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Hello again, I just checked my site with Safari on an iPad... Twitter buttong is large but Facebook button is small. This is not the end of the world for me, but I thought I'd let you know anyway current/smile

worked fine, thank you much!

That worked, thanks!

You can probably anticipate my next question... How do I get the Twitter Tweet button up to the same size? I see on their Developer page that they also have a  data-size="large" option...

Also: I uploaded the old jfbccontent.php file (from version 7.02), is that a problem when running version 7.04...?

Hi, I ran Autotune. Still not getting a larger button...

Hei, I did this, but to no effect. I've cleared cache on server and in my browser and waited.... but still no large button.

http://www.thailandstidende.com/compone … il-myanmar

Hi, the Box_count doesn't work for me, because I don't want the Number, just the Button... And the button didn't increase in size anyway...

Keep me posted when you have support for the larger button, or if you can think of some kind of workaround I can use


Hi, I'm not able to locate where to "set the Layout Size the 'Box' in the Social settings area", could you provide some more detail?

Also, did you see my second questions?:

One more thing: Under Social - Notifications/Analytics there is the option "Send Email Notification on New Likes". If I only have the Facebook Share button activated, will I get a notification on every share...? How about if I have both Twitter Tweet and Facebook Share activated?

Hi again, from what I read on Facebook Developers, there is a choice of Share Button - small or large. The code seems to involve "data-size"

Is there a way I can get the large size? I don't see it under "Content Plugin - K2 Like"

Ex: http://www.thailandstidende.com/compone … il-fattige

I have both Twitter and Facebook buttons, but I don't really need Twitter, if they don't have a large button same as Facebook...


One more thing: Under Social - Notifications/Analytics there is the option "Send Email Notification on New Likes". If I only have the Facebook Share button activated, will I get a notification on every share...? How about if I have both Twitter Tweet and Facebook Share activated?

Hi, got another question again...

In "Content Plugin - K2 like", I have chosen "Show in K2 Item View: BOTH". So why are the two LIKE functions not identical?

See attachment (screenshot from this page http://www.thailandstidende.com/compone … i-vesten). The Top Like Function does not show friends... The Bottom Like has one friend. (BUT: I always have suspected that more friends have clicked LIKE, is that possible..., that only one of them is showing?)


Jun-09-16 00:54:30
Category: JFBConnect

Hello again,

A couple of problems with my system:

Example: http://www.thailandstidende.com/compone … -thaimedia

This article has been liked by 50 people, but their identity is not visible for the readers. Can that be fixed? People like to know who have liked an article. Also, it says that none of the 50 people are friends of mine, which I doubt very much. I think there is a bug here...

The same type of problem exists in the comments section udnerneath. It does not show the identity of the people who have liked your comment...

Hello again,

I managed to set a default image for Facebook sharing. The problem now is that this image appears for all articles, also those that have their own image. When I paste in an article's url on my Facebook page, I get a choice of pictures to use, but when I share by clicking the Share button in my article, I have no choice and will automtically get the default image. Is there a fix for this?

For instance this article

http://www.thailandstidende.com/compone … kordholder

When I click Share I get the default image.

Hello again. Two questions:

1. One of my new articles doesn't share right on Facebook. There is no picture...Any idea why?

http://www.thailandstidende.com/compone … -jungeltur

2. How do I put a default picture in Facebook shares of articles that don't have any pictures? Or at least prevent Facebook from showing the wrong picture? Some kind of default OG code perhaps?

http://www.thailandstidende.com/compone … sum-doblet


Thanks Alex, I submitted a bug report.

Once again, I have stopped receiving notifications about new comments. It worked for a while, but not now. I have made no changes to the system, so I don't know why this keeps happening...

Comments not notified:

http://www.thailandstidende.com/compone … uten-loyve
http://www.thailandstidende.com/compone … yraene-deg

I changed Mobile to "No" in the SCSocial Widget settings (was that what you meant?), but no change. It's still set to "No" if you want to check.

