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having a similar problem...

Hey there,
I purchased a jfbConnect and Invite license some time ago. Great stuff, especially with the new addition of the forcing registration.

I do like the one stop shop of JomSocial's FB connect, though.

Your inviter is awesome. Any chance at porting that to JS?

I took a look at the files and it looks pretty similar, but then again, I'm no coder.

I think you could sell quite a few units of a JS version of your inviter, especially right now as FBConnect is coming out in 1.2 Beta.

Strike while the iron's hot.

If you don't someone else will. It's just a matter of time.


not to be a buzzkill, but doesn't that kind of take away the FB connect aspect of it?

I mean you're essentially forcing registration.

Not that I mind it at all, but it kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

That being said, I'm ready to install it. lol

Good show guys!!!


Any word on this?

I'd like to have the Ajax login on my site.


Please include the fix for me.

I've disabled JFBC Login for the time being, as I have a problem with IE with it.

I'll be happy to enable it for testing purposes, but it's not set up as of now.


Me Too, posted about that earlier...

"sourcecoast":2mbu3ruo wrote:

I don't think Facebook lets you modify their login box.  Are you talking about the JFBCLogin module you'd want to open in a modal/otherbox?  Example sites where you've seen this always helps too current/big_smile

Yes the JFBCLogin...

I think I saw it on the Jackie Chan Fansite, but they're down for maintenance right now, can't be sure.

So, yeah, how do I pop it up modally or in lightbox?


I want to open my fbconnect login window modally or in highslide.

I've seen this on a couple of other sites, although it was a big buggy, not all the time in modal, and I've yet to see it in highslide.

Any help on this would be appreciated.


I have this error with IE - same situation - partner testing on ie.
Same error.

Fine on FF and safari - go figure...
Here's a link. Help me out, please?

<!-- m --><a class="post … - m -->

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