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Mar-01-16 14:59:45
Clicking on either social button yields no response.
Category: JFBConnect

AVG Privacy Fix....Chrome add-on extension was blocking the FB buttons functionality.  Thanks again Alex

Mar-01-16 13:58:29
Clicking on either social button yields no response.
Category: JFBConnect

You're exactly right...all social buttons work normally except in Chrome. When using Chrome, all the social buttons work normally except the FB Like and Share buttons.  Even changing the Chrome security settings to "allow all popups" and "run all plugins" doesn't fix the issue with the FB buttons not working.  Any suggestions on this?

Also, as far as the Error 500 goes when we try to update JFBC to the latest version on our J2.5.11 installs...I hear you loud and clear.  We can live with using the older version of JFBC, for now. So, the only issue we have is likely with Chrome settings...which means we never really had any issues with JFBC in the first place.  Thanks for your help and apologies for the dis-connection on our issue!

Feb-29-16 21:45:33
Clicking on either social button yields no response.
Category: JFBConnect

Here's a couple domains where you can see the issue:

Unfortunately, we're stuck using J2.5.11 on these production instances until we roll out the brand new J3.4 instances, so need to get these functional for a few months while we're working on the new sites using J3.4. Thanks for your help Alex!

Feb-29-16 14:13:56
Clicking on either social button yields no response.
Category: JFBConnect

We have an issue with both FB Like and FB Share buttons not working in JFBC. This is a similar problem on multiple websites where we use JFBC, not just any one site in particular. 

We have all current production websites still running J2.5.11 with JFBC v6.4.2 installed. (We are in-process of establishing a clean install of J3.4.x for each customer, but in the mean time are still running J2.5.11 for their production instances, fyi).

2 problems exist in each of our J2.5.11 instances that are running JFBC v6.4.2:

1). the FB Like and Share buttons yield no response at all when clicking on them; this is same for all our production websites.
2). If we try to manually install the latest JFBC v6.5.1 package, we are getting server errors as per the attached image below.

What should we do to fix the functionality of all the J2.5.11 sites so they will work until we can productionize the new J3.4.x sites for each customer?

Thanks in advance!


Not sure why we now see 2 rows of social buttons after upgrading to the latest JFBC. AutoTune results are OK.
Thanks!  FrischinBigD


Aug-09-14 11:58:48
New user registers using social profile, receives the Acct Verification link in email, clicks,...
Category: JFBConnect

Sorry! My bad...we had the Joomla User Global setting set to NO for "Allow User Account Creation"....must have turned that off thinking it was "Activation" instead of creation....we still force Admin activation to control who gets in, and who doesn't.  Thanks for the help!

Aug-08-14 12:38:05
New user registers using social profile, receives the Acct Verification link in email, clicks,...
Category: JFBConnect

We are using SCLogin for Joomla registrations, automatic activation set to NO.  When a new user clicks the FB Social Profile button to login, the system creates the account ok and sends the User an email containing the link for them to Verify they own the account...upon doing that, a 403 error appears. See axiomww.com to test it, fyi.  Not sure why this is happening.   

Thanks in advance.

Jul-25-14 19:32:07
All JFBC Social Buttons display normally, except on event page.
Category: JFBConnect

FB Buttons not showing up on an "RSEvents!" event page. The other JFBC buttons appear and work, as normal.  All JFBC Buttons work in the Article View on all other Joomla pages, just not displaying on the RSEvent page.  Here is the url:  https://graysonallen.com/index.php/even … nings.html   Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!


Jul-21-14 14:45:14
The color of Linkedin Buttons on every page are only white; no Linkedin Logo.
Category: JFBConnect

That was it...the Show Facebook button in Article view was set to 'No".  I assume something in the update of the JFBC component caused this since the buttons were visible prior to the update.  We have a couple other sites that need JFBC updated, I'll check to see if those are effected in the same way...if so, I'll let you know.  Thanks!

