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Oct-03-15 10:35:30
I'm not able to make Jomsocial push updates (and pick) to Facebook.
Category: JFBConnect

I've got login working flawlessly, although I'm not able to get updates coming/going to fb from jomsocial/jfconnect.

I've got Jomsocial profiles plugin installed and push/update options to "yes"

What I'm missing?


May-28-15 04:13:58
Can't log through them
Category: JFBConnect

Fixed it for windows life, but Yahoo now shos an invalid token error current/hmm

First point I'm sure it's done

Second not so sure, my fb app is oldie, does it need that review part? how I do it? will only admins be able to crosspost?

I don't know what's missing, but if I post in FB does not appear in my profile jomsocial, nor in reverse current/hmm

I have done all said in https://www.sourcecoast.com/jfbconnect/ … -jomsocial

Without success -_-

May-26-15 10:37:23
Can't log through them
Category: JFBConnect


I'm facing issues with Live and Yahoo logging.

Windows Live drops an error message when back on the site after logging in live and accepting permissions: We were unable to retrieve your WindowsLive account information. Please try again.

Yahoo directly states I don't have an SSL 0
SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate

Is it like amazon? only works on ssl?


Jul-16-14 08:14:08
Site using 2 domains
Category: JFBConnect


I'm building a personal site for me, on a part of it, I have a jomsocial installation for a bunch of friends and me, we had another site some time ago, and want to keep the domain for it.

So, plan is to have my site, and then jomsocial installation will be using both a subdomain and another domain.

There's no problem logging from the subdomain, but I get errors when doing it from the second domain, is it fixable somehow?


Aug-29-13 03:35:15
Error when configuring api
Category: JFBConnect

I keep getting it when clicking update, it only happens when editing javascript origins, I can configure URI without issues.

Product name:    Tradu.cat
Google account:    mymail
Home page URL:    http://tradu.cat

I have a temporary index.htm page, could it be affecting?

Aug-28-13 13:45:15
Error when configuring api
Category: JFBConnect

I receive this error when editing the client id settings

PostMessage Origin "http://tradu.cat/index.php?option=com_jfbconnect&task=authenticate.callback&provider=google" is invalid.
PostMessage Origin "http://www.tradu.cat/index.php?option=com_jfbconnect&task=authenticate.callback&provider=google" is invalid.

What now?

Same suggestion as always, add limited support for social login current/wink

I would suggest to make 2 versions of the module, the current free one, and another paid one with limited social login support, basic account creation and logni for everything (Fb, TW, G+, Lin) and then if you want the extra goodies (ograph, integration with community streams, details import...) pick JFBConnect/LinkedIN Connect

Not all sites do require all JFBC has to offer, and they could go with some more basic module (as they do already, sociallogin, axaj login&register...) you could have a cheap module that does same, that would make people "used" to using SCLogin current/smile

That's what I did, just reporting the update thing current/wink

I've got installed the SCLogin beta, j! detects there's an update for it, but when applied:

Translated from my language:

Invalid extension update

Before updating make sure the update is comaptible with your your joomla installation. If you update Joomla!, make sure the installed extensions are available for your Joomla! version

This is Native J!3.1 install current/wink


May-16-13 14:47:16
Were you aware?
Category: JFBConnect

I saw on the JS 3 admin panel now it offeres JFCB as an option! awesome!

We're you aware of it? it's a shared work? have you been contacted? (if you can answer of course)

It would be great if you're offering the integration directly ^^

Also, you know if Jlinked will be added too?

And on a side note? what about the twitter and g+ projects? I'm anxious!! current/wink

Keep the good work! Congratulations on the new site!

Sorry, my mistake, I meant google babble current/wink

Basically, unifing gtalk, g+messenger, hangouts, etc... becoming then the most powerful IM out there, in all devices, not just phones (whatsapp), and crowded on features (the problem gtalk had on phones...)

I foresee it as an inflection point if they manage to create hype on non geeky whatsapp users... (they failed to do so with G+...)

