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SOLVED! Found the cause of the disappearing FB button. JFBCLogin module is conflicting with the modified Activity Stream Module from JomSocial. The problem occurs only when the activity stream module had been modified by Bernard's hack to enable video embedding in the activity stream. Well, this feature is too nice to let go, so the only best way is not to put both modules in the same page.
Unless, anybody else has a better suggestion ..... pls share ...

It's been 2 days since my JFBCLogin's FB button disappeared. I have not done anything else to my site. Has anybody experienced this kind of errors?? Or FB is doing something that can affect this ? Pls advice. Thanks.

I have exactly the same error. (500)

It was working allright couple hours ago, but now, it's not.

Any suggestion what to do ? Anybody ?

The false virus warning came from one of the hwdvideoshare module. As it's been diabled, hopefully it gives no more warning.

Now, for the f-connect button :
- Using firefox : the button can not appear on the same page as JomSoc component.
- Using firefox : the button originally also does not appear along with foreboard, but now it's solved. I added a line in fireboard.php to avoid JQuery conflict.
- Using opera : the button does not appear at all.

Any body having the same problem? Sourcecoast team pls assist. My site is : <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.pencerahanhati.com">www.pencerahanhati.com</a><!-- w -->


I would vote for no 3 for flexibility (I also has users that has 2 accounts due to fb login). But the following is some other consideration :

Correct me if I am wrong as I am just a rookie, but I think the issue above can be solved if we can agree on the common parameter between joomla user dan FB user. Most FB users are using their emails as their login names and all joomla users should have entered their email data when they registered.
So mapping shall be unique : having the same email address. If a joomla user with <!-- e --><a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><!-- e --> email wants to map to his FB with <!-- e --><a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><!-- e -->, all he needs to do is changing his email data in joomla to <!-- e --><a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><!-- e -->.
Now, the next problem is getting email data from FB user :
If we can not get the email data from FB, is it possible to get the email data from the user directly by requiring user to use their email adress as their login name. If this is possible than :
- we should have a single login/password form for both joomla and FB users. ( I don't think joomla user would mind to login using their email address as their login name.)
- To give user option either to login using Jomla or FB, we can give options using radio button perhaps in the login module.
- When a user is keying in their FB username(mostly in form of email address) & password, the module will check first whether this email is already registered in joomla dbase. If it is, then that joomla username (won't be used anymore anyway for logging in) will automatically be mapped with this fb user(confirmation from user can also be an option). If it is not, then a new joomla user shall be created using the email address entered or if the user opts not to sync then leave it unsync-ed.
- Only after the above process is done, then the username & password keyed in is passed to FB to continue FB login process. (Pulling avatar & other data @ first sync or going to invite page for non-first login)
- When a user is keying in their joomla username (now in form of email address), system will check whether combination of email and password keyed-in can log user in FB. - If it can, then user can be given sync option.
Ofcourse in both cases, the system shall check prior to any of the above process, whether the user mapped already. If already mapped, then we shall skip all the sync options above.

One thing I am not very sure of is whether we can pass username & password drawn from joomla forms to FB and make the user logged in.

As far as I know for JFBCONNECT, at first login, FB user will be directed to a page where they can fill in or change (to be exact) their email data. But still, this is not good enough, as user tend to just click continue without bothering to change their email address.

Probably user can be forced to change their email data with some validation rules in email field otherwise it can not continue to log in. Though, I am not sure this is the best way ...

The delicate situation is when the user is already a site member and yet he/she is also a facebook member.
Did a trial on that situation on mysite, here are the results :
- Site user login using joomla login .......
- After logging in, he/she synchronised site account with his/her Facebook ID using the blue f-connect button.
- Results : - no avatar imported - no info imported (user keeps his original site info intact).
- Logging out and logging in again, using facebook ID, user is identified as joomla user as well as a facebook user (no new user ID is created) and nicely directed to friend invite page.
- Logging out and logging in again, using joomla ID, this is where problem found. User is not identified as synchronised user as the fb syncronising button appears again.

Is this the normal case ?? Pls assist. Thanks.

I posted the implementation of JFBCONNECT  in JOMSOC Forum <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.jomsocial.com/forum/index.php?f=13&t=3244&rb_v=viewtopic">http://www.jomsocial.com/forum/index.ph ... =viewtopic</a><!-- m --> .... Received plenty positive response...

