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Jul-20-17 06:21:27
Images in Joomla /tmp directory
Category: JFBConnect


I do see files like c012b51d3df839317ebec45231592a0.tmp and scprofile_45367_pic_tmp.jpg in /tmp or the joomla directory
At least for the files starting with scprofile_ I do see the link to SClogin or jfbc. Could these files be deleted?


Jun-13-17 05:27:08
Does JFBC 7.2.0 support Graph API 2.4?
Category: JFBConnect


Just got this alert from Facebook
Your App is currently accessing Graph API v2.3 which will reach the end of its 2-year lifetime on 10 July, 2017....

Does JFBC 7.2.0 supports Graph API 2.4?


Feb-27-17 23:46:03
Does JFBC supports Facebook Graph API 2.3 or higher?
Category: JFBConnect


Yesterday we received the following email from Facebook:

"YourDomain currently has access to Graph API v2.2 which will reach the end of its 2-year lifetime on 27 March, 2017. To ensure a smooth transition, please migrate all calls to Graph API v2.3 or higher."

Does JFBC 7.1.1 supports this API version? I did not find anything related to that.

Best regards

Hi there,

I'm using {JFBComments} to display Facebook Comments but now I see that on some small, mobile screen sizes the Facebook comments are displayed in a very narrow way using a fixed width of only 100px (see screenshot). I would like to change this, for example to 100% instead of 100px but I don't see a way of doing this.

How can this be done?

I was also doing some research online and it seems that this kind of problem ist known for Facebook comments also for other platforms like Wordpress, etc. - in case this information helps.


All help would be much appreciated!

Hello Alex,

Sorry for the delay in follow-up. I disabled SEF for JFBConnect. And then I disabled the entire SEF component for everything. But the result is exactly the same.

Also, just to make sure I mentioned it, Facebook signup works fine. It's just LinkedIn that's causing the trouble.

Any additional ideas what I can try or do to debug?

Thank you!

Hi Melissa,

thanks for your quick reply. Yes we do have enabled that settings since more than a week. So why is Facebook still telling us that we have to migrate/upgrade our app and that only 47% of the API calls are in Graph API v2?

I'm just bit worrying that we miss something.

Thanks for your great support


We're running JFBC 6.2.4 on a Joomla 3.4 site with CB 2.0.7 since a week and setup to use v.2. The Facebook developer backend is still showing v1.0 calls which I do not understand. There is no other component handling Facebook authentication on our side. The percentage of API v2 calls is increasing (currently 47%) but due to the fact we're running JFBC 6.2.4 now for a week it should be by 100% - before that our site was running on a very old JFBC version without v2 support. Do you have any ideas?

Current statistics:
Methode    API-Version    Weekly Hits
gr:get:User    v1.0    674
dialog:oauth    v1.0    611
gr:get:User/picture    v1.0    353
gr:get:User/permissions    v1.0    325
gr:get:Application    v1.0    2
dialog:roadblock    v1.0    2

Many thanks

Hi Alex,

Sorry for the delay in follow-up. I turned on the debug info in JFBConnect and now get more info about the error. Please see attached screenshot from our website. I dont understand what it means 'double check the URL'. this just started happening one day without warning, when some days earlier all was fine.

Any further insights would be much appreciated. Or if there is anything else I can do to find out more info.

Thank you!



Our registration via LinkedIn has stopped working sometime during the past few days. First I thought it was because we turned on SSL for our entire site (per recommendation in response to another question on this forum), but now when I turned SSL off for Joomla, registration via LinkedIn still does not work. I just get

"Warning - We were unable to retrieve your LinkedIn account information. Please try again."

I checked the configuration and LinkedIn API and Secret Key are correct.

On the developer page on linkedin, there is now a highlighted blog post albeit from Mid February (https://developer.linkedin.com/blog/pos … m-changes) referring to a change on May 12th. And it's not even May 12th yet.

They also have a FAQ for people using 3rd party extensions at the end of the page at https://developer.linkedin.com/blog/pos … ition-faq:

I’m using a third-party library to integrate LinkedIn with my app. Will it still work?