What I read about SCLogin sounds great current/smile I've always though with current login modules, why couldn't they make it have basic fb/tw/g+/lin login feature, but open to integration with sourcecoast and outher more powerful solutions if available... can I expect then the new login to be able to do this "basic" login in the other social services? current/smile

Awesome ^^

Your extensions problem is most of it's magic goes in the backend unnoticed by most users, SCLogin HAS to be your presentation card current/wink

This login/registry module is really awesome looking, I just hope to be albe to create similar stunning templates with SCLogin current/smile

BTW, any news on future twitter/google+ extensions?

Google is about to present hubble (or whatever it's called) and I expect a great resurrection on mobile terminals (although they arlready use it in all android ones current/wink)

Sourcecoast extensions are way better if building a community, due OATH actions, wall posting, etc... but this login module, IS SUPERB...

I just hope SCLogin can be as good as it in the future current/smile It's just that, an ajax login module that besides the good it is already for j! includes basic social login/registration (way better than joomlworks solutin as you can configure auto/manual registration allowing for username selection, etc...)

http://master.demo.offlajn.com/demo.htm … d_register

Mar-01-13 18:59:19
Not sure how to explain it...
Category: JFBConnect

Aparently, this fixed it current/smile have to test for a while more, but I just loaded the page and the connect button wasn't there anymore current/wink

Are you implementing it or should I go with overrides?

Feb-26-13 17:32:24
Not sure how to explain it...
Category: JFBConnect

Opps, sorry, I posted in the wrong thread :blush:

Anyway, result, jlinked works normally again, facebook button still missbehaves current/sad

I'm returning it to the "stock" code for next try current/wink

Feb-26-13 15:07:12
Haven't you missed a trick here?
Category: JFBConnect

Hacve you seen about the new Google+ connect button? current/wink
http://android-developers.blogspot.com. … -play.html

Feb-25-13 13:45:51
Not sure how to explain it...
Category: JFBConnect

Ok, so result with the new code is:

Facebook button still there

Now LinkedIn button is there also current/wink

Feb-25-13 09:30:09
Not sure how to explain it...
Category: JFBConnect

Wouldn't better then if not logged in Facebook, for those actions to load a pup when trying to use them urging to login to use?  Maybe grey them and popular saying you must be logged,  dunno...  I see it confusing otherwise,  I will still not be able to use them,  but can not notice why... Or if you don't use likes, comments, etc plugins you're doing an unnecessary check don't you think?

Feb-25-13 09:21:28
Not sure how to explain it...
Category: JFBConnect

Ok,  I'll try it tonight when I make it home. current/wink

In fact,  I see it as in improvement rather than a bug fix,  I think it 's the correct approach,  if I' m logged out not should have no relevance for connecting again or not. Also you do one less check current/wink

Feb-24-13 05:10:19
Not sure how to explain it...
Category: JFBConnect

alzander wrote:

Can you let me know:
* What browser you're using?
* Try with another FB user and see if you have the same problem.
* Does this happen on every page that you login from, or just specific ones.
* Can you try switching your template to a Joomla-standard one and try again?

1.- Chrome
2- as the site is offline I have just logged from OFFLINE page current/tongue
3- Tried with protostar in the video with same result current/wink

Feb-24-13 03:39:32
Not sure how to explain it...
Category: JFBConnect

I'm gonna try recording a video as I just opened the site, and jy JConnect button is there current/wink

Gimme some minutes

Feb-23-13 12:10:55
Not sure how to explain it...
Category: JFBConnect

alzander wrote:

lease test again for the cConnect button showing after you login with Facebook. We were testing on the JomSocial home page with the site Online. We'll look into a modification of the SCLogin module to hide the connect button if the user has ever connected, regardless of if they're logged into Facebook at that moment.

I already tried it, when I login through facebook, the button does not appear current/smile

BUT, if after that login, I ctrl+r the page, it reappears current/sad

Feb-23-13 04:18:10
Not sure how to explain it...
Category: JFBConnect

alzander wrote:

Can you send us details of the site so we can see what's happening on the front-end? If possible, super admin credentials would help as well to check how you have things configured.

Could you give a look? current/wink

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