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Feb-14-18 00:56:41
Facebook Comments only work when posting to Facebook. Normal posting doesn't show up for...
Category: JFBConnect

Hi Alex,

It works!

I guess Facebook Privacy settings are the issue. Thanks for testing for me.

Feb-13-18 09:17:11
Facebook Comments only work when posting to Facebook. Normal posting doesn't show up for...
Category: JFBConnect

Hi Guys & Girls,

I'm having trouble with the Facebook Comments module for all of my websites, for an example, see here: https://www.clarenceling.com.

If you comment on any blog post using Facebook without posting on Facebook, no one can see your comment but yourself.

Is there something wrong here? Please help me fix this, I want comments on my blog. Thank you.

May-13-17 07:40:26
LinkedIn share icons missing from JFBC Social Share despite being enabled
Category: JFBConnect

Hi Guys & Girls,

I just installed JFBConnect on my new website, classdigital.com.au. However, despite having the correct API & Secret keys, and enabling a LinkedIn share icon in the JFBC Social Share Module, the LinkedIn share icon is not showing. I want to get it working.

Please help. Thank you.

Nov-05-16 02:50:03
Facebook Page Tab & Canvas Not Working Despite Autotuning
Category: JFBConnect

Hi Guys & GIrls,

After switching my Cloudflare zoning from partial to full, my Facebook Page Tab and Canvas no longer displays despite Autotuning. As far as I can tell, all other functions are functional.

What information do you need to help me resolve this issue?




HI Guys & Girls,

I recently had this error and my Page Tab in Facebook no longer works.

The background is that I moved my Cloudflare zoning from partial to full and in the process of implementing the SSL, a server misconfiguration occurred. I am not 100% sure whether the server issue is resolved, but I can access my site again after a HSTS error and was looking to fix this:

Warning: Issues were found with your site. Please check all tests below and correct any warnings or errors.

Test: JFBCSystem plugin is enabled
Fail: Not Detected! Please enable in the Site Config area of Autotune or in the Joomla plugin manager.

If the JFBCSystem plugin is enabled, but you still get this error, please check:
Your site is not in Offline Mode. If so, turn your site Online and re-run the Error Checker.
If you have a 'mobile template', disable it and re-test
Some templates have their own Facebook integration, and actively try to remove other Facebook extensions files. Try a different template.

No further tests can be run until fixed.

The plugin has definitely been activated. What do you recommend I do?

Thank you.

Kind Regards,


Hi Melissa,

I've found the problem. It was the System - Page Cache plugin. Thanks a lot!

Yes Melissa,

Joomla credentials.

Clearing the cache also fixes the issue for one time.

Hi Guys & Girls,

I have a very annoying error where I cannot enter into the member's area on second entry through SCLogin. I don't know what is causing the problem, but it seems that recreating my .htaccess file through Akeeba Admin Tools enables me to do one entry.

Upon second entry I get this error: The most recent request was denied because it contained an invalid security token. Please refresh the page and try again.

I have disabled the cache for SCLogin already.

Please help me fix this up. It is present on both my websites at clarenceling.com and walta.com.au. Thank you.

Hi Guys & Girls,

How do I style my JFBCSocialShare Module? I want it to look very similar to sourcecoast.com, see attached. Please note I only want to change the style, I want the existing buttons to remain.

How may I do this?

My website is here: https://www.clarenceling.com

Please advise. Thank you.

May-28-16 23:22:31
Need instructions to modify social sharing on blog page
Category: JFBConnect

HI Guys & Girls,

I've wish to remove the social icons in red. After that I want to implement social icons in the same style in Sourcecoast through the documentation here:

JFBConnect Documentation

But first I need to remove those tags. I know how to remove the upper icons, they are just easy tags, but I forgot how to modify the lower icons. See screenshot. My website is:


Please help. Thank you.


Jul-04-15 22:24:30
Category: JFBConnect

Thanks Alex, the second solution worked beautifully.

Jul-04-15 22:03:26
Category: JFBConnect

Hi Guys,

I can't update my JFBConnect using the usual method as seen by the photo.

Fixes or alternatives?

Thank you.

Hi Alex, it turns out I was after a LinkedIn Share tag after all. Thanks for fixing my problem.

Hi Mel,

This is the account I bought JFBConnect from. Neither of your above solutions worked.

Hope you can reassess and advise me again.



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