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Sep-04-11 11:14:00
Will future "social connects" be separate purchases?
Category: JFBConnect


My first subscription is up at the end of next week and I plan on renewing but I have a couple questions first.

Will future connects that you may be working on (I saw in the forums you were working on Linkedin, and considering Google + and Twitter)
be included in updates, be purchased addons, or completely separate products that will require separate subscriptions.  I see that social media integration is becoming very popular in the Joomla Extensions Directory, but I am preferring your tools because they are so nice and the support is great.  Also, do you have any preliminary estimates on when/if you will be working on other connections?  If I can add my two cents I think Google and Twitter would be more important to more people than Linkedin but that is just my opinion. 

However unlikely I am just trying to plan ahead in case those Nov attacks on fb end up being worse than we all think..

Sep-04-11 11:00:55
Refresh _top page after login in lightbox
Category: JFBConnect


Thank you that was exactly what I was looking for.  It closes the lightbox like a charm.

One last thing on this issue though.  If you can let me know what files I can find the following in, I can find where to make the [_top] changes myself:

1. Links under login (Forgot Password/register)  Or if it is easier for the Forgot Password and Register Submit buttons, that would be ok too.
2. Link to errors for incorrect password/username

Thanks for the awesome support as always and I will be renewing my registration next week.  I do have a prepurchase question but I will leave that in the correct forum.

Sep-02-11 13:08:11
Refresh _top page after login in lightbox
Category: JFBConnect

Hi.  I PM'd you the url yesterday.  Just let me know if you need any other info.

Sep-01-11 14:39:09
Refresh _top page after login in lightbox
Category: JFBConnect

Hello, I am using an image to open login in a lightbox using "Modalizer"  Then I use a separate image to logout. I have both working, but I am having a couple problems. 

After I log in I am redirected inside the popup instead of regular page.  Also when I log in I need to manually refresh in order to see my logout image and registered ACL menu items.  I am assuming that if I could change the redirect URL to "_top "  my page will refresh itself solving both issues but not sure if that is possible.  Even if I figured that out I would then be confused as to how to keep the page from redirecting when I want them to stay on the same page.  Thank you for any advice.


Great thank you .  Yes I was loading the module in an article using the joomla module loadposition.  It seems to be working fine I guess I just needed that html.  Unfortunately this is my first time using Joomla 1.6 and it has made setting up Facebook Connect a little more confusing than when I set it up on 1.5.  Just trying to get used to the setup.  Thanks for your Help.

Thank you for your response.  I figured out a way that works for me  that may be over doing it, I was attempting to put the login in a lightbox without the java conflict, and I saw you have instructions for that, but I wasn't understanding them.   But Now I have another question if you don't mind.   I would like to make a custom image for logout and was wondering if there was an easy way to do it.  Also, If I could quickly run through what I did for above and if off the top of your head you can think of any issues I would have with this solution that would be great.  Because I am not sure if this was the recommended solution for a light box. I know I probably did too much to accomplish it.

I wanted to create a custom image which would open JFBConnect in a lightbox

1. I created an article with load position pointing to JFBConnect
2. Created a hidden menu item to hold the article
3. Created an Html Module holding my image linking to the Menu Item
4. Edited the link to open in a lightbox
5. Defined a guest user group and set  the NEW module to Guest

Now all I need to do is to put in a logout button, which I could easily do by putting another JFBConnect module with registered ACL for a Logout, but I would like to use a custom image instead.  If I use the same steps as above then my logout image will just open another lightbox and the user will have to logout twice.  I know I am probably over-thinking this, but was wondering if you had a simple solution. 


Hi I am not sure if I am missing something easy but I don't have any FBC login in my backend "menu item" menu.  There used to be a FBC connect section in the list of types of menu items in 1.5.   

Thank You

Mar-28-11 09:51:21
Joomla compatability of SetMetadata

Would love an updated version of this for joomla 1.6.  No answer required, just thought I'd through it out there.  I like this ext. and wish I could use it in 1.6

Mar-24-11 09:33:36
Topic: Events

Just to throw my two cents into this feed, I can't wait until we can integrate events.  This would create such amazing integration I would have to find a way to comment twice on the joomla extention directory.

Mar-19-11 13:31:56
Changing to a wall post instead of a status change is it even possible

Weird question, surprised no one else has asked so it leads me to think it the answer is obviously no. Is there a way to have the messages post onto their wall and newsfeed without changing the status?  For instance when you "like" something it is on your wall and in your friends' newsfeeds. 

I have already received a couple complaints about it changing their actual status.  If the answer is it's not possible than I will still keep the option on because it's too valuable to take off just wondering if this is even possible.  Maybe I am not understanding something.

Mar-15-11 21:10:33
Is there a need to install Kunena and Community Builder

Thank you I did notice that, but if I could get people to fill out a form, you'd be out of business.....lol.  But seriously, that is an option I may use in the future thanks.  BTW, I started on this forum pretty early today and saw you answering all day.  Get some rest, and I will write a good review in Joomla tomorrow.  Thanks for the help.

Mar-15-11 20:40:27
Is there a need to install Kunena and Community Builder

Thanks so much Alex.  I had a lot of trouble like others with the community builder plugin but fyi for some of the problems I have seen on the forum like you have said the position of the user plugins with joomla first and FBC needs to be j then FBC but I am not sure but you may want to include user SYNC in between seemed to make everything work for me.  Not sure if its related but it did the trick for me and cleared up all problems I was having easily so I figured I would pass it along.  That CB plugin is not an easy one to configure correctly.

The only thing I hope for in future updates are less ugly usernames if possible, but I understand.  Can't wait to start integrating more.

Mar-15-11 16:53:56
Is there a need to install Kunena and Community Builder

If I have Kunena already integrated with cb do I only need cb plugin?  I was just wondering if the new profile in cb would act like a traditionally cb/kunena integrated profile existing for both programs.  I just didn't want to have both in if it would end up making a seperate profile for Kunena.   I hope that makes sense.   Installing now and the documentation for configuring is amazing so far.  I am thinking all the reviews about you guys might be right.

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