Jul-21-14 13:59:54
The color of Linkedin Buttons on every page are only white; no Linkedin Logo.
Category: JFBConnect

Updated to the latest JFBC & SCLogin versions as of today, 7/21/2014.  Linkedin Button appears normal now, but the FB Like & Send buttons have disappeared completely on every article.  Ran AutoTune and everything is green now....however, when I ran it (after updating the components) I had RED on the De-Auth URL & Callback and also on the Site URL (the site URL was probably because we are forcing http to https on the domain?).  So, all GREEN on the AutoTune but no FB buttons now...

Thanks in advance.

Jul-19-14 07:43:44
The color of Linkedin Buttons on every page are only white; no Linkedin Logo.
Category: JFBConnect

Why is our Linkedin Button looking "washed out"?
Thanks in advance!


Jun-22-14 09:21:56
Trying to eliminate the need for 2 logins by our customers.

The goal we seek is to allow our website (registered) users to use the SCLogin module for both logging into our site, and also logging into their Tableau Online user seat. (the user will already have an established Tableau Online account, fyi). When the user logs into our site via SCLogin, they are simultaneously logged in to their Tableau account, too. We will likely not enable self registration by the user, as we will create their Joomla login credentials to be same as their existing Tableau login credentials.  We would want to ensure the user logs out of Tableau upon logging out of Joomla, too.

Q?:   Could the existing SCLogin code be customized to accomplish this?
Q?:   ...or, would this need to be a separate customized login module apart from SC Login?
Q?:   ...or, is there a better alternative method to accomplish the process we seek?

Here is the start of our coding efforts, fyi.  So far, we've not been able to successfully do the tunneling required for simultaneous logins. Our initial thought is we need to create a certain encrypted key using the public key from Tableau and a private key along with the modulus and exponent from Tableau.
Thanks in advance!


//$filename = 'Math/BigInteger.php';
//if (file_exists($filename)) {
//echo "The file $filename exists";
//} else {
//echo "The file $filename does not exist";
echo '<br/>';
echo '<br/>';


//$url = 'https://online.tableausoftware.com/auth.xml';
//$xml = simplexml_load_file($url);

// get modulus, exponent and auth_token


echo $modulus;
echo '<br/>';
echo $exponent;
echo '<br/>';
echo $auth_token;
echo '<br/>';

$rsa = new Crypt_RSA();
        'e' => new Math_BigInteger($exponent, 16),
        'n' => new Math_BigInteger($modulus, 16)
echo 'ENCRYPTED ';
echo $rsa->encrypt('1234567890');
echo 'DONE';
echo '</br>';


SOLVED.  Thank you.  However, just FYI...other sites we have developed still have their Linkedin API settings unchanged and there seems to be no issues with losing the Linkedin Share button. All these sites we use the same force-redirect to https://, too.  ...not sure why this is, but will keep an eye on those.

Alex -

Changed the JavaScript API Domains settings as instructed...still not seeing the Linkedin button of the site pages.  (see updated app settings, fyi).


Are we incorrect in assuming the Linkedin button should now be appearing on our site pages after migration to JFBCv6.0.6?

We've followed the recommended migration path, AutoTune shows all GREEN items. We have verified the Linkedin Developer OAuth2 redirect URL's per the recommended steps, too. We have also followed SC steps to remove the previous JLinked component, but have not deleted the final files until we are sure everything is working correctly.

What are we missing?
Thanks in advance!   current/big_smile



Oct-11-13 11:14:08
Linkedin button has disappeared for some reason.

Why has the button gone missing?  We have the latest JFBC/JLinked updates.

Sep-18-13 11:27:42
Employee Login credentials should not include ability to use social profiles

We use the SCLogin module normally for website members who want to join using Registration or Social Profiles.  We also need to use another SCLogin module for our Employees to access their secure areas of the site.  We provide the new employee a username and pw for them to login and do not want the social buttons as an option.  How do we hide those, or is there a better alternative to what we are trying to accomplish?

Jun-27-13 12:29:01
adding a lengthy MESSAGE causes the SEND & CANCEL buttons to fall below the box perimeter...
Category: JFBConnect

After adding several lines of MESSAGE when using the FB SEND button, the Send and Cancel buttons disappear below the perimeter of the box, making them inaccessible. Is there a way to set the box parameters to expand automatically to avoid this issue? This "seems" to be primarily an issue when using Chrome, so far.

