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Thanks for your help Alex. I sent the credentials to you.


Thanks Melissa! 'Enable Social Bar' option is enabled. Set permissions to 'Allow' but still no toolbar on the frontend. Maybe something else? Is it possible to manually post from the admin?


Thanks Alex. I created a Linkedin channel to manually post, however, I don't see the Social Toolbar. How do I get "in a group with the "Post on Social Network" permission in JFBConnect"?



Thanks Alex.
Do I need to setup a Facebook app in addition to a Linkedin app?

Can JFBConnect send Open Graph tags to Linkedin?

Yes, that worked Alex. Thank you! I set up a fourth site with no problems – except the missing "Valid OAuth Redirect URIs" which I was able to provide.

Thank you for your persistence. I have added you as a developer for all 3 apps. I believe the app that works, the one for the "n" site was old and reused for this purpose. The other 2 were created for this purpose.

Of the 3 sites, 2 have the URL error when logging in with Facebook. The "s" site does stream Facebook posts into the module. So I forgot about the login error since that was all I was trying to do with it.

These sites seem to be set up the same as the "n" site that is working correctly. I am able to post to Facebook on it and the Facebook channel has the Facebook Page in the dropdown.

All three Facebook apps were created in the same account that is attempting to login.

I'm still getting the domain error, even after trying clearing the browser cache and disabling the plugin. I tried a different browser too. The error is at this URL: https://www.facebook.com/dialog/oauth?c … lish_pages

It appears that the correct domain is in the URL, so I can't figure why it gives that error.

Since I haven't given the permissions, there is no Facebook Page in the channel settings.

Thanks Alex. It's the site starting with a "b" that has the error. It is also different than the other two in that I am attempting to set up autopost in EasyBlog. Hope that helps!

Thanks Alex, I have had success setting up a Facebook channel with 2 out of 3 sites. The last one still has the domain error when logging into frontend even though the site domain is listed in the app with and without www. Autotune shows no errors. What else should I try?

After saving the Facebook user as the channel owner I am getting a different response when logging into the frontend as the Facebook user:

Error: Can't Load URL: The domain of this URL isn't included in the app's domains. To be able to load this URL, add all domains and subdomains of your app to the App Domains field in your app settings.

I have the website domain in the app's domains. Do I need to enter another domain?

Never mind. I figured this one out.

Thanks for the information. When I log in with Facebook credentials a window pops up and disappears in a fraction of a second. Maybe that window has the permissions? How do I get the window to stay? I noticed a new user was created with a username starting with "FB_."

When setting up a channel for a Facebook page, after selecting the channel owner, I get this message for the Facebook Page Attribute: The selected user has not granted the 'manage_pages' permission. Please have them login on the front-end of the site and accept the correct permission. How do I fix that? The Facebook account does have admin permissions to the facebook page.

I was wondering if there is a way to setup facebook apps for clients. Many clients do not feel comfortable creating a Facebook app or giving out their personal Facebook account information. It would be great if possible to connect to the client developer account or create app in my account for a client.

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