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Tnx Melissa. Perhaps an idea to put it in the manual. That would saved me an hour searching.
I love your product, awesome!

I configured JFBConnect. Breakout canvas is OK. But when I click on the invitebutton I get a popup with: Game Requests are only available to games.
What do I wrong?
best wishes

Nov-27-12 02:25:14
mod_jlinkedshare not always showing FB likes

Solved this one too Alex.
Indeed there was a plugin using this old script. By disabling this plugin the buttons appeard as they supposed to do
Thanks again Alex

Nov-27-12 02:19:03
mod_jlinkedcompanyprofile show now data

Thanks for the update.
I did not put the information (domain) in JavaScript API Domains. Because I did not understand OAuth Accept Redirect URL.
Works now.
Thanks again

Nov-23-12 06:52:02
mod_jlinkedshare not always showing FB likes

Hi Aex
The mod_jlinkedshare not always showing FB likes. In Safari is OK. In Firefox/Chrome sometimes. I am not sure is Firefox is working properly. Link: http://www.backtonormandy.org
Just wanted you to know

Nov-22-12 03:56:49
mod_jlinkedcompanyprofile show now data

I put the company profile here: http://www.backtonormandy.org/loginarea.html for the moment. I tried all combinations but you can's e a link to the company at LinkedIn.
As I said in the other mail: register with your LinkedIn and I'll promote you. In a private mail (which address?) I'll sent you the admin area.
Best wishes

Nov-22-12 03:43:48
Importing LinkedIn -->> Jomsocial

Hello Alex, thanks for returning to my question.

Import Avatar on Registration: YES
Import Status: Yes
Skip JS Terms of Service: Skip
Show Profile Fields: None
Show Imported Fields: Hide
Default Profile Type: Default

Plugin JLinked Profile Integration - JomSocial is enabled. Nothing to edit there
Do you mean this?
You can register at www.backtonormandy.org with LinkediN. After thatI can upgrade you to admin
Best regards Fred

Nov-21-12 11:25:00
Importing LinkedIn -->> Jomsocial

Importing LinkedIn -->> Jomsocial. It has been an issue before.
Register, logging in and transferring the avatar is no problem  current/big_smile
After connecting the fields of LinkedIn and Jomsocial still no export from LinkedIn -->> Jomsocial.
Any clue where I went wrong?

Best regards


Nov-21-12 10:02:25
mod_jlinkedcompanyprofile show now data

mod_jlinkedcompanyprofile  does not show now data. I filled in the Company ID and published the module.
Also the other modules don't connect with LinkedIn
Where do I go wrong?
Best regards

Jul-31-12 06:07:32
How to delete the redirect to a profile

Hello Alex,
After experimenting with the profiles (login with Facebook and LinkedIn) things are getting mixed up.
When I use Safari to log in with the LinkedIn button it also uses an old Linkedin account which I used for testing .
When I use Firefox to log in with the LinkenIn button I am redirected to my profile made with Facbook.
Deleting the users (also in the Jlinked User map) will not help.
The Firefox version will not register any more (white screen). But after registrating ting with Facebook I get a redirect to the Facebook profile again.
So my question is: where can I delete all the information. I deleted all the cookies of this website, but it seems not to be enough.
I tried to find it on the forum with no luck.

Second question is: Does the LinkIn login always automatic update the profile?

Hope to read.

Jul-30-12 17:52:53
Importing data to Jomsocial

Hello Alex
As far as I understand: First make de fields in JS and connect them with JLinked. And publish it. I did that. But the fields don 't show up in the profile. I'll run the update first and try again.

Jul-30-12 16:50:07
Importing data to Jomsocial

I've changed it Alex. Thanks for that. And my compliments for your honesty.
Probably my last question for this subject
On the profile page of Jomsocial - in your demo - you can see the whole profile of LinkedIn.
Contact Information
Location Country Code
Location City
Public Profile URL

How do I get all the fields on my profile

Jul-27-12 10:17:27
Importing data to Jomsocial

Hello Alex,
We came this far now. Ans I have all the confidence you will solve the problem.
Jlinked has great potential for further use in networking websites like mine. So I won't give up and trust you all the way:-)
Best regards and a good weekend

Jul-26-12 09:21:46
Importing data to Jomsocial

Thanks for the reply,
As you have an administrator role, you can have a look yourself in the debug mode. I don't understand that
So please be my guest.

Yes, this was the problem.
Works OK now and I could unable the other loginmodules
Thanks Alex

Jul-25-12 12:42:07
Importing data to Jomsocial

Is there any chance that the import issues will be solved. Appently it does work on your demowebsite. I tried that first before buying. What is different now?
The idea of the product is OK.

Hello Alex,

Thanks for the link.

I found the doc
A few things:
In my template there was no directory com_community so I made one and copied the two files frontpage.guests.php and register.index.php  into it.
                    I copied the tag into  frontpage.guests.php like this
                        <?php echo $fbHtml;?>
                <!-- End the Login form -->

But this tag shows up as      {JLinkedLogin}
Not as a button

I removed the tag now

What do I do wrong?


Where (in what document) can I put the tag {JLinkedLogin} at the login page of Jomsocial.
SClogin module is OK but than I have login buttons on different places which is confusing.
I will be some php page of Jomsocial, but which one?
Hope to hear

Jul-24-12 02:03:46
Importing data to Jomsocial

Thanks Alex for your time.
Of course I don't mind waiting while you are fixing the problem  but I do hope that it will work like the demo site. Be my guest using my website also for a test.
If I must do something please let me know
Kindest regards

Jul-23-12 15:05:20
Importing data to Jomsocial

Again problems with importing data to Jomsocial

I have the next problem. After installing all only a few fields are imported from LinkedIn. First Name, Last Name. But not things like Current position, Avatar, etc.
I tried the demo site here on this website and everything works OK here.
These things happens in Firefox
When I try to register in Safari, with the correct login, LinkedIn give back that the address is not known
I am not a developer
Hope you can help

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