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May-26-14 02:09:29
Does jfbconnect.js have to load in the head or can we put it at the end of the page?

Thanks a lot Alex. Your support has always been great and much appreciated  current/cool

May-25-14 06:17:39
Does jfbconnect.js have to load in the head or can we put it at the end of the page?

Thanks! I will give it a shot.

I've been looking all over the code though and can't seem to find out where the code is that injects the jfbconnect.js file into the Joomla Document / head - could you point me toward the right file(s) please?

Thanks! Have a good night current/big_smile

May-20-14 05:15:44
Does jfbconnect.js have to load in the head or can we put it at the end of the page?

Hey JFBC'ers
I've been working on our Google PageSpeed and it keeps on yapping at me about the jfbconnect.js file being in the <head> because it is a render-blocking JS.

Can I try to set things so that the jfbconnect.js is loaded at the bottom of the page?

Thanks a bunch


Mar-29-13 03:46:50
Site has outgrown J1.5, need to rebuild it without a CMS underneath

Hey guys,
So this isnt entirely specific to JFBConnect, but since I have JFBConnect integrated it sort of does.

I built a large site off of J1.5 as a custom component. It's about time that we scrap J1.5 and just turn the custom component into something more standalone.

Another "section" of the site is based off backbone.js and we have FB authentication on it and so I'm definitely looking at going that route, but that may be more work than I have time for atm. Really the only thing keeping us attached to J1.5 atm is the user authentication I'd say.

Could you guys provide any thoughts or recommendations on what you might do if you were me? You guys are much more experienced with user authentication and having a native user auth / fb auth combo and I'd reallllyyy appreciate some direction.

Thanks for any input you can provide, I've really appreciated the quality and thought you guys have put into JFBC and your customer support.


Mar-29-13 03:39:25
Implications if I change the code to make email addr default username?

The descriptions says it all really -

On this site I'm working on atm, I've changed the com_user component so that when people register, then their username is just the same as their email address ( I think this simplifies things a lot, they're never prompted for creating a username ).

Anyways, I have jfbconnect on another of my sites and I'd like to implement it on this one and I was wondering if you can foresee any implications with me making the very few modifications necessary to set the username to be the persons email address instead of the few options that jfbconnect offers


Jul-29-12 10:31:04
Functionality aside from canvas' to display content after user "Likes"

hey folks,
Most of the content on our page is totally public but we wanted to have a couple of features 'unlockable' via the user "Liking" the page. I know there is a way to do this with "Canvas Pages" on Facebook, but can we configure or hack things together so that content on various pages of our site is only visible once the user has "Liked" the page?

That would be really awesome and helpful


Jul-08-12 10:29:51
Status update isn't being made even when permission given

Hey folks,
For some reason the status updates aren't being published to the walls of users logging in with facebook for the first time (first time ever and first time with fb account). I have all 3 of the fields filled in on the tab for new registrations. No fields filled in for the returning users cause we don't want that update. And I have user_status, publish_stream in the other configuration tab.

The logging in and all of that works just fine so I'm assuming that my Facebook IDs and all that are just fine.

Any tips or thoughts?


Jun-15-12 22:41:40
Still a bit confused - on Normal vs Automatic

Gotcha, got the account up and running ;-)

Ahh, so can you run a completely normal registration page in addition to the auto one? For the people who don't have Facebooks or don't want to register with it?

So scenario 1 would be: the user just enters their regular ol' email address, username, password, etc to create an account.
Or alternatively they could go with Scenario 2 and log in with FB / approve the app in which it will create them a user account.

I've been on a pretty solidly long coding binge so I could most definitely be missing something.
Ideally the page I'm trying to create is divided into two sides - one side of the page where they can log into their existing account via the regular log in or by clicking the "Login with Facebook" and then another side of the page where they can create an account by means of the standard Joomla process (Scenario 1 above) or create an account using their Facebook info.


Jun-15-12 19:21:59
Still a bit confused - on Normal vs Automatic

Most definitely, I'd be more than happy to. You guys provide some incredible support I must say.

I went to the Joomla Extensions directory and it said I couldn't log in hmm.. Do you know if their Extensions Directory is a different user system than their forum etc? Seems a bit funny.. if so I can make an account for it.

Do you know if it is possible to provide both options for registering? It would be great if users could either register the quick way by logging in with FB and having it create a username / pw automatically or be able to just register the good old way. I'm trying to see if I can throw together some sort of module that does it but I'm not sure if it is worth the effort etc..

Cheers & I'll let you know how Ext. Directory User Accnt thing goes ;-)

Jun-15-12 14:43:22
Still a bit confused - on Normal vs Automatic

Spot on as always ;-) Thanks Alex

Jun-15-12 14:04:12
Subscription just ended and I can't access the setup docs

And just a random tidbit - regarding the demo page linked to for Autoregistration vs Normal registration ( http://demo.sourcecoast.com/ ) looks like it has a screenshot of JFBCLogin still instead of SCLogin. Probably still helpful though for people using JFBCLogin I suppose. Just a heads up ;-)

Jun-15-12 14:01:18
Subscription just ended and I can't access the setup docs

I understand, I think it definitely makes sense.

