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Whew, ok.  The only thing we are doing is that when a user posts a status update in JomSocial, it should also automatically it post on Facebook, if they have connected their Facebook account as described in your post.

Alright, I'm super confused now, sorry!  I'm not sure any part of that explanation made sense to me, help! 

So if a user connects to Facebook, then revokes permissions, then wants to reconnect to Facebook, I would need to temporarily enable Facebook login on the site and tell them to log in with Facebook instead of their Joomla login info?  I'm not sure how Pages and being added as an admin for Pages fit into this?  We just want users to be able to have JomSocial posts pushed to their personal Facebook pages, which I don't think can have admins? Are you saying that the Facebook button I added at the beginning of this thread won't work anymore, though it did when we started? How do I get my test user reconnected to Facebook?  (Maybe that last question is the only important one and the rest is just me being super lost?)

We don't allow users to log in with Facebook, we want them to only log in using the username and password that we provide them.  Then they can connect their account to Facebook so they can have their posts pushed from JomSocial to Facebook, but that's the only Facebook functionality that we allow. 

So in our case, if a user connects their Facebook account, then goes to Facebook and revokes the permissions, there is no way they can later reconnect to that specific Facebook account?

Well, except now when I connect it and make a post, the post does not go to Facebook.  I'm pretty sure it worked before...now what?  current/neutral  I did try Autotune again.

It works, wahoo!!  Thank you very much for your attention!

Thanks for the update!

Any more help?  Pretty please?

Yes De-Authorize Callback URL looks correct to me.  It's http://www.(this is all correct)/index.php?option=com_jfbconnect&task=deauthorizeUser

It has a green checkmark, not a red x.

The site is behind an .htaccess login for now (not launched yet) so I tried disabling that, deleting the user from the User Map section, re-connecting the user to Facebook, and then removing the app via the Facebook settings, but it didn't change the outcome.

We don't allow the option to login with Facebook.  It is a private corporate site so we only want users logging in with the usernames we provide them.  To connect their accounts to Facebook, I added a button via the EasyTag {JFBCLogin show_reconnect=true} after they log in.  However, the button disappears after they click it once and never reappears, even if they remove their permissions via their Facebook settings.

Wait, now that I did that in Facebook, I went back to my JomSocial profile and it doesn't give me the option to re-connect again.  Now what?

Ahh that will be annoying that they can approve but not un-approve without leaving our site, but thank you for the explanation!

Thank you, that was perfect info!  Now it's working for me when a user posts a status update on JomSocial, it shows up on their Facebook page as well.

One more question, how does a user make it stop posting to Facebook if they change their mind?

I feel like this should be super simple but I followed the guides here and on JomSocial's site with no luck...maybe I missed a step somewhere.  We have a bunch of existing JomSocial users and have installed JFBConnect so that they can connect their JS accounts to their FB accounts.  However, when I log in with one of these accounts and go to the profile/settings pages of JomSocial, I don't see anywhere that would let the user connect to Facebook.  What am I missing?

Nov-03-11 12:33:20
Category: JFBConnect

Thanks for the reminder, I've been meaning to do that since Joomla! Day Chicago. Which was grand! current/smile

Nov-03-11 11:36:18
Category: JFBConnect

Ahh thanks for the explanation!

Nov-03-11 09:53:45
Category: JFBConnect

Sorry if this is a silly question...I tried searching the forum for an answer but wasn't really sure what to look for.

I'm using the content plugin on my site and several of my articles are getting some "Likes".  Can I see a list of which Facebook users "Like" each article?

Aug-11-11 08:35:57

Can we throw money at you to get it expedited?   current/smile   I need this functionality for a client site and don't see any alternatives in the JED.

Aug-10-11 09:59:04

Does this plugin work on Joomla 1.6/1.7?  If not, will there be an update coming anytime soon?

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