The answer to this question is highly situational.  In general, 3rd-party libraries should continue to function normally, however there are two important caveats:

    If your library handles authentication with LinkedIn, it is possible that it is hard-coded to request specific member permissions during the auth workflow, and as a result, may possibly be asking for permissions that you will no longer be allowed to ask for.  If this is the case, the authentication request will fail, and any of your users that require a new access token will be blocked at the authentication stage.

    We strongly recommend that you ensure that you know exactly what member permissions your library is requesting on your behalf and make changes to only request valid ones to avoid potential disruption.  Contact the library authors if you are unable to confirm this yourself.

    It’s possible that 3rd party libraries are masking one or more LinkedIn API calls behind higher-level convenience methods.  If you are not familiar with the raw REST API calls that your library is making on your behalf, please pay special attention to testing your applications.  The library’s abstraction of actual API calls from you could make it difficult for you to determine whether the calls your application is making will continue to function properly after May 12th.

So, to make a long story short:

1. Any idea why LinkedIn registration does not work?

2. Assuming it'll work again, are there any profile fields we won't be able to retrieve from May 12th onwards with the JFBConnect LinkedIn integration?

Thank you,

OK. Thank you, Alex! We'll have a look. My co-founder said the performance boost wasn't the only thing he was concerned about. But also if some component loads something from somewhere else which wouldn't be over SSL then visitors would get a warning on that page.

We'll try to have a look and figure it out. Thanks again very much for your help. Always appreciated!

Hi Alex,

Thank you for your response. Yes, your guess is right. We're definitely reluctant turning the SCLogin Encrypt off altogether. We're also reluctant to turn on SSL for all pages always for everything, because we're worried about the performance on our server.

Would you happen to be able to give us a hint or tip as to what type of rules we would have to search for in our .htaccess file?

Thanks again so much!


I have configured SC Login to redirect to a menu item after login. Unfortunately, the redirect works only if

- logging in through LinkedIn or Facebook (my two configured logins)
- logging in via email IF the page from which I login is loaded with https:// before logging in.

Notably, the redirect to the URL does not work when logging in via email and the homepage from which the user logins was loaded http:// and not with https:// And that's the problem.

How can I configure JFBConnect and SCLogin so that the redirect works always, also when the user navigated to my site using http only?

Thank you!

Mar-31-15 11:58:40
Category: JFBConnect


I have configured JFBConnect / SCLogin with Community Builder and using the JFBConnect LinkedIn and Facebook integrations in addition to the standard email signup via Community Builder.

I have configured redirect on login to a menu item in my main menu both in

JFBConnect -> Configuration -> General -> Login/Logout -> Returning User Redirection

and in the

SCLogin module -> Login View Settings tab -> 'Joomla Login Redirection URL'

This works just fine when people login with accounts created via LinkedIn or Facebook integration. However, the redirection does not work when people login who have created their accounts via CB email sign up.

I just wanted to confirm that this is normal and not a bug? Because I'd really like for the redirect to work as well when people signin with username/password they created via CB email signup.

Thank you,

Hello Alex,

Yes, I am quite sure. I just went to check again. In JFBConnect -> Profiles -> Community Builder tab I have under Profile Import the Show Profile Fields set to 'Required Only'. The two fields in question of type 'text field' and 'drop down (single select)' are both marked as Required in Community Builder Field manager.

I have now changed the JFBConnect setting of Show Profile Fields set to 'All' to test it out. The result is the same:

As soon as a CB field is set up in Community Builder to show at registration but to hide on profile view, it is then not shown on the JFBConnect intermediate signup page. If I set the field in CB to also show on profile view, then it is shown on the JFBConnect intermediate signup page.

Maybe I don't see the forest for all the trees anymore and doing something really obvious wrong. But I don't know what it would be.

Thank you,

Hi Alex,

I've tried with fields of type 'text field'. I think fields of type 'drop down (single select)' has the same problem.

Thanks again,

Hi Alex,

Yes, the field is required. What I don't understand is that why does JFBConnect not show this field on this intermediate registration page? If it's not shown here then the user can't fill it out. The field is set in CB to show on registration. So, I would expect JFBConnect to show it on this intermediate registration page. But it doesn't. JFBConnect showing it seems to depend only if the field is set in CB to show on profile view.

