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Jan-15-18 10:06:32
align on the same line
Category: JFBConnect


Our Facebook button is not on the same line as the other buttons. Not sure why this is... See attached.
Can you please assist?



Nov-16-17 14:52:02
Category: JFBConnect


Our social buttons are not aligned at the bottom of the articles... It is taking up two rows, which would also be okay if they were then aligned to the left.

Prefer that they sit nicely in a single row though...

See attached



Hi Melissa, See PM.

We are again experiencing the same issue from before, see this post: https://www.sourcecoast.com/forums/jfbc … fbconnect.

I get this error after updating to Joomla 3.7.1:

"1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1"

I checked this with Alejandro at jReviews and he provided the following details:

[file] => /srv/users/serverpilot/apps/opgroeigids/public/libraries/sourcecoast/openGraphPlugin.php
[line] => 82
[function] => findObjectType
[class] => plgOpenGraphConten

The problem, I believe, is the same as before. The findObjectType method is receiving the following array $queryVars with this data:

Array ( [Itemid] => 518 [option] => com_content [view] => category [id] => 0 [catid] => 147 ) Array ( [Itemid] => 518 [option] => com_content [view] => category [id] => 0 [catid] => 147 )

The listing ID is passed as 0 which then creates the query error.

Could you please assist urgently?


May-18-17 14:53:46
How to best use og functionality
Category: JFBConnect

Hi Melissa,

Thanks for the info.

1) I have plugins enabled.
2) I have configured some of those 'Objects'
3) Would prefer not to do this as yet.

Now, could you possibly help us by taking a look at our configuration on our site? Could I send you further details by message?


May-18-17 08:58:34
How to best use og functionality
Category: JFBConnect


I am trying to figure out what is the easiest and best way to set Open Graph info for articles and Categories so to best display when links are shared via Social Media, etc.

We would like to fine tune or set specific image and text for specific pages. Or set it up globally in JFBC so that when we create a new category or article that the link OpenGraph info would be unique to the link that is shared. Of course it could use the site default info for any that has not been individually fine tuned or set yet.

Currently I get this message on a number of pages when debugging with Facebook tool:
Inferred Property
The 'og:image' property should be explicitly provided, even if a value can be inferred from other tags.

I also see the same image for various pages when sharing a links in WhatsApp.

Any help on getting the most out of this would be awesome.



Hi, Any update on these issues with jReviews? I have not yet had any further updates... Thanks, Andrew

Hi Alex,

The issue is exactly the same as it was before. It goes away only when we disable both jReviews and Content plugins.

We experienced no other issues during our testing before. Our site has EasySocial, EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss, jReviews as primary components.

I look forward to receiving a fix as soon as possible. ;-)


Hi @Melissa,

We are a little confused here... As far as we knew the OpenGraph Plugin issues with JReviews were resolved after the changes you made. We tested it and it was working perfectly.

However, after doing the latest update to JFBConnect v.7.1.1 the issues have once again returned. Were the fixes not included in the 7.1.1 update?

Or is there maybe another explanation for this. We have now disabled the OpenGraph plugins, but this is causing us issues.




All issues seems to have been resolved by Alex and the team. Alejandro from jReviews also spent some time on this...

We have tested and all seems fine, I do think that a final update is due to resolve the last issue we found. Has been fixed on our site and all is good now.



URGENT!!! @mel @Melissa

We are unable to login to front-end or back-end after the changes you made yesterday. This is extremely urgent as it is a LIVE site.


Failed to start the session because headers have already been sent by "............/public/plugins/opengraph/content/content.php" at line 1.

Perfect! Well, it seems to work. See here: https://www.opgroeigids.nl/kidsgids/bas … sonderwijs

Both plugins have been enabled now. So far, so good....


Okay, we are still having issues (after 7.0.4 udate). Unfortunately the issues have not be completely resolved. We have issues with all jReviews URLs containing a number, e.g.: https://www.opgroeigids.nl/kidsgids/bas … sonderwijs

ONLY when we enable the OpenGraph plugins for Content and jReviews. See attached.

This is what I got from Alejandro at jReviews:
"The issue is caused by the JFBC Open Graph JReviews and Content plugins for URLs that begin with numbers so if you disable those the page will load. It started happening only with Joomla 3.6.2 which made some changes to the way Joomla routing works and something in the JFBC code no longer works as before. We faced a similar issue with our JReviews SEF plugin. They are already aware of this issue because we wrote to them and I believe they are working on a solution. We've spent a good amount of time troubleshooting this problem and unfortunately there is nothing that we can change in our code to get around this problem."

I have it currently disabled on our site as we can not afford further 404 issues...

Really hope that we can get this resolved as soon as possible.

Okay... So we do not have to do anything to upgrade the Facebook App (Graph API v2.1) to the latest version? Does this occur automatically?

