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I just upgraded to the latest jomsocial and this is happening to me too...

Same error - no character issue, doesn't matter where the login module is redirecting to. I get the 500 error when I click the connect button. Site:


Any ideas on the problem? Thanks!

Thanks, I should have read the instructions you already posted in the sticky thread. My bad! Installed the update last night and so far, so good!

OK, so just the usual then, uninstall JFBConnect component, install the new one, and it should retain all of my preferences, api keys, user map, etc? Thanks!

I also installed that new version of JFBLogin a few days ago, do you have any advice on upgrading the component so I don't override those changes? Thanks!

Haha well you never can think of everything, that's why you have us! Thanks for looking into it. I think I notice it most because I am on the site constantly, but a couple users did notice as well. Thanks again...

Looks like I missed the update somehow, will install it and keep you posted. Thanks for the response!

update -

since last night I have gotten 30 more unknown.unknowns... up to 80 or so now. What to do?

Sorry to start a new post, but I wanted to see if this issue is happening to anybody else. It is rapidly spiraling out of control! I am getting a ton of users created with the username unknown.unknown_random number, and need to know what to do with them.

Original post -


Since that post a few hours ago, when I had thirty users with the username unknown.unkown, have gotten 20 new users all with the username unknown.unknown ! What is going on? I am still getting proper user mapping for some users, so I know that the component has been partially working. I am also having no problems accessing my own account with facebook connect. Is this a spam issue? I just need to know what to do, delete these users or try to get some information from them. Please help!

My site is [url:b8nsbsed]http://www.rugbyunited.com[/url:b8nsbsed]

Thanks, sorry for the hassle.

Thanks for the help!

I swapped out the helper and xml into my module, and it seems that I am having the same issue still.

Whenever you actually click "connect with facebook" , you are not redirected (perfect).

However, whenever you are logged into facebook, even if you closed the FF tab that facebook was in without logging out, then click any link to a page on my site (for example from a newsletter), you are still redirected to the home page! This basically makes my newsletter worthless current/sad

Try it yourself!

First, make sure you are logged into facebook to an account already connected to my site (sourcecoast, I think you made one already). Then, click this link, for example:


You will be redirected to the homepage and told that you were logged back in with your facebook credentials. In the world of never logging off on your own computer (why should you?) this is a big issue.

This also happens whenever your session expires on my site. Say you go to my site, navigate around for a bit, then go eat dinner. When you come back, you click any link (except "home" for illustration), and you are redirected to the home page, saying that you were logged back in with your facebook credentials.

Any ideas? Thanks sourcecoast!

I am getting the same error... I have 30 users set to "unkown.unknown_random number" for their username, and it seems to be growing at an alarming rate... Please help! Have you made any headway into solving this issue?

I assume that there is no way to contact these users because they will never again be able to log into this joomla account to check their private messages, nor will they ever get notifications of these messages via email.


I have set all of my stuff up on facebook correctly, but still do not see the callback url on the overview page either. Any ideas?


this is built right into the component.

go to the JFB Connect component configuration and notice the "New User Redirection" parameter. Set this to something along the lines of:


Notice that i have attached an itemid to mine. In order to do that, i first created a menu item on a hidden menu that goes to user-user form. I then copied the link to this menu item and pasted it into the new user redirection box. This way, I was able to publish a module right above the user form that says "welcome facebook user... please set your email so you get wall posts and message notifications, etc...". The only time people can get to this page is after they first login using facebook connect. After all other logins they are redirected to the normal page set in the jfblogin module. I have a different menu item for users to change their passoword, email, timezone, etc, which links to the user form but with a different itemid, meaning they don't see the welcome message.

Hope this helps,


I am still unable to successfully get invitations working. Everything works just fine, but users will still "ignore" when clicking the confirm button. Where exactly do we set the "invite action url"? Is that on facebook?  I see a "post invite acton url" in your module parameters, but from reading the documentation on facebook, it looks like this is the place the the inviter is sent to after inviting a user (like back to the invite page to invite more, or to a thanks page, etc.).

