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Oct-21-13 08:43:06
Facebook LIKE disappearing after few seconds. Auto TUNE gives us COM_JFBCONNECT_FB_API_ERROR(#100)


Today an admin reported that the when you click the LIKE button at the bottom of an article that it records your like.  However after a few seconds if you wait, the LIKE will disappear and its as if you never click like.

I ran AUTOTUNE and when i tried to apply the recommendations i get this error.

COM_JFBCONNECT_FB_API_ERROR(#100) Failed to update the application
COM_JFBCONNECT_FB_API_ERRORAn unknown error has occurred.

Here is our SITE
http://www.theonlinefisherman.com/how-t … topography

When I Turn on DeBugging I Get this.
Error Linting URL    An internal error occurred while linting the URL.

Please Let me know if you can help.  It was working fine and we have a heavily trafficked  site.

I just wanted to come back and say something was fixed I believe. The last few articles I've posted in the last day or two are all working just fine.

Thanks for the response Alex. It is still happening with new articles I am adding. The debug tool did make it work, but that's very strange and would obviously be a huge pain to have to do every time I post a new article. I haven't changed anything recently that I know of...let me talk with my partner and see if he's done anything. I will let you know. Thanks again

Hi, I have JFBConnect and have had it for about a year and it has always worked fine. Just two or three days ago that has changed. When I click the "like" button at the bottom of an article it flashes like it's going to work, but then goes back to normal and says, "Be the first of your friends to like this." It is happening on all articles, but here is just one of them...
http://www.theonlinefisherman.com/how-t … ork-floats

Please help

Apr-12-12 15:57:57
shar.es under article title on facebook

mtk wrote:

kamastudio wrote:

We're not using anything to shorten our links...does facebook do it by itself? And if so, how can I change that?

are you using ShareThis?


I guess we are...I'm sorry for the trouble. Hopefully they'll be able to resolve that issue soon. Thanks for the help!

Apr-12-12 11:42:34
shar.es under article title on facebook

We're not using anything to shorten our links...does facebook do it by itself? And if so, how can I change that?

Apr-12-12 09:53:27
shar.es under article title on facebook

I don't understand what that would have to do with anything...but I tested the links out that have "share.es" under the title and none of them had anything like that anywhere in the debug tool.

If you look on our facebook page, every single article that I post has that code under the title of the article...it's not something I'm putting in there...it's something facebook or jfbconnect is putting there for some reason


Apr-12-12 09:14:58
shar.es under article title on facebook

Hi, http://www.theonlinefisherman.com/
Version: 4.1.1
Thanks for replying so fast

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