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There is definitely a Facebook auto-login issue.  Please help?

After some research, you're correct regarding the Chrome setting. 

Since the facebook auto login isn't working, and it's currently set to it, what can I do diagnose the cause?



Please see the attached video.  It clearly contradicts what you told me.  I have the auto facebook login activated, and what I showed you in the attached video doesn't happen on my site.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1a-TCAu … sp=sharing

Please let me know your thoughts?

We noticed while testing on your site, signing in with my Facebook account, then closing the browser, keeps the session.  How come it can work on your site?

Again, when someone signs onto your sourcecoast.net using facebook, closes the browser - quites entirely, then opens the browser, they are logged into the session where they left off.

This does not happen on our site and the answers you gave don't correlate to the fact that it works on your site.

Please explain?

Hi Alex,

It seems you didn't get my point. If we are on desktop, we can open inbox in one tab and our website in other, and switching from one tab to another is easy.

But in case of mobile, people usually have apps for their emails and when they click on article link from inbox, it redirect them to browser. In this case, they are suppose to login to website every time for writing even a single comment.

Our maximum users are old people and they don't want to hit login button again and again.

I hope I had cleared my points. Let me know how we can keep session alive even after browser's close?



You are right in this but most of the users access our website through mobile. We had noted that nearly 65% users access our website on mobile and our website is secure. They need to login before writing a comment. If they close browser and need to relogin if they had to type new comment every time. This can hamper image of our website and we don't want to loose customers.

Is there any way that there session remain alive just like normal users? I tried to check option in facebook but I didn't find any such option. Kindly share screenshot.



We have a website https://www.blabber.buzz/. Suppose a Joomla user login to the system and closes window. If they reopen browser, they still appear as logged in.

But this case in not working when they are using social login buttons. We are using JFBconnect for social login. All users  logged in using social buttons logged out automatically on closing a browser whereas they are suppose to remain on.

Kindly let me know what settings do we need to setup to make this option work. If any code level change required, we are open to that also.



I am still waiting for reply. After first story, only  raw JFBConnect tags appear. We want them to behave just like  first story. Kindly check this. Its an urgent issue.


Hi Alex,

I had shared login details of register user. Kindly look into the matter and let me know the solution.

Thank you

I apologize on this. I forgot that you will not be able to view issue without login. Kindly login using credentials nirmalTest / nirmalTest

After that, you will be able to view issue at http://new.blabber.buzz/index.php?optio … temid=1478

It looks like social share links appear on page load only. When second page appear automatically on scroll, these social share links did not work. Kindly share your views on this and let me know how we can fix this?


We want to auto-populate k2 stories on page scroll. You can see demo at http://new.blabber.buzz/index.php?optio … temid=1478 . You will notice that when we reach end of one k2 story, next k2 story appears and URL also gets changed but social links on stories thereafter did not work.

Kindly let me know solution as how these social share links work on rest of the k2 stories also.



On blabber.buzz, when we open a single k2 item, it has social share links(check screenshot attached). We have altauserpoints system which assign some points to users on the basis of social buttons selected. I can see those rules also in Jom-social.

Problem is Google+ has two rules "Google +1 Create" and "Google +1 Remove" but none of them work with G+Share button. Let me know which particular rule is associated with G+ Share button and if I need to create a new, where do I need to add a hook.


Jun-21-18 13:56:36
Category: JFBConnect

I tried to post this on another message string but wasn't able to.

Our Twitter login has been working flawless for over a year.  It suddenly stopped working.  I reviewed the tokens and configuration.  Reset the tokens to be sure and re-entered them into the component and still receive the error.  The Twitter login for our app is working fine.

Screenshot of error:

Let me elaborate my requirements a little more.

There are two main sources from which we expect people come to our website: facebook and Quora. We have two different popups for these two resources. Suppose a person enters our website following link from facebook, that time popup meant for facebook appear. Both of these popups have fjbc login buttons. As they enter our website first time, they register to our website using these social links. Here we want to store whether they entered our website from facebook or quora.

I hope I had cleared my point.

We had set autologin after registration on jfbc component. We have two popups(both have different ids) which display jfbc social login buttons. Now, we want that when a person login through social buttons from first engage box, we want to store this info into some table. Same case for second table. I am not getting where to put query for this. Kindly advice me on this.

Alex, I changed client id and secret key and now my website prompts login screen of instagram but after placing right login details of instagram and when it redirects back to website, it opens http://www.blabber.buzz/component/community/register .. It is suppose to login directly where as it is asking to register using community component.


I had entered right API key and secret when I try to login/register to http://www.blabber.buzz usin instgram login link, it throws following error:

{"error_type": "OAuthException", "code": 400, "error_message": "Invalid Client ID"}

May i know  issue behind this error and how to fix it?


Thank you Alex.

On blabber.buzz, we have JFBC extensions which is basically generating random password if a user connect to our website using social logins.
We had noted that when a user update password using jom-social, it generate password which has exact structure just like default Joomla generated password. But as they login to website using password which they had updated, password in table gets changed. It seems JFBC used some other encryption mechanism at this stage.

We are developing an app for this website and want to provide login functionality using login/password but could not match the password as syntax or encryption mechanism is not known. Please suggest/provide us the details regarding encryption mechanism used by JFBC connect.

Hi Alex,

Everything is set as per instructions but when I click on twitter link, app permission page appears and next step  redirects me to http://www.blabber.buzz/component/community/register . This is really awkward. FB and G+ are working fine.

I am attaching here screenshots related to configurations.



I had updated Joomla and all extensions to latest version on http://www.blabber.buzz/. Till now everything was working fine but now, when we try to register using twitter, it is not automatically registering users anymore. it is now behaving like :

First time twitter button redirect to api.twiiter.com page, there I can see a message in bottom "Will not be able to:    See your email address." where as it was fetching email address earlier.
If a person click on twitter button second time, it open system's default register page.

This is really unexpected behaviour from JFBC module/extension. Site is live

Please let me know the issue and solution.


I would like to include the easy tag {JFBLogin} via the Engage Box component (https://www.tassos.gr/) however the tag doesn't render in the modal.  All JFB plugins are enabled.  What am I missing to get this to work?


Nov-07-17 07:05:33
Error clearing cache group(s): Administrator > com_jfbconnect.[/b]
Category: JFBConnect

Changed permission and issue got fixed.

Nov-06-17 15:55:30
Error clearing cache group(s): Administrator > com_jfbconnect.[/b]
Category: JFBConnect

It is writable

Nov-06-17 06:20:12
Error clearing cache group(s): Administrator > com_jfbconnect.[/b]
Category: JFBConnect


When I clear System cache from Joomla admin I am getting following error:

JCacheStorageFile::_deleteFolder Failed deleting 8887bfcb051ecf67459f16a8f1ce8af3-cache-com_jfbconnect-2c513f7b99f91f352921f8c0797ddd88.php
Only some cache group(s) have been cleared.

Error clearing cache group(s): Administrator > com_jfbconnect.

Please let me know the reason behined this and how to resolve this issue

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