fields))

   $avatarUrl = $this->getAvatarUrl($this->provider->getProviderUserId());
   $profile->set('pictureUrl', $avatarUrl);

This should then retrieve the avatar URL to the mapped field. If you do the above and still have problems let us know.


Jun-05-19 15:09:29
Category: JFBConnect

Thanks for letting us know. I've added the issue to our tracker to investigate for the next release.


Jun-04-19 15:13:04
Found hundreds of them in the error log
Category: JFBConnect

If you'd like to try the following workaround to stop the warning,

Change  /plugins/content/jfbccontent/jfbccontent.php on line 287


else if ($this->view == 'category' && $article->catid != null)



else if ($this->view == 'category' && isset($article->catid) && $article->catid != null)

I've only briefly tested this change, but don't see any side effects. I've added the issue to our tracker for the next bug fix release.


Jun-04-19 15:05:21
Category: JFBConnect

It sounds like you're looking to automatically post articles to your Facebook Page or Group when publishing new articles. If so, check out our Channels feature. In the Quick Start Guide, go down to the bottom and look at the "Post Content to Social Networks" section. This will detail how to autopost new articles to Pages and Groups. Side note, posting to personal profiles is no longer allowed due to Facebook privacy changes.

If you're looking for something different, please let us know.


Jun-04-19 15:01:58
Category: JFBConnect

Hmm, so it looks like you're using the JFBCContent plugin to add those social buttons to the site, but for some reason the Pinterest easy-tag is not rendering properly (but the other ones are)

1. Could you try going into the JFBConnect backend > Social > Misc area and adding a "Social Tag Admin Key" value?
2. Can you try directly adding that easytag to an article to see if there's a difference? If you add a key in #1, you'll have to add it like below:


{SCPinterestShare href=https://www.brackleycommunityhospital.charity/index.php/events/events/34-coffee-morning layout=standard image=https://www.brackleycommunityhospital.charity/images/Events/HintonCoffee.jpg desc=Coffee Morning in Hinton-in-the-Hedges Cricket Pavilion On Saturday June 8th. 10.00 - 12.00 am to your Events page. Cake Stall,... size=small key=YOURKEY}

3. Are there any other content plugins enabled on your site? Try ordering the JFBCContent plugin before them?

Let us know if there's any change after following these suggestions.


Jun-01-19 22:47:57
Category: JFBConnect

A couple different issues:
1. The only one that looks to be in the correct format is the last one with "...task=authenticate.callback&provider=facebook". Please remove the others.

2. Which domain are you using for this application? The redirect URLs that you have listed are for several different sites. The last redirect URL points to brackleytownfc.com, but the domain you've run Autotune against is brackleycommunityhospital.charity

- If you're using brackleytownfc.com, then your redirect URLs should be




- If you're using brackleycommunityhospital.charity, the URLs should be





Jun-01-19 20:18:37
Category: JFBConnect

Here on sourcecoast.com, log in and navigate to My Account > My Profile. It'll be listed on that page.


May-30-19 13:11:34
Error message subscriber ID
Category: JFBConnect

Glad you found it!

Feel free to check out our Quick Start Guide for help with initial configuration. Let us know if you have any other questions.


May-30-19 03:00:03
SClogin shortcode fails after latest JFB Connect update
Category: JFBConnect


Please check your private messages for a lin.

Could you also provide the SCPinterestShare easy-tag you're using so that we can try to reproduce the issue on our test sites?


May-30-19 02:51:36
When saving I got an error about information missing in my application
Category: JFBConnect

I'm sorry for the delayed response due to the holiday weekend. I'm glad you were able to resolve the issue.

If you haven't seen it already, you can also check out our Quick Start Guides for initial configuration of JFBConnect. Please let us know if you run into any other problems.


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