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Apr-17-12 03:06:26
Would like to import data to JSPT profile types, according to plans

Hey there current/smile

Well, thanks for your honest answer.
i'll give it a try, i've always been impressed by the level of your coding and support.

see you on the other side, cheers,

Mar-18-12 08:29:30
Would like to import data to JSPT profile types, according to plans

Hi Alex,

I'm developing a new website for a client and thought about using your Likedin integration.
The thing is that i'm not sure if I will be able to integrate it with the following platforms that I use:

Jomsocial + JSPT + PayPlans.

I have noticed that you have a payplans app for JFB connect but I would need a Linkedin one for this site (no fb integration needed).

So my question is this, will i be able to use your Jlinked with the above, even just for letting ANY user type on JSPT to import his/her info into the respected JSPT profile?

Would you recommend using your solution for such a configuration?
Any plans for a Jlinked PayPlans' app in the near future?

Many thanks,

Mar-14-11 14:36:03
How to change code for secure and insecure access

Sorry, I was too early to celebrate, the solution is not perfect.
While using the https graph does eliminate the mixed content dialog in IE, and does makes the https address bar in Chrome to be green,  i just noticed that the Lock icon is still missing in IE, and using httpWatch it's clear that the http images that gets back from FB are problematic, the graph's proxy does not solve it.

However, there's a tweak to go around it, you can use a simple Flash file as the image container, and use the URL from the graph as the image variable for it.

I'll make something and post it here soon.


Mar-13-11 06:39:22
How to change code for secure and insecure access

[SOLVED] Found a very simple solution eventually, no need to import the profile pic to avoid the mixed content errors on a SSL site, you simply need to call the image from the graph api (make sure you're querying the graph via https), and, VERY important, turn the facebook logo option off, otherwise it will result as mixed conteht.

this works for me:
function getFB_ProfilePic($fbuid, $size = 'square', $logo = false) {

              $output = '
                  <div class="picture">
                     <img src="https://graph.facebook.com/'.$fbuid.'/picture" />

              echo $output;

Mar-13-11 05:42:31
How to change code for secure and insecure access

btw, i couldn't find a redirection to https://ssl.connect.facebook.com/js/api … der.js.php, shouldn't it be there somewhere in the code?

Mar-13-11 05:37:43
How to change code for secure and insecure access

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your fast response (browsing the forum before, i already knew that you provide excellent support).
Importing is a good idea, i'll try tweaking something since i don't use any of the extensions that you've mentioned running on my website.

I guess i could do that whenever the user connects, to keep the pic updated.


Mar-12-11 11:07:36
How to change code for secure and insecure access

Hi there,
I'm using the latest version of jfb (3.2) and i can't find where the code deals with SSL, as shown above for the older version.
My main concern is that i get mixed content errors on my SSL website, especially by images that comes from FB, the profile pic and some others.

Can you help on this?


Same here dude...


Enable Web Services      Yes

Allow User Registration     No
New User Account Activation     No
Front-end User Parameters     Show


Hey, looks like a lot of great work done current/smile)

I have a problem with the option to enable unregistered users to log into my site using their fb account, I keep getting to this page "http://www.reelstage.net/rshome/index.php?option=com_jfbconnect&task=loginFacebookUser&return=aW5kZXgucGhwP29wdGlvbj1jb21fY29udGVudCZ2aWV3PWFydGljbGUmaWQ9ODM="  when i click on "connect". a blank page with a "Logging in FB User" message in it...

Can u please tell me what's wrong there?
I am really looking forward to see it all in action,

Keep up the good work,

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