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Jan-07-16 05:08:43
Category: JFBConnect

Hi there. Happy new year

I have this website unikleen.gr and problem is the following.

When I click register button (top right) the register form has captcha

When i click Login then Register (Εγγραφή in greek) The for doesn't have captcha. This causes some spam subscribers.

How can I solve it?

How should I test these functions?

This is too sad.

No. I have no idea what is causing this. How is it possible to be resolved??

First of all thank you for accepting to open the thread once again

Can you test with the standard mod_login module? That's the built-in Joomla login module. If the logout issue happens with that, it indicates the problem is not related to JFBConnect.

I did test it

I have one module at url

Test pagehttp://www.inthessaloniki.com/en/pasta-flora-darling

I get the same error.

If it only happens with the SCLogin module, check the "Logout Redirection" setting configured in the module to make sure it's a proper menu item that should be redirected to.

I set as logout page the Home page but still

Hi. I am having an issue with facebook comments in rensponsive view.

For example in this url of my website


In desktop is ok as there is a fixed width 750 px.

How can I change the width for mobile version. ANd If this is not possible how can I disable comments for mobile devices?

Aug-08-14 07:28:09
Category: JFBConnect


You can see from the above pic how I add the tag.

I would have less questions if there was a manual for login and registraton from joomla.  I am really sorry,,

Hi. Thank you for the reply,

alzander wrote:

* Does this happen only when you are logged in with a social network, or does it happen when you login using standard Joomla credentials as well?

The issue comes in both ways.

alzander wrote:

* If you go to the JFBConnect -> Usermap area, that will check for any incorrect 'mappings' between social networks and Joomla accounts. It should try to auto-correct them as well. Please go there and see if any messages appear or if any of the rows don't look right (mainly, if they don't have any Joomla information about the user).

I couldn't see any error neither an auto correct button.

I found that topic but it didn't worked on me.

Are there any other suggestions to solve it?Hope yes.

Hi there.

I have the following issue.

When I log out from my website I get a 404 error page which says


My website is inthessaloniki.com

Hope you have a solution in mind

Regards konstantinos

Aug-01-14 08:09:56
Category: JFBConnect

Thank you for your fast and promt answers.

I did what you said. I have the tabs anywhere I want but I get " class="inputbox" />" under the sourcecoast tabs.

Check ths photo.

The link is

http://www.inthessaloniki.com/en/compon … gistration

Jul-31-14 15:31:57
Category: JFBConnect

Thank you for the quick answer but the registration social buttons don't appear i this form?

I have a file in phoca download files for registered users only. When I use the link to see that file I got linked in login page without register button. How can I get linked in register page?

http://www.inthessaloniki.com/en/compon … rs/click/5

Jul-31-14 10:49:14
Category: JFBConnect


There is an issue in my website

When I press the register button I am get linked in this url

http://www.inthessaloniki.com/en/compon … gistration

where the titles were empty. Name, email etc.

I installed seblod and the titles of the fields are ok but I lost register with social media buttons.

I changed the order of your plugin but still the same

It would be really easier if there were any manuals for all these.

I cannot see these messages at all (so I can chose what to change)

I do not know were this "InThessaloniki" came from overe the acount details. I want to display a message over there.
http://www.inthessaloniki.com/en/compon … gistration

and a message over here

http://www.inthessaloniki.com/en/compon … lkPTEzMTY=

alzander wrote:

* In the Joomla - Global Configuration area to setup the default captcha to use

I have enable recaptcha plug in and I selected recaptcha. (It is the only option) . There is no problem with face login like before

alzander wrote:

* In the User Manager - Options area, you can specify which captcha to use for registration.

I specified which captcha I want but after these I cannot see any captcha in registration form.

Thank you for your answers man.

Hi. How can I add - edit the title in registration form and how can I add description in registration form too?

Thank you very much for the assist. I have enable JFBconnect comment plgin instead of the old one.

How can I enable the Joomla's built-in captcha?

I can only see recaptcha feauture eve from joomla configuration.

Unfortunately none of these solved the issue? Just for your information I didn't make any of these changes. At first it was working.

Hi. At first it was working fine in desktop but not in mobile. Now facebook login doesn't work neither in desktop nor in mobile device.

The website is inthessaloniki.com

Jun-15-14 04:21:13
Category: JFBConnect

Is there any way to solve it?

Jun-14-14 09:57:05
Category: JFBConnect

How can I enable captcha?This option is on by k2 parameters but when I press Register from sclogin I cannot see any captcha.
I didn't have create a recaptcha account in google. sorry for the post

Jun-14-14 09:49:34
Category: JFBConnect

konpat wrote:

Hi Alex. I use Android mobile using the latest version (Kit KAt) and a chrome browser.

I tested in this website and it logged as it should. No problem at all.

Good news!Rearenging the order worked and the social tabs appeared.Thank you vey much.

Jun-10-14 16:54:18
Category: JFBConnect

Hi Alex. I use Android mobile using the latest version (Kit KAt) and a chrome browser.

I tested in this website and it logged as it should. No problem at all.

alzander wrote:

In the JFBConnect configuration area, there is a setting for "Integrate into Joomla Login". My guess is that it is already set to "Bottom" since the buttons are showing on your login page. Can you try changing that to "Top" or "Both" to see if it shows in the registration page? We'll help investigate more once we know how that setting changes the behavior.


That's right. It was set to "bottom". I tried the other two options but still nothing.

Well, that helped a lot. I had the registration users of. Now register is working but I haven't the buttons of log in using face,twit,g+ in the registration page. Which option is this?

Thank you once again!

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