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I have the same issue with FB Messenger and also with FB login on mobile (Android). Both work fine on desktop - but just give error screen on mobile.

https://tributize.com is my url

Aug-10-18 06:00:33
Facebook login error
Category: JFBConnect

Hi Alex
I deleted the existing (unpublished) Facebook channel after upgrading to 8.0

For me the scope review section just shows the 'email' see attachment.

I now recreated a Facebook  channel and then tried publishing it and unpublishing it but still get the error..


Aug-08-18 14:15:34
Facebook login error
Category: JFBConnect

I have this error when using Facebook login:
Invalid Scopes: publish_actions. This message is only shown to developers. Users of your app will ignore these permissions if present. Please read the documentation for valid permissions at: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/fa … ermissions

I am using JFBConnect with JomSocial and am getting the error above. I have deleted the channels (although they were not published) but still get this error.. This is the error url:
https://www.facebook.com/dialog/oauth?c … sh_actions

(domain name anonymised with xxx.com)

Can you help me?

Feb-20-17 07:15:03
How can I add the buttons to the top of the screen
Category: JFBConnect

Many thanks - that is perfect. I copied the block of code and now have buttons at the top and bottom of the form.

Feb-17-17 08:37:31
How can I add the buttons to the top of the screen
Category: JFBConnect

I use the JomSocial registration screen with the JFBConnect buttons which appear below the registration fields. I would like to add the buttons above the registration fields (using the {JFBCLogin} tag as I am sure that many visitors only see them at the end, or don't know that the buttons can be used for registration.
Can you tell me how to do that? or is there another solution? Many thanks

Feb-02-17 02:45:47
Error message in server logs seems to be related to Facebook login
Category: JFBConnect

When I check the error logs on my server I see the message "CSRF state token does not match one provided."

I use JFBConnect to manage my Facebook registrations / logins and it works very well, but is there any way to fix this error? or to find the source? I wonder if I have set something up incorrectly?

Many thanks in advance


Jan-26-17 03:24:09
How can I get the Image tag set correctly?
Category: JFBConnect

When I try to share content from my site on Twitter, the image is never loaded. The reason is that the Twitter Image tag is missing. How can I modify the view.php for the page generating component so that JFBConnect sets the image tag correctly?

An example is the page below. The meta description is fine but the image is not..


Many thanks in advance!


Jan-26-17 03:02:20
Is it possible to link to the new 'location' field in JomSocial?
Category: JFBConnect

Hi Melissa

It seems that the location field is a new 'type'. See attached screenshot.



Jan-23-17 09:44:48
Is it possible to link to the new 'location' field in JomSocial?
Category: JFBConnect

First, I absolutely love JFBConnect. It is brilliant!

I am now running JomSocial 4.3 which has a new location feature so that members can see who is near them etc. Normally this uses a new 'location' field which has been introduced.

My question is whether it is possible to link the Facebook location field to the new JomSocial location field? It seems that somehow I am getting a default location for users registered via JFBConnect (from Facebook and Google+) but it does not seem to be the correct location, and I have no way to map the FB location fields (for example) to the new JomSocial field.

Best wishes

Dec-07-15 09:09:40
How do I configure / remove fields from registration form?
Category: JFBConnect

Hi, I hope that you can help me. As I understand, the registration form is controlled by the JFBConnect plugin / configuration. Is that correct? and if so, how do I remove the fields so that the registration process is simplified? I just want to ask new users for one or two fields and then they are registered. Or is that configured in JomSocial or Joomla somewhere?

Many thanks for your help


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