SOLVED -- turns out it was a Mobile menu conflict that was not letting the Debugger publish the correct Meta info. 


Done this a million times, but for some reason this time the JFBC Send button is not picking up the Metadata for the title, description and image.  You can see from the snip below that the debugger is seeing what we want displayed, but the Send button is not reflecting it. Have dumped caches, browser cache, reordered the plugins so SC is at the top, etc. Here's the url to the live page:  https://www.ridgegarrett.com/index.php/what-we-do.html

Cannot figure it out, help!  Thanks.




Feb-19-13 18:11:52
FB & JFBC configs appear correct, with no errors in JFBC Activity Log.
Category: JFBConnect

2 Quick clarification needed here:

1). The first steps in your OGA Configuration Guide provides  a hyperlink to the FB Apps area, and "Then click on the Open Graph menu. You'll be brought to the 'Getting Started' area".  We already have apps created and displaying in this area, so I am assuming we need to create a NEW app?  Or should we EDIT an existing app and add the OG Actions to it, instead?  Looking at the item circled in the attached snip, we're assuming the creation of a new app, similarly named as the one you are showing, right?

2).  When testing the app by "simply logging into FB with an Administrator account", does this mean that you must log into the joomla SITE using the SCLogin FB button, or, can you just be logged into FB itself without having to be logged in on the joomla site? 

Since the Timeline posts and Activity Log entries are not working, we just want to make sure we understand the directions correctly and our problems are not from incorrect assumptions on our end.

Jan-30-13 18:16:15
FB & JFBC configs appear correct, with no errors in JFBC Activity Log.
Category: JFBConnect

After configuring both FB Dev App and JFBC per the Open Graph Actions documentation, everything seems to be working except we are not getting posts to the Timeline in FB. We DO see the blue pop-up notification that an Action has been posted to FB.  We have tested using both the FB Administrator and OG Test User profiles.  The attached snip shows the JFBC Activity Log entries, however we see no FB Activity Log entries and no actions posted to the Timeline.

We are running Joomla2.5 with the latest JFBC & JLinked updates.  Autotune shows everything GREEN.

Jan-26-13 19:38:06
Need to remedy server error caused by upgrade of JLinked to v1.4

Updated to the latest JFBC V4.3.4 and JLinked v1.4.1 for Joomla2.5...everything is back to working normally, Autotune runs correctly, and my SC Subscriber ID is being recognized correctly.  Thanks for all your help!

Dec-17-12 10:05:38
Need to remedy server error caused by upgrade of JLinked to v1.4

Alex --

Followed your instructions outlined in #8 of this thread. After upgrading  JLinked to v1.4 then reinstalling JFBC4.3.2 again, there still seems to be issues. Note that the snip below still shows a discrepancy with the library after following your steps.  Also still, when then running Autotune no issues are shown until the final "error checking" step, where my current subscription is not being recognized by the system.

After doing the above steps, we've reverted the VM back to the point where JFBC4.3.2 and JLinked1.3 are the current versions. I'll go ahead and PM you the login credentials to the admin console and will also send my Sourcecoast login & PW, too. We have backup and snapshots of the VM saved should we need to revert after you get in there, so no worries.


Dec-14-12 11:54:05
Need to remedy server error caused by upgrade of JLinked to v1.4

No, nothing has been remedied.  Per your instructions in coversation #4 of this thread, I posted snips in #5 after setting error reporting to "maximum" and making sure GZip compression was turned off.  You'll see the resulting front & backend errors in the snips that you were wanting to see. In summary, we're running the latest JFBC 4.3.2 and JLinked 1.3 with no issues; when upgrading to JLinked 1.4, we get the resulting errors shown in the snips in thread #5. above.

As for the issue of Autotune not recognizing our current subscription, it shows no issues throughout each step of the autotune process UNTIL we reach the "remote error checking" step.  The snip below has the issues highlighted in yellow.  Thanks.

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