I also came across this: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/apps/upgrading/

Hi, we were wondering what we actually supposed to do about this. Can you please advice or assist?

From Facebook:

v2.1 Upgrade Reminder

'Your domain' currently has access to Graph API v2.1 which will reach the end of its 2-year lifetime on 30 October, 2016. To ensure a smooth transition, please migrate all calls to Graph API v2.2 or higher.
To check if your app will be affected by this upgrade you can use the Version Upgrade Tool. This will show you which calls, if any, are affected by this change as well as any replacement calls in newer versions. If you do not see any calls, your app may not be affected by this change.
You can also use our changelog to see the full list of changes in all Graph API versions.

You can view this and other Developer Notifications related to your app, in the App Dashboard.

Hi Melissa,

Thanks for that. I do understand the process general procedure. However, I was actually more trying to help as it has already cost me quite a bit of time as well as the time Alejandro from jReviews has spent on it. So we actually just want to help so if anyone else has the issue you'd be able to assist them easily.

By the way, the fix Alejandro made to the jreviews.php file in your OpenGraph Plugin is actually working on our site, so far no issues. ;-)



mmmm, sorry.... I can't help you with that.

As per the comments from Alejandro, details have already been sent to Alex.

After doing the most recent update to jReviews (v2.7.11.1) we had an issue with 404 pages. Alejandro from jReviews spent quite some time to find the issue. He then found an issue in the jreviews.php file of the OpenGraph plugin. See his comments below:

I modified the jreviews.php file of the opengraph plugin so you can enable it and the problem won't happen again and it will continue to work correctly for listing detail pages. Since the fix needs to be made in that file, we can't fix it and release an update of JFBC. They need to do it and we've already sent them a detailed description of the issue and the patched files.

Can you let me know if this would be corrected and included in the next JFBC update?



We are having some issues in EasyDiscuss v4.0.6 (latest version)

3) Facebook sharing / like - is configured, but we are not seeing it in front-end in Forum (EasyDiscuss) - https://www.opgroeigids.nl/forum/gezond … eek-wat-nu
4) Also having an issue on ED with JFBConnect, can't login with social on EasyDiscuss page: https://www.opgroeigids.nl/forum/gezond … eek-wat-nu

This is the response from StackIdeas team:

Regarding with your Facebook social button missing from frontpage issue :
I've checked in your site, it seems like you hitting following error : (You can check my following screenshot.)


sdk.js:98 Uncaught Error: invalid version specified
Then I found out some solution regarding this thread -> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2762 … ugin-error

After that I try open page source, then I noticed one of the plugin calling this sdk.js. When I temporary disable all of Jfbconnect plugin from backend, the Facebook social button is appear.

Perhaps you can consult with Jfbconnect developer regarding this is there a way to change this following code in their plugins?







also see attached screenshots


JFBC v. 7.0.0
EasyBlog v. 5.0.35

Latest of both.

I know I can hide it, but thought it be good to resolve it. ;-)

we are getting the following notice:

Notice: Undefined variable: title in /srv/users/serverpilot/apps/opgroeigids/public/plugins/opengraph/easyblog/easyblog.php on line 136

I checked with StackIdeas and they said it was a JFBConnect issue, see their comment:

This is a bug in Sourcecoast's opengraph plugin and not EasyBlog. Please check with the developers from Sourcecoast.

Can you help with this?

Apr-26-16 02:50:19
When trying to log in using Facebook on iPhone 6s
Category: JFBConnect

Alex, has this changed then? As it was different. Previously you would log in once via facebook popup on mobile and then it would remember you when you clicked 'log in with facebook'. This was on mobile.... It was great as users did not have to remember their fb login all the time...

This link has a discussion about it: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3256 … n-in-ios-9

Apr-24-16 03:14:32
When trying to log in using Facebook on iPhone 6s
Category: JFBConnect

Hi Alex... See attached screenshot from mobile. That is what we get all the time although Facebook app is installed and configured on mobile... Why does the user need to always login, I though that having the FB App and this FB login would make it simple and so user do not have to everytime enter username and password...

Apr-23-16 05:31:32
When trying to log in using Facebook on iPhone 6s
Category: JFBConnect

Hi, we are having issues again with Facebook login. It keeps showing the Facebook login screen suggesting that you install the Facebook app... However, this is already on the device.

Now I tried to find info on this as it seems to affect a lot of mobile users (seems only iPhone), and I found this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3256 … n-in-ios-9

That is exactly what we are experiencing. App is already on device, why is user required to enter username and password every time to log into Facebook to then log into our site...?

Apr-06-16 08:31:50
Category: JFBConnect

Alex, it is relating to EasySocial and EasyBlog pages:

ES - https://www.opgroeigids.nl/community
EB - https://www.opgroeigids.nl/leeshoek

Something is not right on our site with these Open Graph stuff... ;-(

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