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Apr-03-14 03:00:08
Is there any way to make the Facebook log in shorter?

Excellent! Thank you, it worked.
It was so simple... current/smile

Mar-31-14 03:21:06
Is there any way to make the Facebook log in shorter?

Hi, I implemented JFBConnect for Joomla 1.5 on our website.
It is seemingly working, but whenever a new user wants to log in with facebook, he is sent to the joomla register page, where he has two options: login with a Joomla user or Register (using JFBConnect). In the latter case the user has to choose a username but the Password and Verify Password fields are already filled with a random password.

I find this screen negates all the positive idea of the Facebook log in and confuses the user. The user complains: Why are there already asterisks in the password fields? Has this website acquired somehow my Facebook password? And why is there a need for a username and password if I have already accepted to use Facebook as log in?

I still  want to get the email address of the users who log in with Facebook.

Please help me and show me how to bypass this screen.
I am attaching a Powerpoint with screen captures.


Jan-14-14 02:58:17
JFBConnect shows my profile but I don't appear as registered in Joomla!


Jan-14-14 01:52:11
JFBConnect shows my profile but I don't appear as registered in Joomla!

Sorry I have just found where to disable the option. I had to go to the Module Manager, find the SC Login Module and disable it from there.
Thanks, now it seems to be working ok.

Hi, The alternative solution "Automatically login Facebook users"  did not work for me, since it demands from visitors to create a user in Joomla! (and the login with Facebook button did not work).
So I want to disable the option "show faces" but I am not sure where exactly I am supposed to do that.
Could you guide me where is that option on JFBConnect?
Thanks for your help!

Jan-12-14 01:56:39
JFBConnect shows my profile but I don't appear as registered in Joomla!

I installed JFBConnect and used it one day. When I log in with my Facebook profile I get "registered" status in Joomla! and I am able to see registered pages.
But on the second day, I was previously logged in to Facebook and I visited my website.
I saw my picture and it said "[my name] uses [my application]" but I didn't have registered status in Joomla! as if I wasn't logged in.
The "Login with Facebook" button doesn't appears. And I cannot also log out.
Only if I go to www.facebook.com and log out, then when I return to my site I see the button "Login with Facebook".
What is happening?
My website is http://melton.huji.ac.il

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