The beginning section of each page in the documentation can be a bit confusing because it says that you need a subscription to see the rest but in fact 'the rest' is visible heh ;-) But its pretty solid documentation to cover a fairly complex range of scenarios

Jun-15-12 13:39:30
Still a bit confused - on Normal vs Automatic

Hey again,
Regarding the Normal vs Automatic Registration. I tried both demos suggested and they seem very similar.

Normal Registration- when new users register to your site, they will be presented with the 'Quick Registration' page which asks for their username, password, and email address. Once entered, they will have a fully-functional Joomla username that they can use to access the site OR they can return and log in with their Facebook credentials by using the blue Facebook connect button. This setting is enabled on our JFBConnect demo site, which you can test at: http://demo.sourcecoast.com/

So I understand this is just the basic registration page. But it displays the "Login with Facebook" button still (under the login area but not on the registration area as expected), so I tested out the "Logging in with Facebook" button (my accounts are not linked, so it shouldn't map anything etc, it should just think I'm a new person) and then it pops with another Facebook dialogue asking for my permissions bla bla blah. So with Normal Registration, would someone still be able to register by clicking the "Login with Facebook" button before getting to the registration page?

And on the flip side of the coin, looking at the Automatic Registration demo (sourcecoast.com). If you click on "register for this site", then you have almost the same situation as in the above example where you can click the login button or do a basic registration.

Sorry, I could be totally missing something and it probably really isn't that important, I'm just trying to wrap my head around all this to figure out the ideal registration processs ;-)

Thanks SC


Jun-15-12 12:03:24
Subscription just ended and I can't access the setup docs

Thanks a lot alzander! I got everything set up and it's looking great!

Jun-15-12 11:45:43
Can't seem to find where in my custom template to edit button position

Hey SourceCoasters,
I've been thoroughly enjoying customizing my JFBConnect and am running into an odd spot that I can't seem to get to the bottom of.

I have a custom user login page (template/mytemplate/html/com_user/login/default_login.php) for the page that displays when the user hits a restricted page and prompts them to log in. It is displaying normally - almost. Everything is there as normal just as I coded in my template file (some blurbs and the Joomla login with lost username / lost pw links) but then (as expected based on reading JFB) the Login with Facebook button is also there below. My issue is that I can't figure out where the Login with Facebook button is coming from. It is below the last lines of code from default_login.php so it isn't coming from there and I swear I've looked in every other file. Could anyone point me towards where this is being inserted so I can re-design the page layout and put it somewhere more suitable? It would be greatly appreciated :-)

Also, I found the jfbconnect loginregister view but I don't see where it would be displayed? Am I missing something here heh?

Thanks a ton

Jun-07-12 17:57:45
Joomla didn't say the directory where it couldn't create folder

Hey SCer's,
I was just upgrading my JFBC and after trying to install it a few times (just having to change directory permissions etc and repeat) I've got everything to install just fine except the SourceCoast Social Library.

Could anyone point me in the direction of where the SourceCoast Social Library is installed to so I can set the permissions and allow it to create the folder or so I can put the file in manually?


PS. It may be solved in 4.2 (I haven't been able to check yet) but in 4.0, it said that I didn't have community builder installed but in fact I did. Does something need to be enabled or do I need the JFBC CB Plugin in order for it to actually detect CB?

Jun-01-12 19:17:36
Subscription just ended and I can't access the setup docs

Hey Sourcecoasters,
Unfortunately I was away when I received the email that my Sourcecoast subscription was about to run out. :-/ Consequently, I can't access the setup docs now to install the plugin and sadly I didn't get to download the latest version (4.2 instead of 4.0) before my subscription ran out.

Would it be possible to briefly gain access to these again? I purchased the plugin quite some time ago but am just now able to get around to installing it.

Thanks a lot for the great plugin guys (and the kind support with my previous forum questions)


Feb-03-12 18:17:33
Passively user accounts upon visitor interaction, fill details later

Thanks a lot Alex, your ramblings were actually very helpful ;-)

I think we have a way to track users fairly well, even over a bit of time, so I will look into creating the blank accounts and let you know how things go!


Feb-01-12 22:26:41
Passively user accounts upon visitor interaction, fill details later

Hey Sourcecoast,

We have a custom component and users can do some things like vote on stuff. However, we'd like visitors to be able to use the site too and have the option to do a full registration later.

So when a visitor actually interacts with the site, we'd like to create an empty account for them and log them in so we can associate a userid with their actions. Then, if the user decides to actually register later on via JFBConnect or the regular registration, we can populate the rest of the user fields as normal.

Since JFBConnect will be integral for registering to populate the rest of the user details, I thought I'd ask you all about this first. Is this something you might be able to help me with?

Thank you very much

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