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This is not a bug, but it is very uncomfortable for users.

When a user clicks the button "login with Facebook" on my site, he needs to fill username and password.

Below those fields he sees his profile type selection dropdown list, that is Model by default on my site. But in the case that user wants to change his profile type to another - the page reloads, and the user has to enter his data again.

Is there any way:
1. Either to not reload the page in case if the profile type was changed (as fields are rthe same for all profile types)
2. Or at least display the JomSocial selection listbox above the other fields, but not below them?

You can see the example of what I'm talking about on my site, http://topmodelgroup.com/en/component/c … article/89 , the login button is located in the article below the text "login with your Facebook account"

One more error in the log for the same action (cook recipe) (I have logged in with another Facebook user):

An active access token must be used to query information about the current user.

So we have 3 various error types for the same action, I see no system there.

Yes, it was the reason! It works now.

If you could also assist with my OpenGraph problems here - I will finally be sure that your component and support are the best that I have ever met, and I will talk about this to everyone  current/cool

I have also tried to create an OpenGraph object and action for JomSocial Photo Upload  as described here.

But with no success as well. It does nothing - neither sends message about photo upload to the activity log , nor even post error message to JFBConnect: Open Graph - Activity Log

It appears that the entire open graph support is not working. Or I am missing something important (I did my best to follow instructions from your documentation step by step).

Maybe you have any ideas abouthow to fix this according to your previous experience, I see similar problems in other forum threads.

It is displaying another error for the same thing now (I changed nothing): (#100) Only one of reference objects can be specified for type topmodelgroup:cook.

I see now, that the problem is related not to Firefox, but to Facebook account.

While JFBConnect works fine for my main account, it displays this blank window for my second "test" account. I can give you the login email and password for this Facebook account if this can help fix the problem.

I have set up the "cook recipe" exactly as described in your documentation.

I have set a specific article category, so when the user reads this article for 20 seconds, it should be posted in his timeline that he "cooks recipe"

However I see this error in JFBConnect: Open Graph - Activity Log : (#100) At least one reference object must be specified.

What can this mean?

I have added the login button to this page . You can see it in the "It is as easy as 1-2-3:" paragraph.

It works in IE and Chrome, however when I;m trying to press it in Firefox, I see just a blank popup window (see screenshot attached).

What should I do?


Solved it myself by adding 777 to libraries folder as well.

Thank you!

UPDATE: I have already solved it myself  current/cool

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