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Jun-18-18 01:52:03
og:image not being created - Joomla articles
Category: JFBConnect

Hi Alex.

Hope you had a good weekend.

Unfortunately what I had to do was disable the Open Graph Content plugin and install another open graph plugin (phoca) .. which has included the og:image tag.

Of course I would prefer to use just 1 plugin, name yours. If you are able to tell me when you want to schedule time to test, then I can disable the new plugin and re-enable the Open Graph Content plugin. I only used the SCOpenGraph tag in one article to test, and as mentioned before, it is unlikely I can get the website editors to keep including them in the articles they write.

Thanks for the help so far

Jun-14-18 10:41:18
og:image not being created - Joomla articles
Category: JFBConnect

I'm just wondering, would setting up a custom object for the articles make any difference, and then select the Article Full Image instead of the First Article image. I had a go, but again nothing appears to change so I'm not sure I did it correctly


Jun-14-18 10:35:39
og:image not being created - Joomla articles
Category: JFBConnect

Hi Alex

Thanks for the quick reply.

Yes Its a standard Joomla Article. I do use SP Page Builder for other parts of the site, but not on the articles.

I have enabled the Open Graph - Content plugin but nothing has changed.

The website is for our local newspaper and it simply won't be possible for them to include that code every time one of the editors posts to the website. Its been tricky just getting them to understand posting the articles with a read more.

I really need the plugin to handle this.

Any suggestion what I could try next?


Jun-13-18 01:08:11
og:image not being created - Joomla articles
Category: JFBConnect

Hi there.

Will I'm sure this should be simple, but for the life of me I just can't seem to figure it out.

The og:image tag is simply not being created.

Any thoughts on what steps I can try to get this to work?

An example article is http://www.theinformer.co.nz/feature/do … the-treats

Anyones help on this will be highly appreciated!


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