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Feb-07-18 20:59:26
My Open Graph tags have stopped working.
Category: JFBConnect

Hi Alex

Thank you so much. I applied the latest update (7.2.4) and the issue is now resolved.

Jan-22-18 20:26:25
My Open Graph tags have stopped working.
Category: JFBConnect

Hi Alex, I set the “Meta Description” in the menu item (not the Article).
PS: Thank you so much for all you time so far.

Attached please find more info on how I set the meta description and intro image.


Jan-18-18 20:25:38
My Open Graph tags have stopped working.
Category: JFBConnect

My apologies; I read my change log incorrectly (feel like a real idiot). Let me give you the correct info:

On 03 Sep 2017 I updated Joomla from 3.7.3 to 3.7.5

On 30 Dec 2017 I updated Joomla from 3.7.5 to 3.8.3 and updated JFBConnect from 7.2.1 to 7.2.3

On capeoffun.co.za I have 100 pages, each page is a menu item pointing to a single article. The description I want Facebook to use, for a link to the page, I define in the “Meta Description” field of the Menu Item (I do this on every page). The image I want Facebook to use, for a link to a page, I define in the “Intro Image” field of the Article. I do this for every article.

Then under “JFBConnect > Social Meta > Objects” I set “Meta” for Description Type and “article intro image” for Image Type.

This worked really well, ever since I installed JFBConnect (Mar 2017). It worked on all 100 pages, whether I used them in a post on Facebook or tested them in the Facebook Sharing Debugger tool. The last time I used it successfully was when I did a Facebook post on 19 Nov 2017. The next time I tried to a do a Facebook post was 12 Jan 2018 and then discover Facebook uses the intro text in the article for description and the first image in the article for the image (this is on all 100 pages).

I then checked my other website (b2dstudios.co.za) also on 12 Jan 2018 and it was doing the same thing - also now not working correctly. Did the same updates on both websites on the same dates. The last time I successful posted on Facebook to a link on b2dstudios.co.za was 9 Dec 2017. On b2dstudios.co.za I don’t really use Pages I use articles in a kind of blog (under my “Galleries” page for example). For Facebook posts I don’t worry about the description but I use “JFBConnect > Social Meta > Objects” and I set the Image Type to “article intro image” to control what image I want Facebook to use.  But now that also uses the first image in the article, which is seldom desirable.

I must say it’s difficult to explain things in text writing. I hope I made sense.

Jan-17-18 19:47:09
My Open Graph tags have stopped working.
Category: JFBConnect

I have set the “Object Type set” as suggested (p.s. it was not set before and it worked.) I only have one open graph object.

I think I am going to uninstall and then install the extension again.

Is that a good idea and is there anything I should know before doing this?

To do this I plan to uninstall the following modules under joomla Extensions > Manage > Manage

Authentication - JFBConnect Social Integration
Content - JFBCContent
JFBC Social Share
System - JFBCSystem
User - JFBConnect Social Integration

I only use 2x JFBConnect features:
1) Social Meta > Objects (to control open graph tags for each page)
2) Social share buttons at the bottom of each page

PS: I use JFBConnect on another website for the same features and the same thing happened there (also stopped working after I did the same Joomla and JFBConnect updates).

Jan-14-18 22:22:05
My Open Graph tags have stopped working.
Category: JFBConnect

My website is http://capeoffun.co.za

I have about 100 pages, each setup with JFBConnect social share buttons which each seem to still be working. But if I use the share button on any page then it has wrong open graph tags.

Sometimes when I test a new page (with Facebook Sharing Debugger) it looks right but if I “scape again” then it is wrong from then after.  I have a similar result if I use my facebook share button then sometimes it works the first time, but if I do it again then it is wrong from then after.

Virtually all my open graph images have a blue border.

Attached is a doc with some screenshots and more info as requested.

Below are a few pages I have not tested yet, but you can test with any page



Jan-12-18 14:13:05
My Open Graph tags have stopped working.
Category: JFBConnect

My Open Graph tags (og:image og:description og:title) have stopped working.

I use “JFBConnect > Social Meta > Objects” to control these tags. I created an object and set it to “Meta” for Description and “article intro image” for Image. This worked for a long time but it recently stopped (it uses a different description and a different image).

I recently updated from Joomla 3.7.3 to 3.7.5 and updated JFBConnect 7.2.1 to 7.2.3. I suspect that this is when the Open Graph tags stopped working.

For testing I use Facebook Sharing Debugger and use the 'Scape Again' button. My “Open Graph - Content” plugin is enabled.

May-23-17 16:10:08
Number of social shares counter
Category: JFBConnect

Thank you very much. How do I close the support questions.

May-23-17 15:31:39
Number of social shares counter
Category: JFBConnect

Thanks Melissa

Is there a way I can see the count without changing the display options.

May-23-17 07:12:56
Number of social shares counter
Category: JFBConnect

I am using the social share buttons at the bottom of every page. I have used the layout style of “button” which means visitors do not see how many times a page has being shared (for now I think that looks best). I have a few questions:

1) Does it still count the number of shares?
2) Is there a way I can see the number of shares?
3) If I change the layout style to “box count” later on will it show the historical count number?
4) Going forward can I switch between “button” and “box count” (or any layout style) and not lose any historic counts.

Mar-21-17 04:40:51
Can we control the order of buttons with the Automatic Social Sharing feature.
Category: JFBConnect

I would prefer to have the Facebook buttons first on the left as I think they are the most important. I see the Facebook button (Like & Share) are slightly slower than the rest. I supposed that is why it is on the far right.

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