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I had the User menu working okay as a dropdown on SCLogin module after the user logged in. Now what happens is that the menu button is showing but if you click it al that happens is it re-loads the current page. If I set it to 'List' rather than 'Dropdown' it works - plus as I mentioned it was working before as a Dropdown.

Not sure if it has stopped working since an update of SCLogin or some other change on my website but any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks - I have found a work around in that as CB does detect the login when not using FB/Google I can use the CB autoactions plugin to redirect the user. Not a particularly elegant solution but at least it works for now!   Good luck with the 'new' CB API info. My experience has been that they are not always the best at documenting things but are trying to sort that, perhaps why more info is starting to come out from them.

Community Builder has an Activity Stream you can add (CB Activity) and also has an ability to create actions from various events (CB Autoactions) and it is these that do not recognise the login by Facebook/Google+  but do recognise if you log in by username / password. 

When I asked Joomlapolis if it was a CB issue that using JFBConnect to log in did not fire the event, their response was that I should not use JFBConnect as    "...because the one you are using is not designed for CB. It's not registering users with CB API or logging in users with CB API. So any users registering through it will go out of sync and will not fire any of CBs login/registration triggers."

I have JFBConnect and SCLogin on my website (latest versions downloaded yesterday)

When a user logs in by clicking the Facebook button they are redirected to the specified page. If they log in just entering a name and password the login works ok but they are not redirected (they stay on the same page)

Another quirk is that when they login with name/password, it does fire a login event in Community builder, however when they login with the Facebook button, no login event is generated.

Not sure if this is one bug (inteconnected) or two separate ones, but anyway it means I can't use this product on my website yet.

Wondering if any updates on this.  I find that if I log in with SCLogin clicking on the Facebook button, the redirect works fine, but if I log in with name and password (my system is running Community builder) it logs in ok but stays on the same page.

The redirect URL is set for the same  page in both SCLogin module and JFBConnect configuration.

Feb-18-13 07:25:09
Cannot get auto share on read to work
Category: JFBConnect

Might be worth trying changing the timer from 0 to at least 1 just to see if that is the problem but other than that Ok, well I'll have to leave it to the Sourcecoast people to give you an answer hopefully.

Feb-18-13 07:15:44
Cannot get auto share on read to work
Category: JFBConnect

Ah, might have missed that bit. The changes Facebook made mean I think it won't get posted to their page, however if what you are saying is that you don't get the popup on your own web page when they look at the blog page that is something else.  I note you say you have the timer set to 0 but as I understand it that would not be allowed by Facebook so you may need to change that anyway.

I did not get the pop up on my pages initially and found it was down to having jQuery enabled on the template settings I was using.  Even though I didn't get the pop up though the action was still being recorded in the OpenGraph activity log in JFBConnect - do you see anything there?

Feb-18-13 06:49:01
Cannot get auto share on read to work
Category: JFBConnect

Facebook have been making changes and there is some 'confusion' now as to what of these sort of things will work.  I'm hoping for a nice message soon from Sourcecoast explaining all the Open Graph stuff just as soon as they understand what Facebook is doing!

http://www.sourcecoast.com/forums/jfbco … -read-news

Feb-04-13 04:43:52
Open Graph actions - stream story not open graph story issue
Category: JFBConnect

Thanks for the reply. It explains it thanks but of course doesn't really help, but that's a Facebook issue !    I guess the good news is I probably have it all set up and working correctly configuration wise, but the bad news is after all that setting up it might now be something you can't do any more!

I have noticed that even though I run the 'auto tune' I still get the message on Facebook developer that my app needs to be updated to the "Feb '13 breaking changes" and am guessing it is all linked to this issue?

Many thanks for all you help and feedback so far.

Jan-28-13 05:11:14
Open Graph actions - stream story not open graph story issue
Category: JFBConnect

OK fixed the web site issue and now I do get the pop up on the site web page but it still does not show up in the Facebook activity log even though I get everything ok on the my web site (pop up shows, the user account has the activity listed and it shows in the admin log on the web site) ?

