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Mar-01-18 11:33:41
Changed ID
Category: JFBConnect

Likes on www.tz-krk.hr webpage are also gone after upgrade from previous to latest version and doing autotune.
Recently we switched from nonssl into SSL but before upgrades we had 50ish likes and now only 1 - mine.
I tried to force all three: none, http or https in component settings
Any suggestions?


Your suggestion solved issue current/smile


I wonder, does JFBConnect have some internal setting or procedure how to retain FaceBook like and share count when SSL is activated?
At the moment when SSL is activated, count on all articles are lost because FB uses article URL and it changes from http into https
Latest Joomla, latest JFBC


My client noticed that on their page like counter was always zero, but it was counting OK on FB
So I investigated and noticed that it actually did counted, but only for English language because client shared English version.
Website is Croatian, translated in English by using Falang component.
So when visitors follows FB URL they see likes, but if (Croatian) visitor opens same URL from actual website menu, which is Croatian, they see less or no likes at all.

Croatian URL:
English URL:

1. Is there a way so that both translation share like counter?
Reason for that is because this is actually same content, just translated.

2. Is there a way to transfer likes from English to Croatian url?

3. Is there any common solution for cases where website is multilanguage?



Do you have suggestion how to force Croatian localization for FB buttons?

Take a look at this url:
http://www.trusty.hr/scena/knjige-i-med … -2014.html

In Firefox it is fully in English (as I have English FF version installed)
In IE its in both English and Croatian: Recommend and Share is in Croatian,
and text part is "bi-lingual: "Registriraj se / to see what your friends recommend."
I tried to add hr-HR in Facebook Language Locale Override setting in Facebook tab configuration, but it's still the same.
(I tried also other combinations: hr-HR hr-hr hr_hr hr_HR)

Website is in Croatian language only so I'd like that FB buttons stays Croatian as well

If I change Content button - Like > Verb to Display  setting into "Like", than in IE, all buttons and text are fully translated,
but in FF it still stays in English.

(Chrome have same behavior like IE)

In joomla language settings, Croatian is set as default for frontend, and only Croatian language is set in Language Manager: Content Languages.
Language tag for Croatian language is hr-HR

Joomla 3.3.1
JFBC 6.0.6.
RocketTheme template


May-20-14 03:16:12
Menu after update to new version 6.0.1
Category: JFBConnect


Until they add an option to remove this toolbar completely,
this could also be a temporary solution:

Just add this code in your template css file:

#social-toolbar {
    visibility: hidden; 

Hi Alex

This last suggestion works perfectly.
Now I can use jgrid (with ton of its javascript, lol) without problems.
Thanks a lot for your assistance.

Thread marked as "solved"



I tried your suggestion but it didn't work. I also tried to put menu id within quotes.

Than I tried to echo menu id by using all known ways to output Joomla current active menuid,
Most of them worked when adding code in template index.php file,
but not a single one when adding code in jfbcsystem.php plugin file in suggested line.
It seems that usual ways to call Joomla menu item id doesn't work in that part of plugin code.

Any other suggestion?



I've already sent you PM message with login and other details where you can see what's happening.



I already did that and I'm actually looking forward to see option for that in Component settings.
Problem still remains.

I've created PM for you with admin access so that you may take better look about issue.



Is it possible to disable loading "System - JFBCSystem" plugin on specified Joomla menu items?
I've found that code from it is interfering with jgrid component, and access to jgrid component is given only to users with special privileges - Super Admins.
On those Joomla menu items JFBConnect is not needed anyway.

Joomla 2.5.19
JFBConnect Version: 6.0.2



Im using JFBCLike  module to get likes for our homepage.
In module settings, URL to like = http://www.itgirl.hr/
When I open page source I can see this:
<meta property="og:url" content="http://www.itgirl.hr/?sbid=32"/>
sbid is id for shoutbox module category, which is located below JFBCLike module
Why does JFBCLike module add "?sbid=32" to og:url tag?
How to avoid interference with Shoutbox module?
I don't have aby SEF component installed.

How to add og:image tag to home page?
Facebook debug tool says that og:image tag is missing.

In our articles og:image tag is also missing.
When using faceBook debug tool, for example for this URL:
http://www.itgirl.hr/skin-and-glow/1857 … je-celulit
It says:
Like Button Tag Missing: og:image is missing. The og:image meta tag is necessary for Facebook to render a News Feed story that generates a high click-through rate.
But when clicking FB Pošalji (Send) button, I can see that first image from that article is shown.
To enable FB likes, I'm using Content plugin - like
For adding images, we're using JCE Editor
Any suggestions?

We are using jreviews to display our Joomla articles and

Joomla 2.5.9
JFBConnect Version: 5.0.0, all its modules and plugins updated


Jul-16-12 10:20:17
Sometimes FB window doesn't pull article description and image.
Category: JFBConnect

Hi Lazander.
You're the savior of my remain hairs current/smile
I always used FB debug tool only when creatin FB app and I didn't know that that tool also clears cache.
Which means that Ill need to bookmark it with my most common used bookmarks current/smile

Marking this thread as solved

Thanks again.


Jul-15-12 18:10:58
Sometimes FB window doesn't pull article description and image.
Category: JFBConnect

Please help or advice, I'm pulling my hair out.
When FB like or share buttons are clicked, sometimes FB window doesn't pull article description and image.
Instead default FB app thumb and text are shown.
For example, on this page all works OK, try to click FB send button (Pošalji)
http://www.itgirl.hr/style-and-glow/945 … van-flaska
As you can see in FB popup thumb and description are correctly taken from article.

But on this page
http://www.itgirl.hr/style-and-glow/940 … raneo-2012
Instead or article desc text and thumb, FB window shows default website title and app thumb. Although article URL is correctly taken in title.

What could be the cause which prevents FB from taking desired thumb and description?
Only difference is that article with this issue has Simple Image gallery pro in the bottom, included with {gallery} syntax.
I've tried to remove it but it still doesn't work.
In page source I can see that all needed FB meta tags are correctly rendered.
I tried to remove gallery, to remove images, to trim text, to remove table from text, but whatever I do, it doesn't work.

Crazy current/smile

Both articles are displayed via Jreviews
Latest Joomla 2.5, Jreviews and JFBConnect component and plugins.


I have same issue with JFBCLike module.
When Like or share is clicked, it opens FaceBook extra boxes inline in that module box and those are invisible and unacessible.
I'm using latest JFBCLike version Joomla 1.7.5 and rockettheme template powered with Gantry.

Please ignore this. I've solved issue with help from this thread:
http://www.sourcecoast.com/forums/jfbco … es-on-page


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