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Hi, good day! I got an issue on registration and login using the linkedin. When i login using the LinkedIn button i got this error message

This page isn’t working
www.sitename.com is currently unable to handle this request.

And after i reload the page i got another warning message

Warning : We were unable to retrieve your LinkedIn account information. Please try again.

So when i try to login using the LinkedIn button again i got another error message

Error : This email address is already registered.

In order for me to connect on my linkedin account i need to go in the backend and put a password on my account.
After updating my account in the backend i try to login again using the LinkedIn button it connects my LinkedIn account.

Why is this happening? It suppose to automatically connect my LinkedIn account.

Joomla = 3.7.2
JomSocial = 4.3.4
JFBConnect = 7.2.1


Jul-05-17 15:13:10
Import LinkedIn Profile
Category: JFBConnect


Thanks for your reply. The link to the list of fields and advice was helpful.

Take care,

Jul-04-17 20:33:22
Import LinkedIn Profile
Category: JFBConnect


Thanks... Sounds like it will work great for our needs.

I was wondering if it something we could expand upon, if our client has some other fields they are interested in?

Thanks again!

Jul-04-17 14:06:10
Import LinkedIn Profile
Category: JFBConnect

Can JFBConnect be used to import someone's LinkedIn Profile... I have a site where they want to have someone provide their "resume" info... and they suggested getting the info from LinkedIn.

Oct-28-15 22:21:50


I'm having problem with the Login menu. It is not clickable it will just dropdown the menu and you will see the Login button and that's the only way you can see the modal popup login form. I want a Login menu like in your site which is the www.sourcecoast.com that the Login menu is clickable and you will see the modal popup login form.

Check the image below


Hope you can give me a guide for this.


Oct-11-11 21:58:41
Facebook IFrame /Page tab on SSL certificate

Recently facebook announced that pagetabs on iframe should hava an ssl certificate, i'm wondering if this would work---> i have a domain which has an SSL certificate, and an add-on domain which doesnt have. can i use  my domain to show the canvass page and page tab of my add-on domain?
e.g. https://mydomain.com/addon_domain.com, will this work if i set the site url, page tab url, canvass url to my given example url?, and if it does, what will i put on the app. domain? will it be the url of my domain or the add-on domain? thanks... by the way, the add-on domain has the configuration of the JFBConnect.....

Oct-11-11 21:12:31
JFBConnect Bug

i tried testing the reveal page with the url you gave me, and replaced it with the article of my ID, and it works just fine.... it redirects me to the correct article.. but on the facebook, it still wont show the reveal page..... is this some bug on JFBConnect or is this a bug in facebook???? i also tried making another application with the same instructions.. but it's still the same... there's no reveal page.. thanks....

Oct-10-11 04:32:03
JFBConnect Bug

    I just created an application on facebook on Pagetab and Canvass.... I followed all the instructions on your site, and my site has an SSL Certificate... When I put an article ID on the Reveal Page Article ID for my reveal page.... then i checked my page on facebook... The reveal page wont show?????!!! but as for the canvass page and page tab, it's working just fine.... Why does my reveal page wont show? it just shows my page tab even if i didn't liked the page yet? is there any solution for this.... is there any configuration that i should do?

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