Jan-24-13 11:01:59
Open Graph actions - stream story not open graph story issue
Category: JFBConnect

Well, perhaps rather foolishly I decided to delete everything and start again. Having done that I find now that I still don't get the pop up on the sites web pages. The action is recorded in the JFBC log page but now nothing is showing on the test users log activity on Facebook.

Here is info for testing :

Log into Facebook with test account
Go to www.punya.co.uk and log in using the Login with Facebook button on the left hand side
Click on the Menu item 'Therapies' then 'Reiki'
This should trigger the posting to Facebook after 15 seconds

Test account:
Open Graph Test User
email    [email protected]
p/w     Dt47-m2A

Jan-21-13 10:32:15
Open Graph actions - stream story not open graph story issue
Category: JFBConnect

So couldn't see how to delete activity from JFBConnect app (in the OpenGraph log page it seems you can only delete entries that show as errors, not entries that show as successful) Anyway deleted the test user and created one fresh, when I log into my website with this user using the Login with Facebook button that works (and I get a popup window telling me it is logging in).  When I perform activity on the my website I see it being logged as successful in the JFBConnect log and also as showing up on the test users Activity Log in Facebook, yet it never seems to show in their time line and I never get any pop up box (with or without errors) even with the  "Display Facebook API errors on Front-end"  option set.

Must admit I am beginning to think I will give up on this, it doesn't seem as straightforward as you imply on your website! My subscription recently ran out for this (JFBConnect) so could that be why it doesn't work?

Jan-18-13 05:24:31
Open Graph actions - stream story not open graph story issue
Category: JFBConnect

Ok so did that (maybe that should be mentioned in the tutorials) and got one step further - Facebook report it doesn't work since it doesn't post to the timeline of the test user.  What I see is that it is recorded in the log in Joomla extension and also it does show on the Activity log of the test user in Facebook, however it does not appear on the test users timeline / profile page.   I notice also that I never get any pop up as mentioned in the configuration guide.

What I also have now in addition is another message from Facebook that I need to update my app for the 'February 2013 Breaking Changes' which I have no idea what that means?

Jan-15-13 03:25:17
Open Graph actions - stream story not open graph story issue
Category: JFBConnect

I have just had my first go at setting up the new Open Graph Actions, following the information on this website. I submitted to Facebook and got the following reply so wondering if anyone knows what this means / what I didn't do correctly ?

"Your code is currently configured to publish a stream story. You must change your code so that when the test user triggers the action it produces an open graph story. "

Aug-28-12 10:00:39
Setting Profile Pic as required with Community Builder Doesn't work
Category: JFBConnect

Thanks for looking into it. I would love to be able to make having an avatar a requirement but will have to stick with just manually nagging people to put one if they create an account outside of using the Facebook option!

Aug-27-12 07:05:56
Setting Profile Pic as required with Community Builder Doesn't work
Category: JFBConnect

Not sure if this is a bug or feature, but when I set in Community Builder to having a profile picture as required, even though I have set JFBConnect to pull in the users picture from Facebook, the registration process fails. If I make have a profile picture optional then registration works and  the users facebook picture is set ok as their CB profile so not sure why it fails when set as obligatory?

Thanks - it's sort of the answer I was half expecting  current/smile   I think some users would love to be able to auto update their profile picture on my site each time they log in to match changes on their Facebook profile so great if you could add that.  Re-importing full profile button or similar is good also but I wouldn't say it was as high on my 'wish list' as just the avatar.

As a little bit of feedback, maybe the current option setting about "Import Avatar" could be indented under the "Always Import Profile Data:" to show the two are linked (or even hide the avatar option if the Import option is not selected?)

  Many thanks

I have the "Import Avatar" option set to Yes and the "Always Import Profile Data:" set to No and was hoping that each time a user logs in to my site with their Facebook account, there profile pic would be updated, however this is not the case. Is it supposed to work that way?
(Note that I am using the {JFBCLogin} for user login rather than SCLogin module.)

On a related note, assuming above worked, is there a way that a user could select if they wanted their profile avatar to be imported from Facebook each time or not (a user setting?)


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