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Jul-07-16 12:00:14
Looking for tips to support my use case and/or request feature on roadmap
Category: JFBConnect

I'd like to build, brand and distribute my own Facebook Apps that my site members can install, configure and display on their Facebook pages using the JFB Page Tab capability, similar to how TitleJReviews allows me to do this with content my site-members create with their app.

I believe I can accomplish this in a round-about way by setting up, in advance, the JFBConnect Page Tab Configuration.  My site member would have to add me as administrator of their page in order to have access rights to add a Tab to their Facebook page.  But this would be a cumbersome manual process that wouldn't allow for ease-of-use and an opportunity to monetize/add-value to content my members create/buy on my site and could bring to their Facebook page.

What is possible now or suggestions do you have?  What might be possible in the future?

Mar-29-16 12:26:01
Future support for multi-user accounts?
Category: JFBConnect

Any thoughts on enabling automated social posting, perhaps based on permitted ACL group, by the members of a Joomla-based social network such as EasySocial so that said member could create their own channels and push their own published content to their owned social network channels?

Nov-30-12 20:17:19
I want to clarify whether my connect use case is supported
Category: JFBConnect

Following up to your partial answer in an earlier post reproduced here:

>>2) Existing users can connect in a few ways. With the Normal Registration mode, after the user clicks the Login With Facebook button, they will be brought to a page where they can create a new account *or* login to an existing Joomla account. If they login, that will connect their Joomla account to their Facebook one.
Also, JFBConnect can be setup to automatically link existing users if their Facebook email address is the same as their existing Joomla account. That makes connection a 1-click process.

1. I want to bring in your component to my site running JomSocial.
2. My site does not allow non-registered users to create new accounts.
3. I create user accounts on behalf of new users, along with special user-specific content for these users.  When they login to their account the first time, they can change their e-mail, password, etc.

4. I would like to allow users of my site to choose to use their facebook account once they have already logged in using the credentials I have provided.  This is the first use case you describe. However, I would like in this case to remove the option for a user to create a new account; I want to force them to login initially under the account with the content that has been setup for them.  Is this possible?

5. Perhaps alternatively, if necessary, and if I can disable the "Normal Registration" mode,  I suppose I could use JFBConnect as you describe to automatically link existing users if their Facebook email address is the same as their existing Joomla account. That makes connection a 1-click process. 

However, that could only take place AFTER the user changes their e-mail in their user profile.  This is an onerous task to require of the user.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to determine the users Facebook email address and use that as their Joomla user e-mail address prior to their actually logging on.

Hopefully I haven't confused you. Based on what I've asked, is it possible to support this use case where new Joomla accounts are never created but rather users can only choose that their existing account be linked to Facebook.

Thank you,

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