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Thanks Alex,

Changes made and it works as it should :-)

I actually removed the collapsible feature from the module position, rather than affect all the collapsible items on the site, but that effectively removed the "overflow: hidden;".

Thanks for your help.


I have changed the URL where the issue appears to http://kisswebdesign.co.uk/About/ - again it is at the bottom of the page, the author profile is a click link.

The author profile appears very low on the page - as opposed to at the very top as before - because I am now using the modules instead of the easy tags that I was using previously.


A little more investigating...

The member popup at the top of the page is an iframe with position:absolute; set. Removing that line allows the iframe to display next to the link. Further, adding vertical-align: top; to the iframe css shows the iframe to the right and below the link.

see https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/267 … nked-2.swf for a vid showing what I mean.

A little more CSS could position the iframe with the  < ARROW pointing to the link.

I could hack the jlinked code and fix this for my site, but if there is a better way that would apply to everyone I would be happier.



Further investigation shows that the hover 'sort-of' works. The popup actually appears at the top of the page, even though the link is at the bottom, which is in the wrong place - and doesn't make any sense.

Hover on the link and scroll up to the top of the page, you will see the member profile.

Also, the 2 divs with classes  jlinkedMember  and   jlinkedCompanyProfile  appear at the top of the article and insert 2 blank lines. See https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/267 … nked-1.swf for a vid of what I mean.

Any help appreciated.


The click and hover functions for the member and company content plugin are not working.

I don't see any errors in the console, and if I enable inline display everything works.

The following link has the 2 plugin options enabled, and is at the bottom of the article. The member link is set to display on hover, the company is set to inline.

I have cleared all the cache's but the problem persists.

http://kisswebdesign.co.uk/Portfolio/Ma … L-Template

Any help would be appreciated.


In order to get the auto width to work at the moment I have edited the easytags.php file to add the id parameters (but this is not ideal).

It does work, but I would rather have a solution that would not break if I, or my client, update the component.



I am in the process of setting up a website for a client, and wonder if there is a simple way to add an id parameter to the iframe configuration div

currently it renders like this:


div class="fb-comments fb_iframe_widget" data-num-posts="10" data-width="500" data-href="http://www.sourcecoast.com/" fb-xfbml-state="rendered"

I would like it to render like this:


div id="facebook-comments-width" class="fb-comments fb_iframe_widget" data-num-posts="10" data-width="500" data-href="http://www.sourcecoast.com/" fb-xfbml-state="rendered"

Is there a way of adding the    id="facebook-comments-width"   parameter to the module without using a template override?

The same question also applies to the {JFBCComments} short-code.

The reason for this is so I can get the width of the container (which is a % in the template) and overwrite the default width with one that fits nicely in the space available - a hacky way of using percentage widths for the iframe.

Prior to having my client purchase your product, I manually added some of the facebook features and used this method to create a responsive (but not dynamic) view.

I used the following JS to do the work - and would prefer to use id over class as the id search through the dom is much faster.

Ideally I would like the ability to specify % width in the admin settings, but for now a way to add the id parameter to the div would be appreciated.

If I do need a template override, could you please let me know which file(s) to override for the comments, like-box, fan-box and feed.

Many thanks,


Feb-10-12 08:54:27
JFBCLike button pulls the correct article url, but summary is wrong
Category: JFBConnect

Thanks Mati,

Running the page through facebooks debugger / scraper has fixed the issue.


I was not aware of the FB cache, I will remember it forever now.

Thanks again,


PS - Positive review posted on JED, awaiting approval.

Feb-10-12 08:04:03
JFBCLike button pulls the correct article url, but summary is wrong
Category: JFBConnect

http://bigupwords.co.uk/festival/31-bri … g-up-words
[funtions same with www or without]

The Like button on the attached url correctly calls the url in the like popup box, but shows the summary info from 123-reg (who I purchased the domain name from). See attached screenshot...

I have removed the sharethis links, disabled them all, uninstalled, but the problem remains the same - so I put them back. The sharethis links function correctly.

I spent all day yesterday trying to track down where the 123-reg info is coming from but could not figure it out. I have checked the DNS info and that is all correct, I checked for file(s) in the domain file system that could be being pulled in - but again no luck.

Hope you can help, and that it is a simple solution :-)


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