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Was able to use FB Messenger on the Galaxy S9+ using Chrome.
For the Samsung Internet browser, I turned off Popup Blocking and was able to use the Messenger, too.

No further problems, so far.

I'm still having problems using the messenger plugin on our website (vionicshoes.com.ph) and on the SC website. But now, I'm just being redirected back to the website; there's no Error message anymore.

I'm using a Samsung S9+

My friend can use the messenger plugin on her Note 10.


Do we have an update on the fix/solution for this bug/issue?

Thanks!  Please keep us posted.
Waiting for your resolution on the matter.

Clicking on the Messenger icon on the SourceCoast website from my phone also nets me the same FB Error screen.  The chat functionality works when viewing from on my laptop, though.

Viewing from a Samsung S9+, if that helps.


I'm able to use the chat on different browsers on my laptop, but I can't seem to access the website chat on my mobile.
The Facebook app on my phone opens, then I just get a blank  "Trouble Loading, Tap to Retry" page.

The target Facebook Page doesn't have location and age restrictions, and the same Facebook Page's ID is in the JFBConnect component.

I'm able to use the chat on different browsers on my laptop, but I can't seem to access the website chat on my mobile.
The Facebook app on my phone opens, then I just get a blank  "Trouble Loading, Tap to Retry" page.

The target FB Page doesn't have location and age restrictions.

I've successfully set up FB Messenger in our website (or so I thought) by following the setup instructions posted with the latest JFBConnect update.

However, it turns out that, after the FB Login prompt, some users get a "This Page isn't Available" FB error page, and clicking on the messenger on mobile only opens a "Trouble Loading" FB page.

Did I miss anything during setup/config?

Thanks for the clarification.

I've set up Open Graph in the JFBConnect component, but FB still shows the wrong image when pasting URLs or sharing pages from our site.
When inspecting the <head> elements of the page, the og:image metatag shows the proper/correct image file, though.

DId I miss anything during setup?

The Google+ login on our website is now returning Forbidden/Access Permission error: "You don't have permission to access /index.php on this server." when being redirected back from the Google login.  It was working before, and no changes were made from our Google and website settings.

Any help/ideas, please?

Will the FB Messenger integration be part of a JFBConnect update package?  Or will it be an additional component/plugin that would have to be downloaded separately?

Is there a way to change the default/built-in Share/Like buttons, and replace them with custom icons or FontAwesome icons?

How do we integrate Facebook Messenger on our website, similar to the chat popup feature here on the SC website?

Thanks for the quick response!
Everything works fine now.

I have an active JFBConnect account and subscription but AutoTune fails to complete, prompting that the account/subscription cannot be verified.
I've upgraded to the latest version of the component (on Joomla 3.9.8), and I'm still getting the same error.

Please advise on how to fix this.

Feb-27-19 08:01:18
Redirects to Login Screen instead of the specified URL
Category: JFBConnect

Need help with our site using JFBConnect.

Logging in via Facebook works fine; however, logging in via Google+ redirects back to the login screen instead of the intended target page (logged in User Account page) after choosing a Google account.  Also, the user/user account is not being registered/created in the backend.

We're using the same settings with another website we have running the same Hikashop and JFBConnect versions. ...but the error only happens in this site.

Hi, Alex.  Thanks for the reply.

I've disabled SEF on the website and turned on Debug Mode in the JFBConnect component, but I'm still not getting any error messages and still not being logged in. current/sad

However, updating Joomla to the latest version and updating JFBConnect to the current v8.0.1 seems to have worked on one of our test sites.  The other site, sadly, still has this Google+ error/issue.

We're using JFBConnect v8.0.3 with HikaShop on our website.  After implementing SSL on the website, we found that the Google login button doesn't work anymore (but the FB Login button alongside it works).  Both Google and FB Logins were working fine before implementing SSL.

We've updated the Google API settings to allow the new HTTPS addresses, as detailed in the JFBConnect setup/configuration instructions.  We just keep getting a "Please Login First" message.

Any help on the matter would be much appreciated.

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