Thank you,


I've setup JFBConnect 6.2.4 with the latest Community Builder version 2.0.7 and have successfully setup registration via Facebook. I pull a few fields from Facebook which then redirects to the 'intermediate' JFBConnect signup page where the user can chose to create a new account or connect to an existing one. All worked fine until...

I changed one of the mandatory CB fields (a drop down which is not pulled from Facebook) to NOT show on the profile view. It's still set to show in registration as well as profile edit. Just not in profile view. When I did this, the JFBConnect falls apart as follows: It seems to pull fields from Facebook such as current location which is shown in the intermediate signup page. When clicking through the 'intermediate' JFBConnect signup page, it then 'logs me into' CB and redirects to 'profile edit' (as configured per backend). However, it does not have the pulled data anymore at this point in time. After this semi-failed registration, the user does not exist in the CB user database. However, it is created in the Joomla user database and in the JFBConnect user map.

If I turn the CB field in question to show also on profile view on again, then everything works just fine as before.

So, this is a bit odd and I don't know how to keep using JFBConnect for FB registration and hide some of the CB fields on profile view.

I'd understand if the signup was choking if the I set the CB Field to not show 'on registration' but I am not doing that. It's just set to not show on profile view.

Any ideas would be most appreciated. Thank you!

PS I tried the same now with LinkedIn, and *almost* same thing happens, just one small difference. Also with register via LinkedIn, the profile data is pulled and shown on the intermediate signup page. When continuing registration there, the redirect happens to profile edit and all pulled data is lost again. This time, the user does NOT exist in the JFBConnect user map. It does not exist in the CB user manager. But it does exist in the Joomla user manager. And again, if I put the field to show on the profile view again, then all works like magic.

Feb-25-15 11:50:37
Category: JFBConnect

perfect. that works. thanks for pointing me to the right line...


Feb-25-15 01:52:55
Category: JFBConnect


I'm wondering how can I change the link which gets used within the SCLogin module. I'm using CB registration and the default link is index.php?option=com_comprofiler&task=registers

But I had to create a menu of type CB registration and now have the link index.php?option=com_comprofiler&Itemid=MY_ID&task=registers

I found a template override in module_sclogin/tmpl/login.php

echo $spacer . '<a ' . $registerClass . ' href="' . $helper->registerLink . '">' . JText::_('MOD_SCLOGIN_REGISTER_FOR_THIS_SITE') . '</a>';

but within the modal dialog it seems that you pulling this code somewhere else from outside the template ?!

echo '<div class="modal-body">' .
                $modalContents .

Is it possible (without patching the core) to have the new CB registration link within the "Register"-Button inside the modal dialog?



Is it possible to change the text of the Facebook login button?

In the Joomla backend, I go to JFBConnect -> Social -> Examples tab and there it says

Facebook - Login
{JFBCLogin text=Login With Facebook logout=true logout_url=http://www.sourcecoast.com}

Parameter     Options     Description
text    text    Text displayed on the Facebook Login Button
providers    text    Login Buttons will be shown for providers in this comma-separated list. Leave blank to show all providers. Example:facebook,google,twitter,linkedin
image    text    Specify the file name of the images to display, located in the /media/sourcecoast/images/provider folders. Example:icon_label.png
logout    false, 0, true, 1    When user is logged in and 'Show Logout' is enabled, the logout button or link will be displayed.
logout_url    text    Select the page the user will be redirected to after a successful logout. Leave blank to logout to the same page.

However, the text parameter does not change the "Text displayed on the Facebook Login Button" but it just adds that text in front of the Facebook button.

How may I specify a parameter that would change the text of the actual button itself?

It appears to me as if the button is actually an image and as such it appears it would not be possible to simply change the text with parameter? Whereas the 'button' shown in the help at https://www.sourcecoast.com/jfbconnect/ … gin-button looks like it could be changed with a parameter.

I am a bit confused on how to go about this.

Thank you,

Feb-19-15 12:06:21
Category: JFBConnect

Thank you, Melissa, for your response and adding these to your feature tracker.

