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Sep-06-10 06:31:19
Error Using Force Password Change

     Thought about this overnight and this is the way is should work.  For users who have already paid but never logged in before, I have created a Joomla UID and a PMM UID with a temporary password,  They login and FPC sees Last visit is 00's and should force them to change it and login should continue as normal.  This is working.  However, if it's a new user who wants to join, they create a new Joomla UID they receive an email stating that they must activate by clicking on an activation link and then login.  When they activate they are get a message on the home page saying that their UID has been activated and they can now login and given a login form.  When they login, that's when the error occurs because FPC see 00's in Last Visit.  They should be transferred to PMM so they can pay for their membership.  I think I could solve this if FPC checked for my specific temporary password rather than Last Visit being 00's.  Is this possible?

Sep-05-10 23:06:08
Error Using Force Password Change

Thanks Alzander,
  I am using JomSocial but more importantly here, I think, for new users who just created an ID as would be with 00's in Last Visit date, I have a JomSocial Plugin called Paid Membership Manager (see at http://codingmall.com/products-mainmenu … jomsocial) that walks them through joining our organization and selecting a membership level and paying for it.  Looks like conflicts Force Password conflicts with PMM.  The only reason I need Forced passwords is for members who have already paid but never logged in.  Don't want them to pay again.  I disabled PMM and your module works and I disable yours and theirs works. I guess I really need to think this one thru.

Sep-05-10 18:05:36
Error Using Force Password Change

When I enable Force Password Change on my Joomla 1.5 site I get the message "The page isn't redirecting properly" with Firefox; just hangs in IE.  The address bar shows "... index.php?option=com_user&view=user&layout=form#content".  Any ideas?

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