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May-03-16 15:17:46
Read timeline from other Twitter account
Category: JFBConnect

Thank you very much for your rapid and informative reply.  I was just a bit puzzled that, after your previous reply, it didn't take me long to find another extension that offered this function, and the only additional step that I had to do was to acquire Access Tokens in addition to the Consumer Keys - but this was all part of the Twitter App setup process.
I will continue with my temporary fix but very much look forward to this becoming available in a forthcoming release of JFBConnect. Keep up the great work!

May-02-16 15:45:39
Read timeline from other Twitter account
Category: JFBConnect

I am relatively new to JFBConnect and really pleased with being able to post to Twitter and Facebook from our website, and also being able to surface our Twitter account on our website.
But we would really like to be able to surface timelines from some other Twitter accounts that we do not own and to which we have only public read access.  When I asked this a few months back when using the trial version I was advised that this was too difficult - but I have now found another free Joomla extension that does precisely this function!!  I am able to specify any Twitter account(s) and show it on our website, as long as I first set up a Twitter app and obtain both API Keys and Access Tokens.
I would much prefer to be able to do this within JFBConnect so am I missing something here or is it a function that the developers do not consider it worth including as it doesn't fit with the more comprehensive read-write architecture provided by JFBConnect?

Dec-22-15 09:09:45
Unable to download latest update
Category: JFBConnect

My Joomla! 3.4.7 extensions manager tells me that version 6.5.3 of JFBConnect is available but when I try to update I receive the error message -

Failed to download package. Download it and install manually from https://www.sourcecoast.com/index.php?o … my=my.zip.

If I try to link to the URL given then I just get a page not found error.

I cannot see any obvious link to a downloads page on the SourceCOast website so how do I get hold of this update?


Nov-09-15 09:29:47
Category: JFBConnect

I understand that the real power of JFBConnect is the ability to "push" website content up to social media sites.  However can you please advise if it is possible to also use it simply to "pull" content from a social site such as Twitter or Facebook.  This is what you seem to be showing on your own website but I cannot seeing anywhere in the documentation how to do a simple "pull".

I have subscribed and downloaded but if I cannot do a simple "pull" then I think I will have to take advantage of your 30-day cancellation.


Apologies for a newbie question but I cannot yet understand all of the documentation as social media is a relatively unexplored area for me. 
I have subscribed, downloaded and installed JFBConnect and thought that as an easy first step I would just set up a read-only stream from a Twitter account associated with out small festival oragnisation into our website.  So all I want to do is stream the tweets: at this stage I don't want to push anything back to Twitter.
Is there any way of doing this without having to authenticate a Joomla user with a Twitter account?
I guess I will shortly come to a similar question regarding Facebook - any way to just stream in from a Facebook page or again do I have to authenticate a Joomla user?
Thanks and apologies for a beginner's lack of understanding.

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