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NEVER MIND .....but thanks!!!!

I found my files in a backup and replaced them.

Wish I could have deleted this post!

It seems that while my custom theme is still selectable, I cannot find it.
Plus the custom wording I wanted in the login button is no longer there.

Can you tell me where I should look for my files? I looked in /httpdocs/templates/<my_template>/html/ and there is no mod_sclogin file.
Where did it go and what can I do about it.


Apr-21-17 08:10:19
Neither on login nor on logout is the user being directed to the requested menu item.


It was the System - JomSocial Redirect that was interfering. Interestingly, it was set up the same as I set up in SCLogin, but it was not working. I guess  I can ask JomSocial.

Yours, however now is working perfectly now!

Thank you again for your response!

Apr-20-17 15:02:47
Neither on login nor on logout is the user being directed to the requested menu item.

Neither on login nor on logout is the user being directed to the requested menu item.

Any ideas?

That solved it...THANK YOU!

You gave me some CSS code in a post titled "Bottom padding in horizontal view" posted on March 9th.

Perhaps, there is some padding on the log out button that is causing the same problem?


If you will look at cce-dev.zacaw.com and log into the site
User: sclogin
Password: gvo5h66s

You will see that the Login button fits fine in the upper right toolbar, but once logged in, the Log Out button is larger and causes the image below it to shift left.

Any ideas?


That did it...thank you....now it fits exactly where we want it.
Appreciate your help!

Thank you for your reply.
The URL is cce-dev.zacaw.com
We put the SClogin module in its current position so that it was easy to see the padding. We eventually want it at the top. Left of the FB logo, but it is hard to see the padding there as it changes the image below it due to SClogin's height pushing down below that position.

The horizontal view is a life-saver for us, but it has just a little too much padding on the bottom so that it does not quite fit in the position we want to put it

What CSS can we change to remove the bottom padding. We have turned off all check boxes, etc. so there is nothing underneath.


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