Hello again,

A related issue has surfaced in relation to this widget.

The comments are indented when one folllows a link from Facebook Notifications, which leaves very little space for the comments themselves and screws up my layout...

From Facebook: http://www.thailandstidende.com/compone … f3ae20bcc8

Regular link to the article: http://www.thailandstidende.com/compone … tende-thai

That seems to work, thanks!

No end to this... current/smile there seems to be a problem with the Widget solution:

I clicked LIKE on a comment from a reader, and got a message from him saying, "Why have you deleted my comment?"

Turns out that the link Facebook sent to notify him about my LIKE led to a page with no comments:

http://www.thailandstidende.com/compone … 3a22c0643a

( Here is the original link: http://www.thailandstidende.com/compone … i-thailand )

The settings are fine. I get notifications from other components on this server (adsmanager) so that is not the problem.

I got notification about your test comment just now, so at this moment in time the system works. The first couple of days after I enabled the Widget I got no notifications of new comments. Does that make sense? Is there a delay with Facebook?


...only problem now is notification. Is there a simple way to get email notification of new comments from the SCSocial Widget module...?

...only problem now is notification. Is there a simple way to get email notification of new comments from the SCSocial Widget module...?

Creating a new Social Widget module worked, so I've implemented that now. Finally the comments are back. Thank you for looking into this and not giving up current/smile

I will try to reinstall the old 2.5 Joomla version in a day or two. Will report back at that point. And please give me a heads-up if you come acoss the reason for this strange k2 behaviour via some other channel...

Thanks again, Alex


I took a "Full Backup" via CPanel of the old 2.5 site. That file of about 2 Gb is now on another server under another domain name. What do I do to restore the old Joomla 2.5? Just unzip? Do I need to create new database etc. etc?

Anyway, regarding URLs, the old site had the EXACT same URLs as the new site. I know this for a fact, because I checked old postings on our Facebook page.

https://www.facebook.com/ThailandsTiden … 0270563722 (this articled had a number of comments)

More info:
I use URL rewriting in Global Configuration. Regarding K2 and SEF, I have ticked "NO" to "Enable advanced SEF for K2 URLs" under advanced parameters in K2.

I am using only a tiny part of your extension, namely Facebook Likes and Comments. If I could only figure out a way to call the Facebook comments from an Extra Field or from the Social parameter in K2, the problem would be solved. But I cannot seem to get the current document URL into the data-href field:

<div class="fb-comments" data-href="http://www.thailandstidende.com/component/k2/item/2849-new-nordic-vokser-stadig-raskere" data-width="450" data-numposts="50"></div>

In html you're supposed to write either "document.URL" or "location.href" in order to get the current document URL, but it does not work. Any ideas?

Yes, I upgraded both JFBConnect and K2

I have never done anything like restoring an old version of Joomla. I need help if you want me to do that.

At this point I need to get to the root of the problem. I also noticed the source code, and I want to ask you: Is it or is it not Sourcecoast code that is generating the wrong url here:

<div class="fb-comments" data-href="http://www.thailandstidende.com/item/2838-quizmaster-satser-pa-jomtien" ...

If the problem lies with Sourcecoast, that means that either you have to come up with a solution or I have to look for an alternative method not involving Sourcecoast code. Again, manually changing 1800 news articles is not an option.

The "Fetch new scrape information" and reload of the article on my page did not bring the comments back.

This is strange, because my URL structure DID NOT CHANGE from Joomla 2.5 to the upgraded 3.4 version. Perhaps something else is wrong. Should I reinstall your component?

The comments are noe lost, because they appear on the Comments Plugin Code Generator page ( https://developers.facebook.com/docs/pl … nfigurator ). The URL there is the same as on my website, but there the comments are gone. Manually changing 1800 articles will be the absolut last resort....



Please explain how i manually tag k2 items in order to get the comments back. I need to send out newsletter now...

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