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here is one more....

every day I receive couple of unknown users although no users are visiting website, I guess some spam bots are doing this and causing this unknown users to appear:


Two more but have nothing to do with JomSocial:

Opera 9.63 (portable) not showing Connect button, I turned off all popup stoppers:


IE7 (portable) when clicked to Connect button no popup window shows, I've turned of IE7 popup blocker.

I'm not sure if this happens only with portable apps but it sure is a problem


I've just tested with other users, and all got duplicated fields,

each time user login, duplicate fields are created:


note: only when create new user is set to "no"


Could someone please test this if they get same error ?

duplicated fields are shown only when option "Create New Joomla Users": is set to "NO".

as for no password there are no fields when option Create New Joomla Users: is set to "NO" so you're not able to save other options (name, email, Timezone, language) because it ask you to enter password also.

also check redirection URL bug I wrote above.

best regards

one more thing,
JomSocial profile info shows some duplicate fields after relogin on frontend.



Hi all,
just few bugs I've noticed.

When Create New Joomla Users: is set to "NO", after creating user, there is no password field in user details, so cannot be saved:


When redirection URL in login module is set to any other menu destination except "- select item -" it shows stripped URL without parameters (example: &Itemid=58) which causes page without modules, also when SEF urls turned ON it also show old stripped noSEF URLs



Ahh, I've fixed it, just deleted this user under UserMap in JFB configuration. Sorry for disturb current/wink


I have this problem when trying to add user using Facebook Connect button to JomSocial. When clicked page loads about 45 seconds and stops and show this error:


so index page can not be opened no matter how much I refresh, than I go to any sub url : <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.mypage.com/somesuburl">http://www.mypage.com/somesuburl</a><!-- m --> and than it shows this error


after that I login using my admin userdata via normal login form and after that I can return to index and all errors are gone.

any idea?

P.S. I think all options are set correctly because once I managed to add user, but still not sure how, these errors were shown first time also. After adding I had no errors, but when tried to add again, problems started again.

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