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I take it back,

I re-install the jfb component and I can the plugin is finally there current/wink


Dear Alex,

there is no Social Profiles - EasySocial plugin I have only those plugins:
Social Profiles - Joomla
Social Profiles - JomSocial
Social Profiles - Custom DB

Maybe because of that I can't see "the "Registration Component" in the Configuration -> General area."

Thanks a lot


I'm trying to setup the JFB with EasySocial, however, I can't find how - I find video - http://vimeo.com/80285333 - which shows the page on 1min but I can't find the same page in JFB current/sad

Please, where is it?
Thank you

Jan-12-14 03:33:26
Topic: Renew
Category: JFBConnect

please, is there any renew discount? It doesn't show in my profile after I click on Renew...
Thanks a lot


just wondering if the Avatar from Facebook can be uploaded to the Core Joomla Profile registration or I always have to use Jomsocial or other component.
What plugins should be published please?
Thank you

I would like to use my own modules on Jomsocial homepage including the mod_jfbclogin.
However, the mod_jfbclogin doesn't show there at all! current/sad It does show on other pages, so I suggest it's something under Jomsocial what is disabeling the other Login module!

Any ideas please?
Thank you very much!

Thanks Alex!


excuse me, what I can't see is the way user could get for example two userpoints (jomsocial) for each invitation.
Is it possible?
Thank you!

I'm just about to open my site and I found that if I use the JFB to lofig trough Facebook I still have login to Jomsocial!
Am I right? Or am I doing something wrong?


Hehe, I have it already! current/smile I just didn't have time to use it jet!
But, as I understand even you could see benefit of it so I think I'll buy it too? Or did I misunderstand something?
Thanks current/smile

Dear JFB developers,
I know you recently released new JFBcontent-login... etc...
I'm going to install it today, I know the previous version had problems with the emails and the "FBc @unknown.com plugin" seems to be quite helpful...
more on:
1       Years       Kumbooka Small Ball FBc @unknown.com plugin
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://gaboinked.com/index.php?option=com_jcs&view=jcs&layout=form&Itemid=77">http://gaboinked.com/index.php?option=c ... &Itemid=77</a><!-- m -->

The question is, is that function now available with your core JFB???
Or should I buy it too?

Thank you!!!!!
Regards current/smile

Great, Great, Great news!
I'm really happy you said that! I was afraid you would leave it as it is! I also believe they should more concentrate in the communities (mean JS+CB) it self!
Thank you and please keep updating about new stuff current/smile

Wish you all the best!
If you need any help with design - front-end developing or even a hosting let me know!

Regards current/smile

I have bought your jfb components over a month ago. I didn't have time to tested, but I notice that JomSocial built one for them self!
Before I finally install your component, could you insure me please that you will keep working hard on this? Or are you canceling the development?

+ To who.. who knows how this and jomsocial Facebook content component works - what is better?
Thank you very much for your answers!

I have this error Notice under jFBCLogin: Trying to get property of non-object in /var/www/vhosts/site.com/httpdocs/modules/mod_jfbclogin/helper.php on line 29

Any idea what is wrong?

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