Feb-17-15 14:33:17
Category: JFBConnect


Having managed to successfully configure JFBConnect to register users (thanks again for the help!), I have a few questions related to importing data from Facebook and map them to fields in Community Builder. In no particular order:

1. Is it possible to import the Facebook 'canvas' image (the large background image, not the profile image) to Community Builder as the user profile canvas image?

2. I guess it's not possible to make the Facebook gender field to a male/female drop down CB field?

3. I have a CB field called 'City' and I'd like to map just the city to it when importing from Facebook. I have chosen 'Basic info - Current city, state'. This might work find with Facebook profiles of people living in the U.S.  when it contains, e.g., 'Austin, TX'. However, outside the US, e.g., in Europe, this field seems to actually contain 'city, country' such as 'Berlin, Germany'. This destroys a bit the mapping to just city, as the user would have to delete half the string after signing up via Facebook. Could this be adapted somehow to also work for non-US addresses?

3.b) somewhat related, I have a CB field 'country' which I'd like to map the country to. Is there a way to get the country from Facebook somehow and map it to a field in CB?

4. When hiding all the fields on the JFBConnect sign-up form that can be configured in JFBConnect -> Configuration -> Normal registration, it still shows the string 'Required fields* ' but without any fields. Any chance that could be hidden as well when it doesn't show any of username, password, name, email address?

4.b) related, I'd like to only show the fields required per Community Builder for registration at this JFBConnect sign-up form. That works. But none of these mandatory fields have neither the usual CB style icons to indicate its mandatory or visible on profile. Nor does it show e.g. an asterisk that would indicate they're mandatory. That would be very useful.

Thank you very much again,

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your immediate response. Just before I was going to go through the steps you suggested with making all CB Fields non-mandatory, I tried to change in CB -> Configuration -> User Profile tab the field 'Username Edit' to 'Yes'. That solved both problems, the username fallback issue and the user not being logged in automatically after registration.

Thank you for your help. I have a few other questions now but will make separate ticket.


Hi Melissa,

Yes, we're a long term subscriber to your wonderful JFBConnect. Our production site is based on Joomla 1.5 with JFBC 4.x (can't remember right now; but it works fine). We're now working on a new version of our site with Joomla 3.3, CB 2.0.5 and the latest JFBC6. We're essentially rebuilding and (trying to) configure everything on the new system as on our old one. So, it's not that it has just stopped working. We haven't gotten it to work yet on our new version.

Having just spent 5h configuring all variations of things I can think of together with a friend, we got some new insights but still far away from getting to the bottom of things, it feels.

What I found out is that the username is set to firstname.lastname (instead of firlas) is indeed happening by CB Configuration -> User Profile tab -> Username Fallback seems to kick-in. This is set to 'Name'. I changed it to some other fields and then the username gets indeed saved after the JFBConnection sign-up page as that fallback, even though the username on the signup form was correctly prepopulated with firlas. I also tried manually changing the prepopulated firlas to something else, but when saving, it seems the CB Username Fallback seems to kick in always.

My friend things he remembers something like this from years ago for our current production site (w/ JFBC 4.x)  and that back then we were advised to make some change to the CB field username which then solved the thing. But we don't remember for sure and manually having compared the two username fields from our production and new site, they seem identical (0 - 15 chars; permissable pattern matching is same, etc.)

We also set in JFBConnect -> Configuration - Enable Automatic Registration to Yes, then it indeed takes the firlas name and the CB Username Fallback does not seem to kick in. However, in that case, we don't get to JFBC sign-up page, where the user could fill other mandatory CB fields.

Last but not least, we have also disabled the Social Profiles - CB plugin like you asked, and in that case, sign-up page shows the correctly pulled firlas and on signing up then creates the Joomla user (but not the CB user, of course).

Unfortunately, we have not been able to gain any more insights into the 2nd issues why the user isn't auto-logged in after the JFBConnect signup page (even with wrong username per the CB Username Fallback kicking in) but instead requires a 2nd time clicking the Facebook signin button.

I would much appreciate your advise.

Thank you so much,

Feb-16-15 04:34:36
Category: JFBConnect


Is there a JFBConnect version for Joomla 1.5 available which support Facebook Graph API v2.0? I now your not supporting Joomla 1.5 anymore but I would like to know if an old JFBConnect version whould support this v2 API.


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