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Oct-09-13 15:28:32
Is it possible to retrieve/update of a member connections and post message to them using JLinked

Friendly bump...

Oct-08-13 06:44:12
Is it possible to retrieve/update of a member connections and post message to them using JLinked

Hi Alex,

I had to subscribe your product with an other account. For this reason I am continuing this thread with an other username.

First of all, thanks for your answer.

I have several other question:

alzander wrote:

To get a user's connections with that API is actually just a few lines of code you could implement like:


$profileLibrary = JLinkedProfileLibrary::getInstance();

$liUser = $profileLibrary->fetchProfile($liMemberId, array('connections'));
$connections = $liUser->get('connections');

where should these lines of code be included ?

I also need to record the facebook friends of a user when he register on the site. Which code has to be used to get an array of a user's friends and, again, where should I put it ?

alzander wrote:

- Post messages on his/her behalf to his/her 1st connections using the Post Network Update function of Linkedin

Posting a message, as above, is a few lines of code.

What I want to do is to post a message when submitting a form managed with the 'fabrik' component. With this extension, I can include some php code to be executed 'on form submit'.

Which code should I use to have access to JLinked library and to post a message using the 'Post Network Update' API ? (there is no developer doc such as the one of JFBConnect...)

alzander wrote:

However, you'd need to make sure you strictly adhere to LinkedIn's policies, specifically:

The user must be given a choice about whether to send the message. The user must opt into the messages being sent rather than opt out.

So, you can't just post on behalf of the user when joining your site or something else without them allowing/denying the message.

I am aware of this. I will probably include an 'opt in' checkbox in my form and the code to post the message will only be executed if the box is checked.

alzander wrote:

- Update his/her 1st level connections through the Linkedin's Get Network Updates API

We don't support the Get Network Updates API currently and this would take some work to add.

Can you at least give me some guidelines on how to proceed.

best regards.

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