Nevermind, while writing this I decided to do some testing and found the solution.

The way to fix my problem is to add the url I want to direct facebook invitees to upon confirming my application to the "invite content url" field of the module parameters. Perhaps a simple update to the tooltip for this parameter would prevent this issue for other users (unless it was only me  <!-- s:oops: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_redface.gif" alt=":oops:" title="Embarrassed" /><!-- s:oops: --> ). Please consider changing it.

Currently it states : "this is the url that is used for the button in the invite content", which I thought was for adding your own button/logo for confirming the invitation, like "/images/websitelogo.png".

Perhaps is should state: "this is where invitees are directed from facebook when they confirm invitations", which is harder to confuse.

Sorry for being thick, and thanks for the help.

Hey, it seems like you guys have at least got the invite module working part of the time, so maybe you can help me out.

I have the invite module working good (no sefs), and can send invitation just fine. However, when the users clicks the button to confirm, it always says "you have just ignored..." and nothing happens. Do you have any ideas on what to do?


I have a related issue that I am starting to notice, which is in my mind a huge problem:

Say a user creates an account on my site using facebook connect, plays around, but never logs out (pretty common on your own computer, where you don't really ever want to log out). They also don't ever log out on facebook either. The next day, i send them a newsletter with links to my recent articles. The first link they click takes them to the article but then immediately redirects them to the home page, telling them that they were successfully logged back in using their facebook credentials. They never see the article!

This setup effectively makes any external links to my site to any page other than the homepage pointless for users who registered with facebook connect. I have not tried it out, but I would imagine that similar issues exist for message notifications, friend requests, etc. Any ideas?


Hellome is a module that comes with jomsocial. people usually set it to show up when you log in. It has a setting to show your avatar and karma points, and also includes links to your profile, log out, inbox, friend requests, etc. I have it set up on my site <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.rugbyUNITED.com">www.rugbyUNITED.com</a><!-- w -->. Log in with facebook connect and a module called "my quick links" will show up above it. Try clicking the logout link and you will see what happens.

How about that javascript call?  current/big_smile


BTW, you might want to add a note to your jomsocial users, because the hellome module has its own logout link too... Other will encounter the same problem as myself.

Ok, but i have encountered a problem with having the two modules published at the same time, it white-screens my site. They only way i managed to get it to allow me to have the module assigned to two different positions was to use metamod to hide one or the other.

I am pretty good with HTML and CSS, but not javascript. Could you provide a sample javascript call i would put into a module? Thanks!

Sounds good, thanks!

Hi, thanks again for the help.

I have two homepages, one for guests and one that registered users are directed to using ninja redirect. i have links that show up when you are registered (one in hellome and one in a custom html module) to logout using the normal joomla logout url: index.php?option=com_user&task=logout&return=Lw

However, when you click one of these links, it immediately logs you back in and redirects back to the registered user home page, giving you the standard "you have been successfully logged back in using your facebook credentials" message. Using the logout button in the jfblogin module does work though, giving the popup box saying that you are logging out of facebook too, and redirecting you back to the guest's home page. When users log in using their normal joomla username and password, my logout links work just fine as well.

So my question is this: Is there any way that you can call the function to logout of both facebook and joomla with html in other modules? The only other option would be to remove all of the logout links and use only the one if the facebook connect module.


I agree, there should be an option for no redirect. Having to go back and find the page you were at when you decided to login is a huge pain.

Hi, do we need to purchase a license for every domain we want to install jfbconnect and associated modules on? Or can we install it on multiple sites that we own? (preferred answer current/big_smile) I couldn't find the license agreement anywhere. Thanks!

I think that that wasn't the problem. I had been messing with my facebook application experimenting with the canvas page function. I started over, swapped the api and secret keys in the component, and it worked again.

BTW, what happens when you change the application? Do your users have to merge accounts again?


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