While waiting for your answers, I did a little hack here and there .... Although it's a direct hack (not recommended  current/big_smile ), it serves the purpose.
Now my site works perfectly using your component. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.pencerahanhati.com">http://www.pencerahanhati.com</a><!-- m -->.

Everytime FB user logs in, they are forced to invite module. Nevertheless, they can skip the process ...

Thanks guys. Pls do help me out on the other issue/topic (FB image doe not show while appearing on the same page as jomsocial).

I am trying to redirect FB user after login to go to an article embedded with your jfbinvite module. I tried to do it by choosing menu (previously prepared) from drop down item. However, it won't get redirected to that page.
However, if I did the same thing to Joomla redirect. It works perfectly.

Pls help me out, as I want only FB users to be redirected on that page.

BTW, is there anyway that redirect destination on the configuration panel is changed to fill-in URL text area rather than pull down items ? As old menu items keep showing up in that pull down items ..

Thanks for your support.

Thanks. I am running on Linux and all commercial components are legit even the template  current/big_smile, so problem due to pirated components is unlikely.

So I guess, if you can help me on identifying the culprit, I'll try to uninstall them and see whether the warning is still there.

I agree with you that this kind of thing would certainly scare off visitors.

Is this also probable cause of facebook image problem ?

Ooopss. I did not know that.

Here are the list of the components I am using : XCloner, Acajoom, ContentSubmit, CSV Improved, DT Register, EventList, Events, fireboard, hwdVideoShare, JFBConnect, JomComment, Community, form, JoomlaPack, My Blog, Synk, userport and VirtueMart. Also all plugins that come with those components.

I also use additional modules such as vinaora counter, minifrontpage, oneononechat, pd_jsthumbs, totalusers. Also additional plugins such as  jWarlock Facebook Commenting, Login to Read Fulltext. The templates is yoo_waybeyond

Any idea of possible "culprit" of the suspected virus ? Is this the cause of the facebook image noshow?

Thank you for your quick response ....

Thanks, it's vinaora visit counter (vinaora.com).
That problem apperas if the page uses My Blog component (also from Azrul).
I guess the faster way to deal with this is to selectively choose mod_jfbclogin for certain pages while using other login modules for other pages. Is that right?

In the meantime, are you still seeking further the cause of the problem? I am using yoo_waybeyond template just in case you need to know.
Thank you for your very fast and interactive response ... Thumbs UP for you guys. Please do look for more thorough solution for this problem ...
It would very nice to see the component working perfectly .....

BTW, Azrul is also working on FB connect for their next Jomsoc release .... are you working with them? Perhaps, the job gets done faster with collaborative efforts ...

Thanks a lot. Looking forward to a better solution to this.

After experimenting with modules and main menu, it seems that the image won't show if the menu points to either Jomsocial or Fireboard. If menu points to others, the image appears.

Any similar problems appearing anywhere else? Any proposed solutions as I can not get rid of both components (JomSocial/Fireboard)?

Just fyi, I tried to use Facebook commenting plugin by Warlocks. It works in all pages (probably as it always coincides with articles, never with Jomsocial or Fireboard). Anyway, maybe this info helps a little bit.

Thanks for your quick response.

Cheers ...
I'll start unpublishing modules and see where the conflict is ....

Anybody having the same difficulty ? Anyway to troubleshoot this ?
Cause if this is not resolved, I can not use the component at all...  current/sad

Pls somebody from SourceCoast.... help me out. Thanks.

I have browsed through ur forum, can't find any solution to these problem.

I have tried almost everything (uninstall & reinstall), reg confirmation off, JFBConnect Authentication plugin and JFBConnect Namespace plugins ON, but FB Connect Image is not showing up.

FYI, at the very first install, it was there, but then once clicked, it's gone.
Have also tried restart browser and clear the cache and everything, still no luck.

Pls HELP, tell me what to do next. For your reference, this is my site : <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.pencerahanhati.com">http://www.pencerahanhati.com</a><!-- m -->
Also FYI, I am using yoo_waybeyond template, joomla 1.5.9, jomsoc 1.1.143

Fast response is very much appreciated. Thanks

Brgds, Henri

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