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NOthing ?

Any idea to help me??

Ok, its works, but now say:

Facebook detected that Entrance to the Actors Studio Theater does not use a secure connection to transfer information.
Until Login to the Actors Studio Theater does not update your security settings, you will not be able to use Facebook to log in.

Thanks, I delete the channel but say

The selected user has not granted the 'manage_pages' permission. Please have them login on the front-end of the site and accept the correct permission. If you have not gone through the app review process for these permissions, ensure your Facebook Application is in development mode.

how i can re asigned user?

I need your help.

The system say:


Aug-03-18 02:55:21
Category: JFBConnect

From yesterday that when entering my web this message appears to me.

Can not load the URL: The domain of this URL is not included in the domains of the application. In order to load this URL, add all the domains and subdomains of your application in the field "Application domains in the application settings"

From facebook.

Jul-16-18 15:36:46
Category: JFBConnect

Google send a maessage say detect various problem with my web...  and all problem the jfbconnect

See the picture.

Jun-08-18 15:21:35
Category: JFBConnect

Can you give me an example of what I have inside the article? I do not understand

Jun-07-18 17:47:37
Category: JFBConnect

It is possible to manually put in a post several buttons to share but in the same line?

It appears to me if I put

SCTwitterShare} SCFacebookLike}


and not


Excellent my friend!!!! Its my problem!!!! Its works!!!!!

I have other problem...

see the picture???

i edit theme.css delete iframe and add .sourcecoast iframe {
vertical-align: baseline;
} but not works....

I do not know what happens that everything appears to the right.
In any location that puts it.

http://www.actors-studio.org/web/textos … dadas.html

The comments

Facebook comments on Joomla do not work. A few days ago it worked ....

I have not touched anything and they have disappeared.

Not receiving admin notification of new comments or like. I use joomla

Any idea?

Is it possible disable the autologin in jfbconnect? I can not do it. I use share and comments but not user login.

Already did!   Thanks again.

Its works my friend!!! Thanks!!! Excellent SourceCoast plugin!!!

alzander wrote:

To add the social sharing buttons, we use the JFBCSocialShare module included with JFBConnect. On this site, it's configured with the following settings:
Layout: Button Count
Orientation: Horizontal
Position: Float
Padding: 5px 0 0 5px
Background Color: #fff
Float from Top: 3000
Float from Left: 3000

I hope that helps get you going, but if you need anything else, just let us know.



in url to share???

In what position...???

How to put the items to share floating?
As in this web

Mar-04-16 15:04:07
Category: JFBConnect

I add in theme.css the line:

.sourcecoast iframe {
vertical-align: baseline;


No works...

Mar-04-16 12:56:01
Category: JFBConnect

Thanks... No solutions?

I had not activated the plugin.

Thanks for your help!!!

Mar-03-16 23:46:23
Category: JFBConnect


Any idea why the icons not appear in same line? See the pictures please....


Thanks again.

I cant set jfbconnect... i buy the extension install but nothing... please helpme...


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